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Har janam mein hamaara milan

Posted on: November 22, 2011

There are some songs that I heard in my younger days and liked them without having much clue about their details. with time, these songs were forgotten. I have become reacquainted with several of these songs again after a passage of three decades or so. And I am not the only one. Several readers of the same generation also offered similar remarks about these songs.

Here is another such song, which I am hearing again after a passage of over three decades. The only thing that I knew at that time about this song was that it was a duet song. I was not even properly aware of the singers who sang this song. I thought that this song was sung by Asha Bhonsle and Mukesh. It is only now that I have come to realise that the male voice is not Mukesh, but Manhar Udhas.

Now I know that this song is from “Kaaghaz Ki Naao” (1975). And I am extremly surprised to know that this song is picturised on Sarika and Raj Kiran, who were making their debuts as lead actors in this movie. I can identify Sarika, but identify the skinny youngster as Raj KIran takes quite some leap of faith. But he is Raj Kiran, no doubt.

Naqsh Llayalpuri is the lyricist and music is composed by Sapan Jagmohan.

I am thankful to Mrs Bhatt for making me re acqauited with this song again by sending the lyrics of this song as well as the other details. What a fantastic song it is ! It certainly deserves to be better known among music lovers, especially those who have never heard this song before.

Song-Har janam mein hamaara milan(Kaaghaz Ki Naao) (1975) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Manhar Udhas, Lyrics-Naqsh Llayalpuri, MD-Sapan Jagmohan
Asha Bhonsle + Manhar Udhas=Fuchsia

Lyrics(Provided by Khyati Bhatt)

ho o
ho o
ho o
ho o

har janam mein hamara milan
do dilon ka ujaala rahe

haan rahe
ae ae ae ae
main tumhe devta maan loon,
man mera ek shivaala rahe
haan rahe
ae ae ae ae
har janam mein hamara milan

nainon ka sangam hota rahe
sapnon ka saawan gaata rahe
nainon ka sangam hota rahe
sapnon ka saawan gaata rahe

phoolon ke mele lagte rahe
geeton ka mausam aata rahe
bhor ki kiran saanjh ki pawan
gun gunaake kahe

har janam mein hamaara milan
do dilon ka ujaala rahe

haan rahe
ae ae ae ae
har janam mein hamaara milan

nadiya ki baahen phaili rahen
lehron ke aanchal khilte rahen
nadiya ki baahen phaili rahen
lehron ke aanchal khilte rahen
badra ki chhaaon mehki rahe
jhoom ke do dil milte rahe

roop ka nagar preet ki dagar
muskuraake kahe

main tumhe devta maan loon
man mera ek shivaala rahe
haan rahe
ae ae ae ae

har janam mein hamara milan
do dilon ka ujaala rahe
haan rahe
ae ae ae ae ae
har janam mein hamara milan
hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm


24 Responses to "Har janam mein hamaara milan"


maine iss gaane ki lyrics ko JULY 22ND ko Sambandh (akeli hoon main piyaa aa, jo already aapne include kiyaa hai)ke gaane ke saath hi bhejaa tha, mera ye anumaan tha ke “ye recent gaanaa hai, isee liye aapne is gaane ko pending zone mein rakha hai”

yaa mera bheja huaa kuchch gaane ka lyrics aap tak pahunchthaa hi nahin hai????????I am confused. Please check your inbox,Kagaz ki naao ka gaana July 22nd ke date mein hai ke nahin ???????

Mera CONCERN itna hi hai ke aap tak mera bhejaa hua gaanaa pahunchtha hai ke nahin. NO problem gaanaa tho aa gaya na blog mein as you have mentioned earlier regarding ADAALAT song.

I hope you don`t mind for writing about this.


I have several songs sent by you pending with me. Same is the case with lyrics / translations etc sent by some others too.

Sometimes lyrics of the same song is sent to me by different people.

There are so many songs that are not yet discussed and whose lyrics may be available with me. It is not possible to discuss more than six or seven songs per day, because tremendous amount of background work is involved before each song can be posted. It is not possible to discuss lots and lots of song on the same day too.

So it is quite possible that sometimes I may miss songs sent by readers and I may miss giving credit to the person who sent the same lyrics to me in the past. It is all honest error and as you know I keep committing errors all the time. But all the lyrics sent to me by all the readers are always available with me in my email inbox as well as in my harddisk.

These days I am trying to clear the backlog of these pending lyrics sent to me by readers. Today six out of seven songs discussed were by readers.

The main idea is that we have to keep adding songs to the blog duly giving credit. Sometimes I may miss out giving credit to the person/ persons, but that is oversight , and not by design. There are so many times when I may have forgotten to give credits to others too, but rest assured that it is all honest mistake on my part (a result of having too many songs to handle at any time), and you have to appreciate that all this while I have to devote time to other works too.


Main thoda sa LEFTOUT feel kar raha tha,
Isee liye aapko apna samajhkar, aise hi likh diya.Likh sakthe hai na? apnon ko?apnon se parda kaisa?
main thoda sa sensitive zyada hoon, Isee liye, jab hurt ho jaatha hoon,bina soche samjhe likh daaltha hoon, baad mein sochne baitathaa hoon.

Please don`t mind and bear with me, if at all anjaane mein maine aapko hurt kiya tho, MAAF KARNAA.
Kaan pakadke maafi maang raha hoon !!!!

