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Iss waade ka matlab kyaa samjhoon

Posted on: July 18, 2012

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

This song is from the film “Duniya”(1949). The singer is Rafi and Music Director is C.Ramchandra, with lyrics by Aarzoo Lucknowi.

It appears to me that C. Ramchandra is one of the few big league music directors in the Golden era, with a low count of Rafi songs. Total no. of songs that Rafi sang for him is 83 starting from 1946 to 1977, including 5 songs for a telegu film “Akbar Saleem Anarkali”. I could not believe it when I counted all of 15 songs that Rafi sang for Anil Biswas, all of them in the 50’s. That may be because his output had decreased after the 40’s. 29 songs for Hemant Kumar & only 26 for Salil Chaudhary, with hits like “zindagi hai kya sun meri jaan”, “Tasveer teri dil mein” and “Koyi sone ke dil waala” in “Mayaa”. Compared to this good old R. D. Burman is faring a lot better with 126 songs. By this yardstick, if we see 83 under C. Ramchandra’s is not too bad. But the disappointing figure here is for Salil Chaudhary, which is only 26.

Amid all this Rafi has the distinction of singing 2 songs for Ghantasala. Even Husnlal-Bhagatram have only 101 songs with Rafi, but this may be a high ratio considering their output. 188 songs for Kalyanji-Anandji is quite good enough. Only 29 songs for Khayyam is not surprising. A whopping figure of 389 for Laxmikant pyarelal. A better than decent 168 with Madan Mohan. 112 with N. Dutta is unbelievably high score. 171 for Naushad Ali. Only 206 for O. P. Nayyar. 93 with Roshan. 102 only for S. D. Burman and all of 9 songs with Sajjad Hussain. 286 with Shankar Jaikishan. In case readers are wondering what is the purpose of this excercise, I am coming to the point.

The total of the songs I have counted from the list of all songs sung by Rafi, is less than 2000 i.e less than half of his total output of 5000 plus songs.

The song which prompted all this calculation is from the film “Duniya”. Only Audio link is available for this song.

Song-Iss waade ka matlab kyaa hai (Duniya)(1949) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Aarzoo Lucknowi, MD-C Ramchandra


iss waade ka matlab kya samjhoon
oon oon oon oon oon
iss waade ka matlab kya samjhoon
aasaan bhi hai
dushwaar bhi hai
aasaan bhi hai
dushwaar bhi hai
honthon pe hansi
abroo pe shikan
honthon pe hansi
abroo pe shikan
iqraar bhi hai
inkaar bhi hai
iqraar bhi hai
inkaar bhi hai

sach kehtaa hoon
teri nazron mein
kuchh aisa niraala
jaadoo hai
aashiq hai jo teri aankhon kaa
achchha bhi hai aur beemar bhi hai
achchha bhi hai aur beemar bhi hai
iss waade ka matlab kya samjhoon
aasaan bhi hai
dushwaar bhi hai
aasaan bhi hai
dushwaar bhi hai

dil de ke hamein
kuchh dard milaa
aaaa aaaaa
uss dard se phir aaraam milaa
achchha hai khel muhabbat kaa
kuchh jeet bhi hai
kuchh haar bhi hai
kuchh jeet bhi hai
kuchh haar bhi hai
achchha hai khel muhabbat kaa
kuchh jeet bhi hai
kuchh haar bhi hai
kuchh jeet bhi hai
kuchh haar bhi hai
iss waade ka matlab kya samjhoon
aasaan bhi hai
dushwaar bhi hai
aasaan bhi hai
dushwaar bhi hai

17 Responses to "Iss waade ka matlab kyaa samjhoon"

Nahm, what a statistic! Very interesting numbers of Rafi’s with all MDs. Most shocking is 29 with Khaiyyam 😦 . I don’t know why. Rafi’s most memorable song for me with Khayyam is Jaane kya dhoondhti rehti hai….from Shola aur shabnam with others like Kahin ek maasoom nazuk si ladki….from Shankar Hussain, Jis pyaar mein ye haal ho (with Mukesh) from Phir subah hogi. Not to forget that Khayyam has many bhajans sung by Mohd. Rafi though. With Salilda, few other nos. to add are toote huye khwabon ne….from Madhumati, O saba kehna mere dildaar ko….from Kabuliwaala, Ajab tori duniya ho more rama…..from Do bigha zameen. Thanks again for the numbers.


