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Duniya isi ka naam hai

Posted on: July 1, 2012

“Duniya”(1968) was a Time Films Production. It was produced by Amarjeet and directed by T Prakash Rao. The movie had Dev Anand, Vijayanti Mala, Laxmi Chhaya, Prem Chopra, Balraj Sahni, Johnny Walker, Madan Puri, Lalita Pawar, Nana Palsikar, Sulochana Latkar, Achala Sachdev, D. K. Sapru, Jagdish Raj, Rashid Khan, Jankidas, Lata Bose, Mridula Rani etc in it.

Here is a philosophical song from “Duniya” (1968). This song, which is picturised as a rail song is sung by two beggars on a train. I am unable to identify the actors playing the beggars. The song is sung by Mukesh and Sharda. The passengers in the train include Sulochana and Balraj Sahni.

S H Bihari is the lyrics. Music is composed by Shankar Jaikishan.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Atif M.



Song-Duniya isi ka naam hai (Duniya )(1968) Singer-Mukesh, Sharda, Lyrics-S H Bihari, MD-Shankar Jaikishan
Mukesh + Sharda

Lyrics(Provided by Atif M)

duniya mein sab hi chehre
lagte to hain pehchaane
kyun phir bhi hain anjaane
yeh baat woh hi jaane

duniya isi ka naam hai
duniya isi ko kehte hain
duniya isi ko kehte hain
duniya isi ko kehte hain
apne hi apnon se yahan
begaane jaise rehte hain
begaane jaise rehte hain
begaane jaise rehte hain
duniya isi ka naam hai

jo hum chaahen jo tum chaaho
woh kab hota hai duniya mein
muqaddar ke ishaaron pe
yeh sab hota hai duniya mein

yeh sab hota hai duniya mein
yeh sab hota hai duniya mein
duniya isi ka naam hai
duniya isi ko kehte hain
duniya isi ko kehte hain
duniya isi ko kehte hain
duniya isi ka naam hai

kabhi us mod par loota gaya
hai karwaan dil ka
jahaan se do qadam hi faasla
baaqi thha manzil ka
yahan kehti hai khaamoshi
hazaaron gham ke afsaane
magar is baat ka matlab
koyi bedard kya jaane
koyi bedard kya jaane

duniya isi ka naam hai
duniya isi ko kehte hain
duniya isi ko kehte hain
duniya isi ko kehte hain
duniya isi ka naam hai

yahan har gham khushi ka ik naya
paighaam laata hai
andheri raat jaati hai
sawera muskuraata hai

sawera muskuraata hai
duniya isi ka naam hai
duniya isi ko kehte hain
duniya isi ko kehte hain
duniya isi ko kehte hain
duniya isi ka naam hai

11 Responses to "Duniya isi ka naam hai"

The beggar beggars recognition. He is very popular character Radhakrishna, who has acted atleast 200 films mostly as pujari; remember pujari of Johny Mera Naam. I used to meet him at Andheri station always clad in impeccable white dhoti with curly silvery mane. He tried to produce a Bhojpuri picture but I think the picture did not see the light of day(some thing wrong with the phrase? ).


Nitin ji
Whether it is Radhakrishna or RADHESHYAM.Must be Radheshyam.Please correct me If I am worng.


Surprisingly he is not even mentioned in the star list(marquee)


DUNIYA (1968)
Production House: Time Films Presenter:Sham Behl
Producer:Amar Jeet Director:T.Prakash Rao
Dev Anand,Vyjayanthimala,Balraj Sahni,Sulochana Latkar,Prem Chopra,Johnny Walker,Lalita Pawar,Suresh,Nana Palsikar,
Madan Puri,Achla Sachdev,Laxmi Chhaya, Sapru,Jagdish Raj,
Master Sachin,Rashid Khan,Ravikant,Jankidass,PrabhuDayal,Lata Bose, Mridula,Sabeena,Ratna,M.A.Latif,Aziz Kashmiri,Brahm Bhardwaj,Bhanumati,Radhey Sham,Dhondy,Praveen Paul,
Master Dhilloo,Baby Raksha,Dog Rocky,Tuntun,Birbal

