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Balmaa hamaar motor car lai ke aayo

Posted on: January 2, 2012

Regulars may have noticed that I posted three songs on the first of january 2012 early in the morning and then I did not appear on the blog again for the next 30 hours or so. I had an extremely hectic and tiring 30 hours during which I was unable to log on to internet.

I woke up early at 4 am on 1 january because we had to undertake a journey by road early in the morning. We were supposed to start at 5 AM, but I decided to check the email and blog instead of waking up others. I found that three contributions meant for new year day were there in the e mail. I quickly posted them on the blog, knowing that I was not going to get an opportunity to check internet again till the next day.

The first creature to wake up after me was Nuppy the cat who woke up and straightaway went to drink water. Nuppy had learnt the pleasures of drinking water just yesterday, otherwise he (yes, it is a he, and not a she, as we have discovered) was in the habit of demanding milk to quench his thirst.

When my wife woke up and found me at the computer instead of getting ready, she was obviously not amused. If you are so attached to your computer, keep it with you, I do not want it, she told me. As it is, her computer- the one where u,l and “enter” cannot be typed is still under repair and she demanded that I part with my computer till then. I had agreed, but I had not yet packed it and was still trying to make the most of the internet connection while I still had access to it. I hurriedly packed the computer, which is no big deal though to my wife packing a computer is a complicated task.

We all set out for our journey by road at 6-30 AM, about one hour later than planned. It was dark and cloudy (it had rained yesterday) and the benefit of early start was that there was no traffic and no traffic lights to interrupt us.

I had hoped that we would be able to see the sun rise of the first day of the year, but the weather continued to be cloudy.

The fact that Maharashtra had given way to Madhya Pradesh was made extremely clear by the road condition. The same national highway number 7, regarded as the longest national highway in India, had huge craters, sharp stones and horrible road condition. One can pass through Maharashtra check post almost unhindered, because the road is smooth and the trucks are lined up off the road, but just reach the Khawasa (MP) check point and chaos reigns supreme. There is long queue of huge trucks on either side of the border on the road occupying half the road, and only the other half portion of the road is available for vehicles to pass. And in case vehicles from both sides decide to pass through simultaneously, then there is no space for both of them. Two cars approaching each other can somehow cross, but most of the time one has to contend with a huge truck approaching you from the opposite direction. In case the car has to get off road (full of huge boulders, uneven surface,deep craters etc then the car (with its low suspension) will get stuck suffering serious damage to its low slung components and will not be able to move again.

Fortunately I was able to escape from the checkpost unscathed, with only one truck approaching me from the other side and being gracious enough to get off road to accomodate us.

The road is living hell from Khawasa border till Rukhad. There is one place called Khurai en route whose roads compete with Khawasa for the title of the worst road on a national highway. There is hilly terrain after Khurai which has no road to speak of and has such huge potholes that it is a miracle that very few mishaps take place in that stretch.

The stretch of about 20 kms, which is third degree torture for road vehicles in general and cars in particular takes nearly one hour to negotiate. The stretch, which is increasingly getting worse by the day will soon become undriveable, seeing that I have not seen any signs of any repair work being undertaken to attend to this stretch of road.

When we were nearing the end of the bad stretch, my wife noticed a few dears by the roadside. My wife and daughter alighted and went to watch the wild animals. They had seen a few dears and even one barahsingha, but the animals slinked away. A few kilometers away, we stopped to a MP tourism spot at Rukhad and had some breakfast. Tourists passing through this stretch of road tend to stop by at this spot, but we had stopped at this spot only for the first time.

When we were going back to our car, I heard a man telling his family members, “see there is a dog driving this car”. He had seen Chhote seated at the driver’s seat of our car. Two dogs and a cat- I corrected him. Bhhole was at the rear seat and nuppy was at the pedals of the car. On opening the door, Chhote tried to come out, as is his wont. “See, it is an Almatian dog and it wants to get out”, the man told his family members. I did not allow Chhote to come through the driver’s door, but he managed to get off the car from the other door. I took a look at Chhote while my wife took this opportunity to take a photo of Chhote with our daughter. I had to agree that Chhote is a good looking dog. I wondered what an Almatian dog is, but I took pride in noting that our Chhote is regarded as a “phoren” breed dog by strangers.

