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Doob raha hai mera dil shaam se

Posted on: May 10, 2012

When Raja pointed it out to me that today (10 may) was Kaifi Azmi’s death anniversary, I began to look for a few songs to discuss. It may sound easy but searching for a Kaifi Azmi song (or for that matter any other artist’s songs) is not a simple affair if that artist is well represented in the blog. More than one hundred of Kaifi Azmi’s songs have already been discussed in the blog. In other words, most well known Kaifi Azmi songs are already there, and only the lesser known songs remain to be discussed. I have already discussed one such lesser known song of Kaifi Azmi. And here is another song which is also quite an obscure song.

No, this song is not from 1950s. This song is from an obscure movie called “Toote Khilaune” (1978) which is a “recent” movie by the standards of this blog. The fact that a movie as recent as this should end up this obscure shows how badly the movie fared. this movie had Shabana Azmi and then her boyfriend Shekhar Kapoor in lead roles. Making a movie with such unsaleable actors was always going to be risky and so I am not surprised that the movie flopped. I was one of those millions who kept away from the movie halls showing this movie and saving money in the process (Rs 3.80 in my case, seeing that I tended to buy balcony tickets).

If this movie is still remembered today, it is for its stunning music. But even these stunning songs are only known to those who lived through the era. People who were born after that era may not even have haerd these songs because the movie and its songs were then quickly forgotten. But what memorable songs this movie had. I have already discussed two immortal songs from this movie. One is Maana ho tum behad haseen sung by Yesudas and another is Nanha sa panchhi re tu bahut badaa pinjra teraa sung by Kishore Kumar.

And pray who was the music director of such songs ? Believe it or not, it was Bappi Lahiri. In fact, Bappi Lahiri in 1970s looked like the biggest new hope among music directors. When I heard the music of “Zakhmee” (1975), I continued to think of this as R D Burman’s music for several years. Likewise the music of his subsequent movies, notably “Chalte Chalte”(1976) convinced by naive mind that he was the heir apparent of R D Burman. And that was the biggest compliment I could have paid a music director at that time.

Things did not quite pan out that way, ofcourse. and one cannot blame Bappi Lahiri. What can a music director do if his classy compositions end up unheard. Bappi Lahiri’s chaalu, plagiarised tunes of 1980s earned him the name and fame that his classy tunes of 1970s failed to win for him. But whenever he needd to come up with classy tunes, Bappi Lahiri did that even in 1980s. The name of the movie “Aitbaar”(1983) readily comes to mind as an example.

During 1980s, lyrics ceased to matter much in Bappi Lahiri’s songs, but that is not how it was with him in 1970s. In 1970s he worked with the best lyricists that he could get. For instance, Kaifi Azmi was the lyricist for him in “Toote Khilaune” (1978).

Here is another song from “Toote Khilaune” (1978). This song is sung by Lata and this song is yet another example of a song that was far superior to the movie it was destined to be part of.

What fantastic lyrics, and what fantastic music. And alas ! what a wrethed fate that even I had not heard this song during that time.

I have heard this song for the first time today, and I feel that this song is just as classy as the other two (already discussed) songs from this movie.

On the occasion of Kaifi Azmi’s death anniversary (10th may), here is this priceless gem of a song from “Toote Khilaune” (1978).

Song-Doob raha hai mera dil shaam se (Toote Khilone)(1978) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Bappi Lahiri


doob raha hai
mera dil
shaam se
kisko pukaaroon
tere naam se
tum jo aaye
dekhe kya kya sapne ae ae
jo bhi thhey
lagte thhey apne
chhup gaye ae ae
tum kahaan

doob rahaa hai
mera dil shaam se
kisko pukaaroon
tere naam se

tum bin hogi kaise kahaani poori
kho ke tumhe
lagti hoon main adhoori
chhaa gaya aa aa
chaandi par

doob rahaa hai
mera dil shaam se
kisko pukaaroon
tere naam se

tum aao
mehke tan mein kaliyaan
tum aao
jaagi phir se galiyaan
phir se ho o o
dil jawaan
jaane jaan
jaane jaan
jaane jaan

doob rahaa hai
mera dil shaam se
kisko pukaaroon
tere naam se


4 Responses to "Doob raha hai mera dil shaam se"

What a difference in voice of Lata in Mehendi(1958) and this song of 1978 both posted today. In her earlier voice she had dard and in ’78 she sounds metallic. This is bound to happen considering her age and number of songs she sang. In case of Kishore it was opposite. Earlier his song were soulful and later post 1971 his voice became crispy(freshly minted currency) which general public liked it.

found rare video link of the song featuring Shabana Azmi,Shekhar Kapoor

audio link not working
new audio link



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