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Ho yaaron ki tamanna hai

Posted on: February 22, 2012

This article is written by Khyati Bhatt, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

We have seen many “tanga” (chariot category for this blog) songs in Hindi Cinema with different situations. In some situations, the hero is chasing his loved one to convince her by praising her beauty. In few cases, heroine is riding a bike with her friends going for a picnic.

Here is a song of three stanzas. In first stanza, a lady, riding on a “tanga”, is chasing a man on a bike, who looks like has stolen her baskets of flowers. At the end of the stanza, this lady somehow manages to punish this man by pushing him on the ground and taking control over her bike and flowers.

In the second stanza, it’s the man’s turn to chase this lady on the same “tanga” and trying to convince her to accept his love, he manages to pull/lift her with just one hand and makes her sit next to him. With total dedication and love, this man trying to impress his love, pushes the poor “tangewala” (no kabaab mein haddi please!) and takes control over the “tanga”. As expected, in the third and last stanza, this lady is convinced (why not? she was compared to Taj Mahal) and accepts his love.

After watching the video, everyone must have recognised this man. He is none other than our Johny Walker. His love is Malika (correct me if I am wrong). This song is from the movie “Kahin Din Kahin Raat” (1968) with actors like Biswajeet, Sapna, Pran, Nadira, Habib, Helen, Asit Sen, etc. This melodious song is composed by O.P.Nayyar who was well known for this type of “tanga” songs/rhythm. Mahendra Kapoor is the singer of this song which is penned by Aziz Kashmiri (correction if not right).

Song-Ho yaaron ki tamanna hai (Kahin Din Kahin Raat)(1968) Singer-Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics-Aziz Kashmiri, MD-O P Nayyar


ho yaaron ki tamanna hai
teri zulfon mein phans jaaye
ho yaaron ki tamanna hai
teri zulfon mein phans jaaye
hoga kitna khoobsoorat
yeh nazaara duniya dekhegi
hum bhi dekhenge
ho yaaron ki tamanna hai
teri zulfon mein phans jaaye

saara zamaana dekh chuke
tera jawaab kahaan
saara zamaana dekh chuke
tera jawaab kahaan
guzre nazar se phool kayee
tujh sa gulaab kahaan
o yaar mere
main nisaar tere
tujh pe sitare hain fida
sitaaron ki tamanna hai
tere aanchal mein chhup jaaye
hoga kitna khoobsoorat
yeh nazaara duniya dekhegi
hum bhi dekhenge
ho yaaron ki tamanna hai
teri zulfon mein phans jaaye

kyun na kahoon main tujh ko sanam
sapnon ka taj mahal
kyun na kahoon main tujh ko sanam
sapnon ka taj mahal
paake rahoonga pyaar tera
aaj nahin to kal
yaar mere main nisaar tere
tujh pe bahaaren hai fida
bahaaron ki tamanna hai
teri chaahat mein lut jaayen
hoga kitna khoobsoorat
yeh nazaara duniya dekhegi
ho hum bhi dekhenge

15 Responses to "Ho yaaron ki tamanna hai"

Oh…I am listening to this song after a very long time.

I wish I should have seen the video clip first before reading the write up. At least there would have been some suspense for me as to what happens next on this cycle-horse cart race 🙂


You’re right. She is Malikka, Mumtaz’s sister. ‘Kahin Din Kahin Raat’ was a mediocre movie. Sapna, the new heroine, was totally innocent of acting! Biswajjet was..well, Biswajeet. The only brigh spark in this lack lustre movie was Helen who had quite a good role and she did a commendable job of it!


Khyati ji,
The story and other details of this film are given by me on 16-1-2012 as comments on the song ‘Mohabbat ho gayee jinse’.


Thanks Arunji for the story line. It’s a typical hindi cinema story of hero hiding his identity of being a police/CID to find the secret of the smuggler. But few songs are very melodious.


2 or 3 weeks back Screen published the demise of the director of
“Kahin din kahin raat” movie producer or director
“Darshan Sabharwal”(His banner name is Sri Krishna films.He is the producer of the famous Ye raar phir na aayegi movie starring sharmila,biswjeet-O.P.Nayyar)
But IMDB site mixed up his name with another Junior artiste
namely Darshan Harbans.M.Arora.

Darshan Sabharwal is the father of Dharmesh darshan and
suneel darshan, who are very famous directors of movies like Lootere,raja hindustaani,Ajay,Inteqam,Haan maine bhi pyaar kiya,Mela,Dhadkan etc


Darshan Sabharwal died on December 31st of 2011 and he also produced films like Passport,Ustad,Naya Sansaar.He was a popular hindi movie distributor in U.P,Meerut,Indore territories.


Prakash ji,
For your info,here is some titbit on Darshan.
Shirin, actress of the 30s was the maternal grandmother of Dharmesh Darshan Sabhrawal.She was the mother of Mahesh Bhatt.
She had married Nanabhai Bhatt and quit films in 1939 when she delivered daughter Sheela-who later gave birth to Darshan-father of Dharmesh.
Thus Mahesh bhatt and Dharmesh were related.


World of Hindi Cinema is also so small! I heard that Emran Hashmi is Mahesh Bhatt’s nephew. So, in that case EH is also related to this Darshan family. Thanks Arunji for the info.


The biggest family in the Hindi film industry, I guess, is the Kapoor family of Prithviraj Kapoor. I now find that even Sonali Bendre is now distantly related to Kapoor family through Kamal Kapoor-Ramesh Bahl-Goldie Bahl family link.


Lovely song Khyati. I don’t like Mahendra Kapoor’s voice much, but I like so many songs that he sung. This song is so much fun and so musical too. Thanks for posting this, Atul and Khyati.


Welcome to “Atulji’s Musical Journey”. Just like you, I was not a big fan of MK too during my college days. It was just Rafi, Rafi & Rafi. But then after watching B.R.Chopra’s movies with Ravi as a MD, in which MK sung all the songs, I started liking his selected songs. And then our “Bharat Kumar” (Manoj Kumar) used MK for his patriotic songs, for which MK has done wonderful job.


Oh I like a variety of singers, more than Rafi, I like Talat, Hemant, Saigal, Kishore, Bhupinder, Pankaj Mallik, Jagmohan.

But I agree, MK has sung so many lovely lovely songs, that you cannot keep away from them.


Watch the new HD video on you tube. Don’t miss the unplanned appearance of the presidential Benz at the tail end! 👌🏼

Liked by 1 person

That is what happens when you ride the “Tonga ” inside the studio with a “backscreen”. I think there is another technical name for the same.
Also not to miss the “tangawala” following the couple on the cycle at the end


Working link

Have heard this song a number of times, don’t know how I missed this post.
A surprise for me that Mahendra Kapoor had given playback for Johnny Walker.
Another observation on seeing the video after reading Khyatiben’s post: the tanga is keeping a steady pace no matter what instructions Malika or Johnnybahi give. It is not a frantic chase , everyone is enjoying themselves


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