We proceeded futher, this time thankfully on a great stretch of road. If the earlier 20 km had taken up one hour, this stretch of nearly the same distance took less than ten minutes and we entered the city of Seoni.

When we were leaving Seoni, some bystander pointed out to us that we had a flat tyre. I and my daughter hoped that it was a joke, but I in any case parked the car at a convenient place and had a look. The front tyre was indeed flat. All the bad roads had finally taken its toll.

We thanked our stars that the flat tyre had taken place in the city, where skilled mechanics can attend it within minutes. I too can do it, but I am not skilled and it would take me an hour. My wife and daughter went looking for a mechanic taking along Bhhole with them. Chhote protested a lot and tried hard to come out of the car, as he wanted to go with them. Nuppy in the meanwhile climbed up to the dashboard to have a closer look.

A mechanic came and he changed the tyre in no time. My wife paid the mechanic Rs 100/- which was obviously much more than what he had hoped for. We were thankful that we were saved much trouble and time.

Just as we were preparing to get into the car, Chhote saw his opportunity and ran away, leash and all. He had eyed a couple of female dogs and he went after them. His intentions were honourable, of course. He just wanted to bully them. My daughter and wife went after him. Small street kids got afraid, looking at a fat white dog running around in their midst. Finally my daughter caught Chhote and brought him back rather unceremoniously, much to the amusement of those watching.

Our journey for the remaining portion was thankfully uneventful. The three pets, who had caused so much ruckus just a few minutes back slept peacefully like babies. They did not even notice when my wife and daughter took turns to try their hands at driving in empty stretches of road.

250 km later, I dropped the five of them at their destination. At the destination, we got the flat tire attended and I started back, alone this time. My aim was to ensure that I crossed the Khawasa Border before night, so that I could drive in better roads of Maharashtra at night. The Rukhad-Khwasa road had apparently got even worse in these few hours. I heaved a huge sigh of relief when I managed to leave Khawasa border behind, even though I had the mortification of seeing a few huge buses and trucks coming towards me from the opposite direction. I had to get off from the road, but I managed to ensure that the vehicle would still be in a position to move up to the road after the huge vehicles cleared the road.

It was night when I reached Maharashtra. If I thought that my troubles were behind me, then it started getting cloudy and it began to rain. The visibility became extremely poor. I was unable to look much farther ahead and matter would be compounded when vehicles came from opposite direction. In true Indian style, they all would have their beam raised high, which meant I was all but blinded till that vehicle passed me.

For almost the entire stretch till I reached back, I drove almost by memory. My familiarity of landmards guided me and I was safely back at night.

That was not all. I had to catch a night train after two hours. I was feeling extremy sleepy. The train arrived well after midnight and for one I was thankful for the fact that I had got a side upper berth (normally considered the worst berth) in the train. I went up there and fell asleep, only to wake up when it was 6 AM.

Hopefully I will get refreshed and back to full blog activity by tomorrow. It was quite an experience in the last one day or so. I can atleast boast that I have seen the worst national highway stretch in India and survived to tell the tale. On my return journey, I actually saw a few car drivers, perhaps seeing such stretch of road for the first time in their lives, getting shocked and worse ! I in fact was feeling sympathy for those who were driving at night towards Khawasa instead of driving away from it. Negotiating broken roads at night as well as torrential rain under pitch dark conditions, is not a punishment I would prescribe for my worst of enemies. I hereby nominate Khawasa-Khurai-Rukhad portion of the NH 7 as the worst maintained stretch of national highway in India. I hope we in India have some way of honouring the gentlemen who are responsible for maintaining this portion of NH-7.

