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Khele jaa khele jaa tu khel khilaadi khele jaa

Posted on: November 4, 2011

“Azaad”(1940) is a movie that was directed by N R Acharya. This movie had an impressive cast including Leela Chitnis, Ashok Kumar, Hansa Wadkar, Rama Shukul, Mumtaz Ali, Nazir Bedi, Arun, Ramchandra Pal, D V Surve etc.

Here is a rare song from this movie. This is a background song which gets played while Ashok Kumar is seen seated in a contemplative mood. The song is sung by Arun Kumar Mukherji. J S Kashyap is the lyricist. Music is composed by Saraswati Devi.



Song-Khele ja khele ja tu khel khilaadi khele jaa (Azaad)(1940) Singer-Arun Kumar Mukherji, Lyrics-J S Kashyap, MD-Saraswati Devi


khele ja
khele ja
tu khel khilaadi khele jaa
tu khele jaa re
kaam raam ka rehta nahin adhooraa

khel khilaadi khele jaa
kaam raam ka rahta nahin adhooraa
adhkhili kali jaa dhool mili
phir khilne ko
phir khilne ko
adhkhili kali

jeewan ke taar huye taar taar
phir milne ko
phir milne ko
jeewan ke taar

nadi ki gati rukti hai
chalne ko
chalne ko
chalne ko
chalne ko
deepak ki jyot bujhti hai
jalne ko
jalne ko
deepak ki jyot

re kaam raam ka rahta nahin adhooraa
tu khele jaa
khele jaa
tu khel khilaadi khele jaa
tu khele jaa
khele jaa
khele jaa

1 Response to "Khele jaa khele jaa tu khel khilaadi khele jaa"

Atul ji,
AAZAAD(1940) was a Bombay Talkies’ film,in which 2 composers were there.Ramchandra Pal also composed 1 song in this film.He also acted in this film.
The s/play and story were of Sardendu Bannerjee,while the Dialoguea and Lyrics were by Jamuna swaroop Kashyap “Natawaa”.
Azad was a story of 3 friends and the ageold conflict of conservatism v/s Modernism.Vijay(Ashok kumar) is a wealthy young collegian with modern thinking and rebellion against bad customs.Loknath(Ramchandra Pal) is a conservative while,Jagdish(Arun kumar) is oscillating between the two.
One day they come accross a girl Jamuna(Leela Chitnis) hunted by a badman.Loknath and and Jagdish stay away,but Vijay rescues her and takes her home.She is stamped a fallen woman,but Vijay knows she is pure and courageous.They fall in love,marry and go away to another villege Ratanpur,to avoid trouble from society.
After 25 years,Jagdish settles as a Lawyer in Calcutta.He has one motherless daughter Seeta(Hansa Wadkar),who is rescued from Train dacoits,by Anand,the Doctor son of Vijay.Jagdish calls him home and learns that he is Vijay and Jamun’s son.He is in a dialemma now.
However love triumphs and the youngsters finally get married in presence of Vijay,Jamuna,Jagdish and Loknath.
This was a film in the tradition of bringing new thinking thru films by Bombay Talkies,for which they were known.


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