Actors on whom the song was picturised:
Balraj sahni,Sulochana Latkar,Radhey shyam,*Bhanumati(Young girl in frock,who lip syncs for Sharada`s voice along with radhey shaam)Achala sachdev,Dev anand,vyjayanthi mala,Prem Chopra
*Suresh(first in Blue shirt and later alongwith viyajanthi mala in white shirt and khakhi pant),Johnnywalker,Birbal,MadanPuri,

*Suresh(Yester year Hero starred in YASMIN(1955-b&w-Suresh acted as a hero opposite a young Vyjayanthimala in this movie.
Suresh also acted in
1)Satta Bazaar 1959-Hemant,lata duet “tumhein yaad hogaa kabhi hum mile the picturised on a aged suresh and young vijaya chaudhary),
2)Suresh also acted as a lorry driver in
1970-Mere humsafar(Sharmila,jeetendra,balraj sahni starrer- and a mahendra kapoor-balbir lorry song picturised on him and jagdeep –“mausam hai bahaaron ka…”)
3)Suresh appeared also in 1973 Raja rani with Naaz,
rajesh khanna,sharmila tagore,

*Bhanumati(she also acted in Minor roles-Like in a role of Hema malini`s younger sister in 1974 movie PremNagar and also there in Rishi Kapoor`s Bobby)This Bhanumati is different from another famous elderly south Indian actress/heroine Bhanumathi(who also acted in hindi movies in her heydays.)

And a minor correction in the lyrics:
yahan har gham khushi ka ik naya
paighaam laata hai
andhere jaag jaate hain(correct words-Andheri raat jaathi hai)
sawera muskuraata hai

And this last stanza was picturised again while showing title sequence of the movie at the starting of the movie.


PC, a wealth of knowledge is contained in this comment. We are lucky to have people like you, AD, SK, etc. in this blog who bring a new dimension to it.

My gratitude to you for correcting the lyrics. Sharda isn’t amongst the most articulate of singers. Her diction and enunciation frequently becomes unintelligible, rendering it hard to transcribe her lines. I believe she wasn’t a native Hindi speaker.

Of the more famous singers, I’d say Asha Bhosle’s delivery & pronunciation can sometimes be difficult to pick. I wonder what other contirubutes/enthusiasts feel about it. Do they face similar issues?


You are right Atif Bhai,I face SAME difficulties while writing lyrics of songs sung especially by Hemant Kumar,Geeta Dutt,Suman Kalyanpur,Usha Khanna(I am not commenting on their capabilities.Sorry I don`t want to hurt the feeling of fans of above mentioned singers.I sometimes feel that such difficuties occur because of me being a guy hailing from Non Hindi speaking region).
Yes,Sharada`s pronunciation is also very much difficult to follow.

Sometimes in case of Asha Bhosle also I find such problems.

In the case of Lata,Rafi I rarely find this type of difficulty.


And Atif Bhai
I am nowhere near to Greats(really I mean it) like Atulji,Arunji,Sudhirji,Sadanandji,Raja ji,Nahm ji,Bluefire ji,Derubalaji,Ava ji,Kyati ji,Atif ji ,Lalita ji and all other friends of this blog. I always love their knowledge about langauge and all other things,their humility,sense of humour,patience. I really don`t have that much of qualities. I always feel happy and keep thanking Atulji(“man hi man mein”)for introducing all above people to me through this blog.



Yes, Rafi, Lata and Kishore’s delivery is crystal clear & perfect. Hardly any problems there, ever.

I always get stuck with Asha, and have to rewind & re-listen many times over before getting it satisfactorily correct, even then some doubts remain! Dread writing her lyrics.

And don’t even ask me about today’s singers. They are awful in this respect, too.


Atif ji,

I also agree that i find it sometimes very difficult to decipher the words of some singers. Namely, Asha Bhosle(old songs) and Geeta Dutt. I believe Sharda’s diction is terrible, i havent yet tried to write down lyrics to any of her songs, but i know this having heard the songs. Mukesh and Suman Kalyanpure also sometimes prove difficult.

I want to state for the record that Rafi and Lata were the clearest voices with perfect diction in this business.


Yah he is Radhyesham. I stand corrected. Thanks for the correction


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