I just realised that I was supposed to write about a song and not about a road. So here it is. This song has something to do with a road, however, seeing that the song mentions a motor car. 😉

This song is a mujra song which is sung with gusto by Asha Bhonsle. The song is picturised on Padma Khanna and Sanjeev Kumar. Verma Malik is the lyricist. Music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.



song-Balma hamaar motor car lai ke aayo re (Anhonee)(1973) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


Balmaa haay haay haay haay
Balmaa haay haay
Balmaa haay haay haay haay
Balmaa haay haay

Balma hamaar
Balma hamaar haay haay
Balma hamaar motor car lai ke aayo re
car lai ke aayo
Balma hamaar motor car lai ke aayo re
car lai ke aayo
car lai ke aayo
car lai ke aayo
haan haan
car lai ke aayo
par udhaar laike aayo re
udhaar laike aayo
Balma hamaar motor car lai ke aayo re
car lai ke aayo

auron ki motorwaa maa wazan gadelwaa
auron ki motorwaa maa wazan gadelwaa
wazan gadelwaa
sajnaa motorwaa maan
sajnaa motorwaa maan khatiyaa bichhaawe re
khatiyaa bichhaawe
Balma hamaar motor car lai ke aayo re
car lai ke aayo

auron ki motorwaa maa horn bajat hai
haa haa
auron ki motorwaa maa horn bajat hai
auron ki motorwaa maa horn bajat hai
horn bajat hai
sainyaa kanjoos
sainyaa kanjoos
dhut dhut
sainyaa kanjoos
mose paun paun bajaawe re
paun paun bajaawe
Balma hamaar motor car lai ke aayo re
car lai ke aayo

auron ki motorwa to chale petrol se
ho haa
auron ki motorwa to chale petrol se
auron ki motorwa to chale petrol se
chale petrol se
balmaa hamaar
hoy hoy
balmaa hamaar
hoy hoy hoy
balmaa hamaar
dhakka dai dai chalaawe
dhakka dai dai chalaawe
Balma hamaar motor car lai ke aayo re
car lai ke aayo
car lai ke aayo
car lai ke aayo
han haan
car lai ke aayo
par udhaar lai ke aayo re
udhaar lai ke aayo
Balma hamaar motor car lai ke aayo re
car lai ke aayo

12 Responses to "Balmaa hamaar motor car lai ke aayo"


This is my favourite song.
During childhood, I used to ask about the meaning of the lyrics of this song. And my mother thinking that this song is full of double meaning lyrics, used to say “shut up, when you become adult,you automatically come to know about the meaning of the lyrics of this song. Now don`t ask me???????”

But I love the tune of the song from that day itself.

And your post about the travelling through NH-7 is also interesting. Thank you for that and thank you for the song


Who is the guy wearing white shirt alongwith actor MANMOHAN ,
Whether anyone know the name of that actor.He is there in Randhir kapoor,Jaya badhuri song from DIL DIWAANA (1974)kishore song “Sunnitaa, main tere pyaar ke geet gaane laga hoon”(Rahuldev burman)HELP!!


Loved to read your “Journey through Khawasa-Khurai-Rukhad”. Such a detailed write up! I felt like I was there (don’t worry! not with you in your car, but in a different one 🙂 ) What a experiance!

-Khyati Bhatt


I did not describe the three pets in this post. That will require another post.


Ha ha..that is one hilarious story, Atul! Thoroughly enjoyed reading every bit of it!

In Bangalore, NH7 is best known as the road which leads to Hyderabad but clearly it is much more than that. I just checked – it runs 2369 km and is the longest highway in India. Wow! Here’s its wiki entry.
In a sense then, it is India’s version of the US Route 66. 😉

I’ve never heard of places like Khawasa, Khurai and Rukhad but it looks like they could be good batting practice for some of India’s flat-track bullies. The next time somebody says “that wicket is a road” he should be directed to the Khawasa-Khurai-Rukhad stretch. 🙂

Really sad that MP has been neglected for decades by the Union Govt. And the State Govt too seems to have done little for the state.


Yes, Gavaskar should be directed to Khawasa-Khurai-Rukhad the next time he describes a pitch as a road.

