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Ye wohi geet hai jisko maine

Posted on: July 8, 2012

This blog has songs that are extremely well known to all music lovers as well as songs that are so rare that they were considered extinct before they were brought back into public domain by uploading them.

Somewhere in between the two, but closer to the presumed extinct category of songs, we have songs that were popular during their time before they were forgotten mainly because they were from movies that themselves failed at the box office. In this blog we have discussed several such songs which music lovers may have first heard several decades ago and then forgotten all about it.

I came across one such song more than one year ago. This is such a nice song that I kept holding it back for some special occasion. In the meanwhile one (or perhaps more than one) contributor sent the lyrics of this song to me, even though I had the lyrics of this song lying with me. and then a few regulars have given farmaishes for this song as well.

I think that now is as good an occasion as any to discuss this song. As it is, we complete yet another century of songs with this song. Yes, this song is the 6200th song of the blog !

This song is from a movie called “Maan Jaayiye” (1972) which does not ring a bell for me even though this movie was released during my teenage school boy days. I was aware of this song though, without being aware of its details. It was a popular song of those days. It was sung by Kishore Kumar. Since it was a well known song, I thought it was an R D Burman composition. It is only much later (about a year ago or so) that I came to know that the song is composed by Jaidev ! And I also came to realise that the song is written by Naqsh Llayalpuri.

And that is not all ! This song is picturised on an unlikely actor namely Jalal Agha ! Those were the days when Jalal Agha was among those hopefulswho entertained aspirations of playing lead roles in Hindi movies. The fact that this movie, as well as a few others with him in lead roles, ended up as obscure movies meant that Jalal Agha finally ended up as a bit actor in Hindi movies.

“Maan Jaayiye” (1972), I find, was directed by B D Pande and directed by B R Ishara. The movie had Rakesh Pandey, Rehana Sultan, Madhumati, Jalal Agha, Asit Sen, Leela Misra etc in it.

From the names of B R Ishara and Rehana Sultan, I guess that this movie was an “A” certificate movie. Such movies tended to get mauled badly by scissors of censors and these movies tended to attract wrong section of movie goers for the wrong reasons. In brief, movies like this tended to be doomed at the box office. So I should not be too surprised at the fact that this movie was not very well known even during the time when it was released.

With the benefit of hindsight, one can say that here is a gem of a song that belongs among the best songs of Kishore Kumar, but which unfortunately was wasted in a movie like this.

This century of songs took 20 days to complete which is slow going by the standards of this blog., but it is still faster than the 27 days that the previous century took. Hopefully we will regain the momentum that we used to maintain a few months ago, where 16 days for a century was the norm.

More than the rate of songs per day, it is the consistency that matters. I can be rightly proud of the fact that the blog adds new songs on a daily basis and days where no songs are added are exceptions rather than the rule.

I thanks the contributors for sending me lots and lots of lyrics, so many in fact that I have a big backlog of contributions lying with me. This shows the involvement of the regulars with the blog. I thank them for their patience and understanding.

I take this opportunity to thank all the readers and visitors of this blog for their continued support and well wishes. This blog has by now become a collaborative project of like minded music lovers. Hopefully we will continue to add lots and lots of songs in future too, while passing many more milestones during our journey.



Song-Ye wohi geet hai jisko maine (Maan Jaayiye) (1972) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Naqsh Llayalpuri, MD-Jaidev


hmm hmm

ye wohi geet hai jisko maine
dhadkan mein basaaya hai ae
ye wohi geet hai jisko maine
dhadkan mein basaaya hai
tere honthon se isko churaa kar
honthon pe sajaayaa hai
ye wohi geet hai jisko maine
dhadkan mein basaaya hai ae
ye wohi geet hai
ye wohi geet hai

maine ye geet jab gungunaayaa
saj gayi hai khayaalon ki mehfil
pyaar ke rang aankhon mein chhaaye
pyaar ke rang aankhon mein chhaaye
muskuraayi ujaalon ki mehfil
muskuraayi ujaalon ki mehfil
ye wo naghma hai jo zindagi mein
raushni banke aayaa hai
tere hothon se isko churaa kar
hothon pe sajaayaa hai
ye wohi geet hai
ye wohi geet hai

ho ho ho
ho ho ho

mere dil ne yehi geet gaa kar
jab kabhi tujhko aawaaz di hai
phool zulfon mein apni sajaa kar
phool zulfon mein apni sajaa kar
tu mere saamne aa gayi hai
tu mere saamne aa gayi hai
tujhko aksar meri bekhudi ne
seene se lagaayaa hai
tere hothon se isko churaa kar
hothon pe sajaayaa hai
ye wohi geet hai
ye wohi geet hai

14 Responses to "Ye wohi geet hai jisko maine"


Badhaayiyaan,aur ek shathak ke liye

Regards & Lot`s of love


The jaggarnaut rolls on……..Carry on the good work and spread the good word.


Congrats Atulji and thanks to all your hard work just to give pleasure/joy to all music lovers.


We have completed about one tenth of the journey. Miles to go on the off beat and less traveled path and many milestones to achieve


Oh wow,
another century already.

Atul ji,
Sometimes I do get caught unawares. 🙂

Congratulations – a wonder is unfolding, as we go on day by day, adding more to this wonderful collection. Mark my words, dear Atul ji and all other dear friends on this blog. Seven to ten years down the road, we will be viewing this as our own history, and will wonder . . . ‘Oh, did we really came up this path.’

Congratulations again, to ALL.




You are right. If we can continue for ten years at this rate, then the collection of songs here, alongwith the nuggets of valuable informations being gathered will become a priceless source of reference for music lovers.


Atul ji,
CONGRATULATIONS on achieving yet another century.
For some,completing a century may not mean much except that it is a routine,but I know how much efforts each song takes from its selection to posting to replies on comments.
Each stone that goes into building a monument or a house has its own importance ,its role and its contribution towards making the whole project-whatever it is.
The journey is interesting and increasing in not only in number of songs,visitors,contributors,but also its providing immense pleasure,nostalgic as well as for the day,to the Music Lovers.
Thanks once again for all this,and best wishes for the future.



Yes, we are building a big musical monument song by song, and I am sure it will look quite impressive as time passes.


Congratulations Atulji and team!!


Dear Atulji,
please keep your efforts moving since we sr citizens are regularly

enjoying the fruits of your hardwork by listening yester years

lilting songs. PL email me songs from Pt Bhimsen Joshi





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