Its easy for me to think and drag about these silly things,
But aap apne busy schedule ke beech mein se, mere liye time nikaalke likha, aapke time waste karne ke liye phri se THANKS AND sorry again.

maaf kiya bolke meri tasalli ke liye phir se ek baar do line likhna please…..

aapka apna

It is all about adding songs as quickly as we can and you are an important part of the team in this project. You have sent hundreds of lyrics so far and over one hundred of them are already discussed too. So it is not as if you are left out or something. Even today two of your lyrics were discussed. The pending lyrics too will get covered with time , I am sure. I can make a list of songs keeping tab of songs that have not been posted, but that will be too much of work in addition to the work that is already needed for keeping track of the posted songs.

In addition to the discussion of songs, I also have to devote time to research songs (finding details), maintenance of blog (posting new video links to replace dead links etc), keeping tracks of important dates (centuries, birthday/ death anniversary songs), other song related works (uploading of rare songs etc). This is in addition to noting down lyrics as well as checking lyrics sent by readers.

There are others too, who are devoting precious time from their busy schedules for this blog and enriching this blog. And we all need to appreciate them for that.

in between all this do you find time for gainful work(i’m presuming that u r still in the employed age group and not the retired lot) and family and non-virtual friends. i consider u my virtual friend :-))

Indeed I have to find time for gainful work too, as you put it.There are days when I am away for a day or so, or days when I have no time, but I still find time to discuss a few songs for the day. One day, I replied to the email of Sudhir jee at about 4 A M in the morning. He wondered why I was wide awake so early. I had gotten up early because I was supposed to be away for the whole day and so I discussed the songs of that day early morning itself. And what was Sudhir jee doing at that time ? He was also busy preparing write ups for the blog.


ek farmaish hai

“Ram balraam” ka gaanaa
(asha bhonsle, kishore kumar:Picturised on amithji, rekha:music: Laxmipyare-vijay anand)

maaf kar do na bhia. pleeeeeeeeeeee……

aage se ye apraadh nahin hoga
I assure you.


:->ye kya hai main samjha nahin, Peevesie`s mom ji enlighten me about this

its supposed to be short cut for a deep smile( u find such things on Yahoo Messenger. i usually just copy paste it here.) sometime it shows the emotion sometimes the short cut (this copy paste business)

Thanks for posting my favourite gaanaa
Har janam mein ye gaanaa yaad rahega,( Itna maine halla machaya hai, is gane ke oopar…..)

Iss gaane ko do baar picturise kiya gaya hai, ek baar duet ke taur par, aur ek baar, while raajkiran sarikaa(dead body ???) ko dono haathon mein pakadke saarika ke ghar aathe hain tab background mein bajthaa hai

aapne maaf kiya likh hi nahin

Atul, I think it is now official. Until now I was only under the impression that I had gone mad but I had no conclusive evidence of it.

This is one of my all-time FAVOURITE songs. And I seem to remember, with a near 100% certainty, that I’d sent you a farmaish for this ages ago. AND that you’d posted it here long back. I still remember your write-up from that time. It was a bit difficult to get the video at that time, so I think you first posted the audio and then the video later.

When I saw this song posted today, I was very very surprised. I was pretty sure it was a repeat (by mistake) but now I’m not able to locate the previous posting, so I can only conclude that this is indeed the first time this is being posted.

And that I’ve indeed gone mad. No more proof required. Or “smokin’ gun”, as they say in the US. 🙂

Anyway, coming to the song, I really LOVE this song. I remember seeing this movie while in high school. I don’t remember too much of the story now but this song was easily the highlight of the film. I think Sarika dies midway in the movie, so I think it was one of those tear-jerkers.

Beautiful, beautiful song.

It must be some other song from the same era, because this song was not posted earlier, as I checked from the list of songs.

I agree with Atulji. Let’s enjoy the beauty of this song. It doesn’t matter who send it Atulji. Our goal is just to help all music lovers to cherish beauty of these songs by sending him atleast lyrics. We have to be thankful to him for taking so much time out of his daily work/routine to post atleast six songs a day. It’s not a joke. Eventhough he get lyrics of six songs/day from guests, he is doing the big work of finding all details for these six songs and then post it on this site. Let’s not forget that he replies to all the comments daily on top of this work. I am not trying to hurt anybody, but just trying to explain how much hard work he is doing. Atulji, hats off to you.

Like Prakashchandraji said, this song is picturised two times. The second part (same words) is slow as I saw Raj Kiran carrying Sariks in her hand like a dead body. Idon’t like sad ending movies. We always hear that zindagi me khushi aur gham to aate hi rahte hai jaise samoondar me ek laher ke baad doosri laher aati hi rahti hai. I am a big fan of Swami Vivekananda and that’s what he says that happyness and sorrow are like waves of oceans, No matter how hard you try, just like you can’t stop waves of oceans, you can’t stop happyness and sadness in yourlife.

I had a concern about the word…according to my understanding, it should be aa rahe…. har janam me hamara milan (in all coming births, we should be together) The lyricist/ MD sometimes arranges few words here and there to make the tune right. Let me know if that’s the case. Thanks.

I have heard the song again. In all these instances, the male voice sings
___________ujalaa rahe
it is followed by female voice singing “haan rahe”, which is sort of like agreeing with what the male voice is saying.

Thanks for clarifying.

One of my fav songs for decades! Lyrics quite pure Hindi! Rare 4word lines song! Sapan Jagmohan gave songs like Sajna mera jiyara jale , Tera Jogi aata, Mera jivan kuch kaam na many

sad version

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