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Main to Ram ratan dhan paayo

Posted on: May 28, 2012

This article is written by Shekhar Gupta, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog.

Many have sung Meera bhajans – from classical greats like M.S. Subbulakshmi to Bollywood greats such as Lata Mangeshkar … and so many in between – and to their credit. But for me, Juthika Roy’s vocals and expression seem to be made for Meera bhajans. Her Meera numbers touch even my atheist heart! Juthika Roy’s private numbers are galore, but she seems to have sang for only three movies: Lalkar (1944) under the baton of C Ramchandra, Ratnadeep (1952) under Robin Chatterjee (Hindi and Bangla versions) and the Bangla movie Dhooli (1954) under Ranjan Sarkar.

This blog already has posted her superlative number from Ratnadeep (1952) “Preet kiye dukh hoye” on 03 Sept 2011 when, Mr. Arunkumar Deshmukh mentioned that Padma Shri Juthikaji, then 93, was living a quiet life in Kolkata. That would make her the oldest living diva in India just ahead of Bollywood’s first female singing superstar Padma Bhushan Shamshad Begum who has turned 93 in April 2012 followed by Padma Bhushan Manna Dey who turned 93 in May 2012.

What I recommend for your listen pleasure is Juthika Roy’s Meera bhajan “Mein to Ram ratan dhan paayo” from the Anuva Gupta-Manju Dey starrer Ratnadeep (1952) under Robin Chatterjee’s music direction. I doubt if the two lyricists Pt. Madhur and Mahendra Pran who wrote songs for the movie has much to do with this Meera bhajan.

Unfortunately, no video clip of any of the Ratnadeep (1952) numbers seems to be available. All we can get is its audio which is accessible on YouTube.

Song-Main to Ram ratan dhan paayo (Ratandeep)(1952) Singer-Juthika Roy, Lyrics-Meera Bai, MD-Robin Chatterji


Main to Ram ratan dhan paayo
main to Ram ratan dhan paayo
main to Ram ratan dhan paayo
main to Ram ratan dhan paayo
main to Ram ratan dhan paayo
main to Ram ratan dhan paayo

kabhi na phoote, chor na loote
kabhi na phoote, chor na loote
din-din aur savaayo
main to Ram ratan dhan paayo
main to Ram ratan dhan paayo
main to Ram ratan dhan paayo
paayo, Ram ratan dhan paayo

neer na doobe, agni na jaare
neer na doobe, agni na jaare
tan-man beech samaayo

Ram hai naiyya, Ram khivaiya
Ram hai naiyya, Ram khivaiya
Bhavsaagar se taaryo
Meera ke prabhu Giridhar-naagar
Meera ke prabhu Giridhar-naagar
Meera ke prabhu Giridhar-naagar
charan kamal chit laayo
main to charan kamal chit laayo
main to charan kamal chit laayo
main to Ram ratan dhan paayo
main to Ram ratan dhan paayo
main to Ram ratan dhan paayo
paayo, Ram ratan dhan paayo

9 Responses to "Main to Ram ratan dhan paayo"

What a rich voice Jutika Roy had. My older cousins were big fans of her singing, and through them I got exposed to this excellent singer as well.

A lovely write up Shekhar. Thank you


You’re most welcome, Thandapaniji. Glad you liked the write up Thanks for your kind and encouraging comment.


She was so shy she would always look down while singing on the public platform and may be in studios


Thank you Sheker ji for this write up on the extremely talented, little known singer with a very mellifluous voice. As I haven’t listened to this version, I can’t say for sure if Pt. Madhur and Mahendra Pran are the lyricists. But I have a sneaking feeling this must be that evergreen ‘bhajan’ by Kavi Paluskar! By the way, his rendering of this ‘bhajan’ is as good, if not better than all the other ones…..


You’re welcome, Maniji. Mr. Arunkumar Deshmukh’s elaboration below responds to your comment about the lyricist.


Lots of people have doubt about Meerabai singing bhajan for Raam, as she was devotees to Krishana. But there is another bhajan that she has used Raam to praised Him.

“sa peelai na maloom, Raama naam rasa peelai
taja kusanga satsanga beethaii nit hari charcha na leejai
kama krodha mada lobha moha ko, baha citta se deejai
Mira ke prabhu giradhara naagara, tahi ke rang bheejai …”

To Meerabai, Raam and Krishna are the same since they
were both Vishnu avataars.


sounds close to “pibarE raama rasam” by sadASiva brahmEndrayati


Shekhar ji,
Currently I am out of Mumbai and away from my computer and other ref materials.Today I could not resist the temptation and somehow managed to come to the blog to see what is going on and I got something to write on immediately.
First of all Ratnadeep was a film of 1952 and not 51.Secondly,the MD was Robin Chatterji ably assisted by Umapati Sill in this film.
Thirdly,as somebody said, none of the Paluskars V.D. or D.V,were “Kavi”
paluskars.They were simply reknowned classical singers.
Though the above song seems to be a Bhajan of Meerabai,I find that it is different than the original Meera Bhajan-as sung by D.V.Pauskar(1921 to 1955).The actual Meera Bhajan is like this-

Payo ji maine ram ratan dhan payo
vastu amolik dee mere satguru
kirpa kari apanayo—–p
kharche na kachhu vaake chor na loote
din din badhat savaayo—–P
Sat ki naav khevatiya satguru
bhav sagar thar jaaya—–P
Meera ke prabhu giridhar naagar
harak harak jas gaayo—–P.

generally,all Meera Bhajans end with Meera Ke prabhu or Meera kahe.

finally,Meera has written many Bhajans of Raam.Offhand I remember these-
1.Bolo ram bolo shyam
2.Ram ram seetharam
3.Seetaram kaho Radheyshyam kaho and
4.Ram naam Tarakam.

There are many more Ram Bhajans by Meera ji.

In conclusion,the above may have been written by one of the two Lyricists.



What a wealth of information one gathers on this site. I really must thank all the people who have commented here.


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