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Murga murgi pyaar se dekhen

Posted on: July 8, 2012

When ordinary people want to go down memory lane in their personal lives, they need to look for their old photo albums. With movie personalities with long successful careers, all they need to do is to watch their old movies. In some cases, where these film personalities began early, viz as child artists, they can relive their childhood by watching these movies.

I must say I am quite envious with people like Neetu Singh who had things so easy in her life. She acted in films right from the time she was a child and got paid for it. when she grew up, she began acting in lead roles, mainly opposite Rishi Kapoor. Unlike most Indian couples in love, they got to carry out their romance in the open, in front of the camera and they got paid for that. And in the end, she managed to get married to Rishi Kapoor too, despite initial reservations from Rishi Kapoor’s parents. Today Neetu Singh may be known as the mother of Ranbir singh, but it must be said that her life must have been a series of dream coming true happenings for her.

Today (8th july) is her birthday. On this occasion, here is a song from “Do Kaliyaan” (1968). She was a child artist in this movie and in fact she was the central character in this movie. “Do Kaliyaan” in the title indicate two twin girls, both played by Neetu Singh. One lives with the father and the other with the mother and it is needless to say that the husband and wife fight with each other and separate, taking one daughter each. what an equitable distribution of children ! It certainly helps if the warring couple have identical twins with them.

The two kids are admitted to the same class in the same school, but the two parents are unaware of this fact till the last reel. So movie watchers are not the only ones who are required to leave their brains behind while watching a Hindi movie. 🙂

Here is a song from this movie which is sung by Lata nd it is picturised on the Neetu Singh who stays with the mother (Mala Sinha). In this song, she watches happy families where the kids are loved by both parents. What she would not give to have a family like this.

Here is this song from “Do Kaliyaan” where a pre teen Neetu Singh (then known as Baby Sonia) lip syns in Lata’s voice. Sahir Ludhianvi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Ravi.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.

Song-Murga murgi pyaar se dekhen(Do Kaliyaan)(1968) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-Ravi

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

murga murgi pyaar se dekhein
nanhaa choozaa khel kare
main kiss ko boloon jo mere
maat pitaa ka mel kare ae ae
murga murgi pyaar se dekhein
nanhaa choozaaa khel kare
main kiss ko boloon jo mere
maat pitaa ka mel kare ae ae
murgaa murgi pyaar se dekhein

chidiyaa aur chidaa mil-julkar
daanq dunkaa laayen
apne chhote se bachche ko
khol ke chonch khilaayen
main jab apne bhaag ko sochoon
aankh mein aansoo aaye ae ae
aankh mein aansoo aaye ae ae
murga murgi pyaar se dekhein
nanhaa choozaa khel kare
main kiss ko boloon jo mere
maat pitaa ka mel kare ae ee
murgaa murgi pyaar se dekhein

saath ke ghar ka nanhaa bachcha
maat pitaa sang khele
saath ke ghar ka nanhaa bachcha
maat pitaa sang khele
mera bachpan maat pitaa ki
doori ka dukh jhele
koi mujhe vaisaa ghar de de
mehal do-mehle le le
mehel do-mehlen le le ae ae
murga murgi pyaar se dekhein
nanhaa choozaa khel kare
main kiss ko boloon jo mere
maat pitaa ka mel kare ae ae
murga murgi pyaar se dekhein

badon ke aagey baat karein
ye hum bachchon ka kaam nahin
jab tak unkaa mann na pighle
apne liye aaraam nahin
uss ghar mein
kyaa rehnaa jiss mein
Seetaa ke sang Raam nahin ee ee
Seetaa ke sang Raam nahin ee
murga murgi pyaar se dekhein
nanhaa choozaaa khel kare
main kiss ko boloon jo mere
maat pitaa ka mel kare ae ae
murga murgi pyaar se dekhein

6 Responses to "Murga murgi pyaar se dekhen"

But according to Gossip mills(may be this is a product of pure yellow journalism,) Neetu singh also had her share of turbulent happenings in her family life like boozing habbits of Rishi kapoor and once in a gossip magazine I had read that she left Rishi`s home after a serious verbal fight(and news of their seperation also reported at that time).

Ranbir kapoor also said in his interview that “my both parents are passionate people,so there are bound to be lot of fights between them. It is not a big thing, in every family things like these happens….”

Also Neetu had a big fight with the Kirron singh Kher,who unecessarily commented/bad mouthed(which is Kirron kher`s usual habbit,in most of her newspaper interviews) about Rishi kapoor.Which according to a gossip magazine resulted into Neetu giving a tight slap to Kirron Kher.

God only know how much TRUTH is there in these news items.


I used to see Neetu regularly along with her mother on the Matunga(W) railway bridge ferrying her to and fro from some girls’ school in Matunga(E) in her pink pinaform uniform.
However during her interviews she would always say she did studied in high end Walsingham School, Nepean Sea Road; cooly forgetting her almamatar to keep up with Joneses !!!


I don’t think it was easy for a young girl to face a camera so early in her life, she must have sacrificed her childhood for it. However, she was a sweetheart and I love her in all her films and songs.

8th July was my father’s birthday too. One more reason now to love Neetu. 🙂


Ava ji
Give my well wishes & regards to Your Father, on his Birthday.
“Happy Birthday Sir ji”



the most powerful Hollywood moguls -Louis B. Mayer (of MGM) and Kapoors family…The Kennedy and Nehru family…both parallels connecting families, kind of hate to admire them 🙂


pls someone translate this song thanks


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