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Aaja kahin se aa jaa dil ka qaraar le ke

Posted on: July 4, 2012

“Samundar” (1957) was a P N Films production where P N Stood for Premnath. The movie was produced and directed by Premnath. It was quite an all family affair in the sense that Premnath, Bina Rai (his wife), Rajendranath (his brother) figuring in the movie. Others in the cast were Nishi, Tuntun, Anmol Krishan, Ram Avtar, Ullas, Heeralal, Sundar, Ridkoo, Paul Sharma, Rajan Kapoor, Habeeb, Azeem, Mahesh, Manohar, Niranjan etc.

I have discussed three songs from this movie in the past. Here is another song from the movie.

This song is sung by Lata and this “calling the beloved” song is picturised on Bina Rai. Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Madan Mohan.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Atif M.



Song-Aaja kahin se aa jaa dil ka qaraar leke (Samundar)(1957) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Madan Mohan

Lyrics(Provided by Atif M)

o more sajna
dhoondhoon kahaan
tera nishaan
tujh ko pukaare mere dil ka jahaan

aaja kahin se aaja
dil ka qaraar leke
baithe huye hain kab se
tera intezaar leke
aaja kahin se aaja
dil ka qaraar leke
baithe huye hain kab se
tera intezaar leke
aaja kahin se aaja

yeh hawaayen bheegi bheegi
yeh haseen haseen nazaare
mere saath kar rahe hain
tera intezaar pyaare
tera intezaar pyaare
bas ik jhalak dikha de
aankhon mein pyaar leke
baithe huye hain kab se
tera intezaar leke
aaja kahin se aaja

kehti hain aarzuen
aaja kisi bahaane
kehti hain aarzuen
aaja kisi bahaane
dil hi mein reh na jaayen
kahin pyaar ke fasaane
kahin pyaar ke fasaane
mere chaman mein aaja
phir se bahaar leke
baithe huye hain kab se
tera intezaar leke
aaja kahin se aaja

lehron zara bata do
kab aayegi woh naiyya
baitha hua hai jis mein
mere pyaar ka khewaiyya
mere pyaar ka khewaiyya
mujh ko gale lagaane
baahon ka haar leke
baithe huye hain kab se
tera intezaar leke
aaja kahin se aaja

5 Responses to "Aaja kahin se aa jaa dil ka qaraar le ke"

Super, superb.. I like such songs. They touch the heart strings. Thanks Atifji


Atul ji,
SAMUNDAR-1957 is a fantasy costume drama.This type of stories were the favourite of Prem nath.He sincerely believed that he looks very handsome in such costumes and that is why he acted in many such films gladly.
Samundar story was written by Premnath himself.He produced and directed the film under his own banner P.N.Films.The music was by Madan Mohan ably assisted here by R.L.Suri.
The village head Bahadur(Ulhas)has a son Bhola and daughter Bela(Bina Rai).Once when Bela is returning from a Mela,with her Uncle,bandits attack them.Uncle is killed but Bela is saved by Baghi(Premnath),who delivers her safely to her father.Bahadur and Baghi have an old family dispute,so baghi escapes before Bahadur’s men attack him.Bela and Baghi are in love now.
Bhagwan(Rajan Kapoor) brother of Baghi is in love with Bindiya(Nishi).One day Bhole,Bahadur’s son is killed by Bhagwan in a scuffle,but he is saved by Baghi who orders Badshah-pirate chief,to kidnap the witness Bindiya.
Bhagwan who wants to marry Bela,bribes Badshah to kidnap Baghi to his ship.Baghi and Bindiya are tortured on the ship,but Bindiya helps Baghi to get free.Baghi,along with other sailors declares mutiny and overtakes the ship.
Bhagwan forces Bahadur to marry Bela to him.meanwhile there is a fight between Badshah abd Baghi and Badshah is killed.Before dying he tells Baghi about Bela’s marriage.Baghi reaches the pandal and beats Bhagwan.Bhagwan repents.Baghi marries Bela and Bhagwan marries Bindiya.


चैन नहीं आए, कहां दिल जाए, सजनवा हो , बलमवा हो …
”समुंदर” की ये मदन मोहन जी की रचना मुझे आज भी याद है कि सिवाय रेडियो सिलोन के अन्यत्र बहुत ही कम बजती थी और मुझे बेहद पसंद थी । मुझे याद है इसकी फरमाईश भी कई बार मैनें भेजी पर कभी पूरी नहीं हुई … शायद उस दौर में अन्य बेशुमार लोकप्रिय नगमों की फेरिहस्त के नीचे ये दब कर रह गई ।

मदन जी का शास्त्रीय संगीत का ज्ञान कम था पर सुरों की नैसर्गिक पहचान इतनी जबरदस्त थी कि शास्त्रीय संगीत के योद्धा भी हर बार उनकी शास्त्रीय रचनाओं को सुनकर दंग होते रहे । आम रागों की लीक से हटकर भी उन्होनें, कम प्रचलित रागों का उपयोग भी बखूबी किया … ”बैयां ना धरो…” और ” चैन नही आए …” ऐसे ही दो उदाहरण है ।

इस गीत की प्रील्यूड में ही जो कशिश, बैचेनी और तड़प साजों (पियानो और वायोलिन) पर मदन जी ने उतारी है वो बेमिसाल है और बाद में तो लता जी का साथ, उन्हें हवा मे लहराते हुए सात समुंदर पार ले जाता है ।

क्या दुर्लभ कंपोजिश्न और गायकी थी ।।


Kindly this comment meant for another song of Samunder.



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