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Beqasi hadd se jab guzar jaaye

Posted on: January 16, 2012

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

January 16th is the birth anniversary of Omkar Prasad Nayyar (O P Nayyar), one of the most prolific music director of Hindi film industry of the golden era of 50s and 60s. Although O P Nayyar did not receive any formal training in classical music, his folk tune based compositions became a rage among all the sections of the public. That he was one of the top music directors of the golden era of 50s and 60s without Lata Mangeshkar singing a single song for him, speaks volumes about his talent and calibre as a music director. He won Filmfare award for the best music director for Naya Daur (1957).

O P Nayyar was instrumental in shaping the singing career of Asha Bhonsle and their combination churned out many hit songs . It was O P Nayyar who brought out the versatilities and range in Asha Bhosle’s singing.

On the occasion of his birth anniversary, the song which came to my mind is “beqasi had se jab guzar jaaye” from film KALPANA (1960) sung by Asha Bhosle. The star cast of this movie included Ashok Kumar, Padmini, Ragini, Iftekhar and Baby Farida. This is one of very few songs composed by O P Nayyar for Hindi films which did not bear his unique style of composition and orchestration. That reminded me of some of his non-filmy songs sung by C H Atma including the immortal Preetam aan milo (Mr and Mrs 55) which were quite different from the style of compositions of most of his filmy songs.

I am not sure whether the song under discussion is a ghazal or mujra or a ghazal sung in mujra style on a classical based raga. Whatever may be the genre of the song, I regard this song as a special one as everybody associated with this song contributed in making it an immortal song and brought to the fore, the other dimension of O P Nayyar as a music director. The pain and helplessness woven in this song from Jaan Nissar Akhtar’s pen have been superbly portrayed by Padmini on the screen and by Asha Bhonsle behind the screen as a singer. The atmosphere of pain and sorrow are well supported by the beautiful sarangi interlude played in between the stanzas of the song .

This song is not only a tribute to O P Nayyar but to everyone associated with it.



Song-Beqasi hadd se jab guzar jaaye (Kalpana)(1960) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Jaan Nisaar Akhtar, MD-O P Nayyar
Dialogues-Ashok Kumar, Padmini


ee ee
hadd se jab guzar jaaye
ae ae ae
koi ae dil,
jiye ki mar jaaye
ae ae ae ae
beqasi hadd se jab guzar jaaye
koi ae dil
jiye ki mar jaaye
beqasi hadd se jab guzar jaaye

zindagi se kaho,
dulhan ban ke
ae ae
aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa
zindagi se kaho,
dulhan ban ke
ae ae
aaaj to do ghadi sanwar jaaye
koi aye dil jiye ki….

[interruption for dialogues between Ashok Kumar and Padmini]
gana kyun band kar diya
dil dhadak raha hai
zara thhahar jaayiye

lekin main jyaada din nahin thaharna chaahhta
mujhe bhi jaane ki jaldi hai Amar babu

unko jee bhar ke dekh lene de
unko jee bhar ke dekh lene de
unko jee bhar ke dekh lene de
dil ki dhadakan zaraa thahar jaaye
koi ae dil jiye ki mar jaaye
beqasi hadd se jab guzar jaaye

ham hain khud apni jaan ke dushman
aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa
ham hai khud apni jaan ke dushman
kyun ye iljaam unke sar jaaye
koi ae dil jiye ki mar jaaye
beqasi hadd se jab guzar jaaye

mere naghmon se unkaa dil na dukhe
mere naghmon se unkaa dil na dukhe
mere naghmon se unkaa dil na dukhe
gham nahin mujhpe jo guzar jaaye
koi ae dil jiye ki mar jaaye
beqasi hadd se jab guzar jaaye

6 Responses to "Beqasi hadd se jab guzar jaaye"

This is a superb song tuned by O P Nayyar. You’re right! It doesn’t have the OP stamp! Another un-O P Nayyar number is ‘Akeli hoon main, piya aaaaa…’ from ‘Sambandh’ sung so feelingly by Asha.


While hearing this song I also get the feel of another(O.P.Nayyar-Asha)RAAGINI(1958) song “Chhotaa saa baalam,akhiyan neend udaa le gayo, ratiyan neend na aaaaye”


What about this song :

This seems to be the extreme of ‘un-O P Nayyar’ song.

By the way, who was the playback singer for Kishore Kumar in this song. There are conflicting versions on YT.


Kamath ji,
This song does not have the stamp of OPNayyar,because at the time of this movie,though the composer was OPN,he was so busy that most of the songs in this film were done by G.S.Kohli,his assistant.kohali had taken a regular training in classical music and he was known for melodious tunes.
since you have mentioned about OPNayyar getting FF award for Naya Daur,here is one interesting story behind his music in Naya Daur.
When B.R.Chopra decided to make a film on ‘One line story’ of
” man winning against machine”,he was amply criticised for trying to turn the wheels of times.In an age where Nehru advocated technology and use of newer machines for developing the Nation,here Chopra seemed to go against development.
When all other departments of production were finalised,time came to select a Music director.By that time the news of his venture had already spread in the industry.Chopra called OPNayyar.He wanted to listen the story.Chopra told him that a villege Tangewala wins a road race against a Motor.
Hearing this Nayyar laughed laudly,then got up and said,”Chopraji,aapki ye film to dabbe mein gayee samjho doosre din hi’
BRChopra smiled and said”What happens to the film is my headache,YOU tell what YOU can do”
By God ! OPNayyar really showed him what he could do !
These anecdotes are from”stories behind cinema stories” by Abhijit Desai.


Thanks for very interesting story about Naya Daur. So O P Nayyar should have dedicated the Filmfare Award to B R Chopra:)

I also find that some songs of Ragini (1958) do not have the usual O P Nayyar style.


Kamath ji,
Even for RAAGINI-1958, OPN’s assistants were G.S.Kohli and Sebastian.


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