This road from Khawasa to Rukhad was quite good till three months ago. At that time I used to say that MP had better roads than Maharastra. Even now, the one way four lane highway beyond Rukhad and going towards Jabaplur (nearly 40 kms long) is a dream road and one can cover this distance in less than twenty minutes if one so decides. State highway in MP (the one that goes towards Kanha Tiger reserve) is very good- better than even NH7 in Maharashtra.

But Khawasa-Khurai-Rukhad- it is hell now, and it is getting worse by the day.


Atul ji,
It was a very interesting reading.I like your tongue in cheek humour very much.At some point ,while reading,I felt you were echo-ing my experiences.My better(?) half always feels jealous of my laptop.I dont know why-I even dont keep it on my lap !
” striyascharitram purushasya bhagyam devo na janati,kuto
manushyah ?”


Thanks for your appreciation. Most better halves are no different in their reactions. So their spouses need to sit on their laptops when the better half is not looking.


Atul ji,

An absorbing travelogue, enjoyed every bit of the description.

And so the experience prompted a motor car song. 🙂

In this film, Sanjeev Kumar starts by playing the role of an inmate of a mental asylum. In the film, this song is porported to be used as a theraputic treatment, in an effort to cure him. In reality, he is an undercover police officer, trying to get close to a lady doctor in the asylum (Leena Chandawarkar), in the process to crack a criminal case in which some people in Leena’s family are suspcted to be involved.

This film has a few more very good songs:
– Mein To Ek Paagal – Kishore Kumar
– Buddhu Pad Gayaa Palle – Lata Mangeshkar
– Hangama Ho Gaya – Asha Bhosle; a racy disco number performed by Bindu on screen.



Thanks for the list of other songs of this movie as well as a synopsis of this movie.

After my experience of this journey, I felt like I must share my experiences with the readers. I am happy that people liked this account. I wonder if any of our readers have been through this stretch of road.


I don’t think any man would mind going through the same (or may be worst than yous) experience as you had as long as he is aware that he is dropping his better half somewhere 😆 . and then he can spend more time on his laptop. 🙂 Thode bahot din ke aaram ke liye chhe saat ghante ke liye road/musafari ki yaatna to sehan karni hi padegi na? Don’t you think it’s worth?
A gujarati joke, in english
Mr. Ajit was at the train station with his son, Tinu to receive his Wife, coming back from her mayeka. Tinu noticed that his father was crying and another person, Mr.Sujit was at the same station very happy & laughing with his wife. So, confused Tinu : “Papa, why are you crying? Look at Sujituncle, he is very happy”. So, Mr. Ajit tells his son, Tinu : “Beta, I am crying because your Mom is coming back and Sujituncle is happy because his wife is going to her maheka” 😆
Take it easy all ladies! It’s just a joke.


I remember,Bindu`s song & dance(in this movie, where Bindu dances for the song on a round table, people partying & drinking around the table) is one of first disco beat kind of songs, as mentioned by her in her interview given to Vividhbharthi.
Radio stations never play this song, because the lyrics of this song goes “Mujhe yaar ne pilaayee tho, hangaamaa ho gaya, he he he,hangamaaa,hangamaa ho gayaa”.
At the end of the movie, the homely Kamini Kaushal turns out to be the murderer, which was quite a bit of surprise for me.

Lata`s sensous song “Buddu pad gaye palle, palle mera pad gaya palle, mera zor na chalaa,beethi jaaye na ye barsaath” was very good.

Thank you sudhirji for reminding other songs of the movie.
The film was was very good according to me-
directed by RAVI TONDON(raveena tondon`s father), who directed such
thriller-suspense kind of movies like
1)Majboor(1974)(amitji,pran,parveen babi)
2)Khel Khel mein(1975)
3)Jawaab(smita,raj babber thriller-1985)
Ravi Tondon`s association with Sanjeev kumar is also famous at that era(Khud-daar,Anhonee,Waqt ki deewaar,Zindagi(Later made into Amithab& Hemaji`s BHAAGBAAN),Apne rang Hazaar,Muqaddar)


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