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Mujhe tumse muhabbat hai

Posted on: January 16, 2012

“Shahnaaz” (1948) is an obscure movie and little is known about this movie. In fact, there is uncertainty even about the title. I have seen the title being spelled as “Shahnawaaz” too in some site.

This movie was a Waham Production movie and it was directed by S Hassan. The star cast of the movie included names like Nihar, Begum Para, Sheikh, Shanta Patel, Shyama, Gulzar, Altaf etc.

Here is a rare song from this obscure movie. this song is a duet which is sung by Rafi and Amirbai Karnataki. Lyrics are writtrn by Fiza Kausari Bangalori. Music is composed by Amirbai Karnataki.

Here is this nice song which showcases the talent of Amirbai Karnataki as a singer as well as a music director and she is accompanied by an up and coming singer called Rafi.

Lyric of this song were sent to me by nahm.

Song-Mujhe tumse muhabbat hai (Shahnaaz)(1948) Singers-Rafi, Amirbai Karnataki, Lyrics-Fiza Kausari Bangalori, MD-Amirbai Karnataki

Lyrics(Provided by nahm)

aaaa aaaaaaa
mujhe tum se muhabbat hai
mujhe tum se muhabbat hai
mujhe tum se muhabbat hai

yeh meri chaak daamaani
yeh mere dil ki hairaani
bataaun kis tarah tujh ko
jo hai wajaha-e-pareshaani
yeh sab teri badaulat hai
mujhe tum se muhabbat hai

rahe ulfat mein ho tanhaa
nahin pursaan koyi meraa
museebat hi museebat hai
gar-e-taskeen zaraa aa jaa
mujhe tum se muhabbat hai
mujhe tum se muhabbat hai

1 Response to "Mujhe tumse muhabbat hai"

Atul ji,
After a long time a song from the 40s is coming up.This was the period when Singers like Amirbai etc were persuaded to compose music for films,as they were given fees only for composing and not for singing songs separately.Singers took this opportunity as this made them famous.
SHAHNAZ-1948 was a love story with a differnce.It had tragedy as well as twists of fate.The film tried to stress that love is a serious thing and not to play with it childishly.
The film was a Wahab Production,directed by shaikh Hassan, a successful director in those days.The cast was Begumpara,Nihal,Shama Gulnar,Altaf,Mustafa,Shanta Patel,PDLaal,basheer,shaikh etc.There were 5 lyricists-Amir usmani Devbandi,Akhtar pilibhiti,Arshi ajmeri,Fiza kausari Bangalori and Dukhi premnagari.
Murad(Altaf),son of a carvan chief is in love with Shahnaz,daughter of another carvan chief(Begum Para),but both being mischievous, pretend that they love somebody else.Murad pretends to love Gulnar(Gulnar)-foster sister of Shahnaz and she pretends that she loves Nasir(Nihal)-foster brother of Murad.
The lovers dont realise that all the carvan people and Gulnar and Nisar have taken this matter seriously.
On one Festival night,the engagements are announced between gulnar and Murad and Shahnaz and Nasir.At this moment the lovers,Murad and Shahnaz are busy in sharing sweet nothings and singing songs,
When they realise what has happened,they are shattered.Nisar first comes to know the truth and leaves carvan only to get killed in a storm.
Murad wants to go away,but gulnar follows him and dies in his arms.
There is a gloom in the carvans.After few days the engagement of murad and Shahnaz is announced,but they can not enjoy this moment of happiness.


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