khyati ji,

I was only thinking about C. Ramchandra to begin with.Than as i found 83 songs in the list, it was clear that it must be a good percentage in the total songs composed by C. R. About khayyam, I am not sure if i counted bhajans too. I may have left them out. I will check again.
I knew Salil chaudhary had at some points stopped working with Rafi, most likely after “Mayaa”. Even than, 26 is a tragedy(for want of better word), for such a fine composer. There is no Rafi song even in Guru Dutt’s “Sahib Bibi aur ghulam” .


Not to add this composers-
Ghulam Mohammad- In Laila Majnu, Rafi sang three songs eventhough most others were by Talat M. Shama, Mirza Ghalib also had a song by him. Above all, Pakeezah. Can’t forget his duo Chalo dildaar chalo with Lataji.
Jaidev- Hum Dono
Vasant Desai – Goonj Uthi Shehnai
Ravi- The immortal song, Chaudhvin ka chaand…., Do Badan, Kaajal, Khaandan, Babul ki duayen leti ja…from Neel Kamal, Gharan, list goes on.


I meant Not to forget these composers-


In ‘Sahib Bibi Ghulam’ there were no songs for Guru Dutt and Rehman. All the 7 songs were sung by Asha Bhonsle and Geeta Dutt. This may be a sort of a record where the lead actor had no song picturised on him in a film having songs.

Coming to C Ramchandra, I think, many of his films were woman oriented like ‘Anarkali’, ‘Patanga’ ‘Yasmin’ ‘Shagoofaa’ ‘Jhaanjhar’ etc. Even in films like ‘Azaad’ where Dilip Kumar was the lead actor, there were only 2-3 songs for him, one of which was sung by CR himself (‘kitna hansi hai mausam’). Perhaps his obsession with Lata also played a role resulting in more songs for female characters in the films. Those days he was a very influential MD. .

Another factors for comparatively less of Rafi’s songs under his music directorship was that during 1947-52 when CR was very active, it was Talat Mehmood who was a preferred male playback singer. Adding to this, CR was himself a singer who excelled in singing fun songs. So there was no scope for any other male playback singers in films like ‘Albela’, ‘Shehnaai’, ‘Sargam’ etc.


Any idea why Khayyam has less number of songs with him?


Regarding Rafi singing less songs for Khayyam,as nahm said, it is not a surprised as he did comparatively few films during Rafi’s time. Still my assessment is as under :

1. He did nearly one-third of his films during the period when Rafi was no more.

2. When Rafi ruled as a top male playback singer,Khayyam had very few films on hand. During this period, he did use Rafi. Examples, ‘Shola Aur Shabhnam’,’Shagun’ ‘Lala Rukh’ ‘Barood’.Then he had no films during 1967-74. during which he missed the opportunity to use Rafi.

3. His Resurrection as MD happened from 1975 onwards when Kishore Kumar was on the top. Again he had a few multi-strarred films like ‘Kabhie-Kabhie’ and ‘Trishul’ requiring the use of different male playback singers.

4. Khayyam was a top class music director but he was never in the league of top music directors of his time. I have a feeling that he had no much say in deciding the playback singers especially under the banner like YRF.


Thanks Sadanandji for the clarification. What you have explained, does make sense.


These are interesting statistics and I love to read such statistics.

Naushad and O P Nayyar both composed about 650 songs each. So 171 Rafi songs by Naushad and 206 Rafi songs by O P Nayyar is quite a good percentage for them. It means about 28 % of all Naushad compositions and about 32% of all O P Nayyar compositions..

One interesting Rafi related statistics is that he sang about 410 + duets with Lata. As many as 239 of them have been discussed in the blog.


206 for O P Nayyar, is not good enough. Because he was one who was using only Rafi for all characters in the films. He should have the most no. of Rafi only films. This means that like naushad, OPN also had more songs for females than male singers. Naushad used Mukesh also with equal regularity.


Chitragupta, Usha Khanna, Sonik-Omi, S N Tripathi, etc, also should have high number of Rafi songs. My guess is it would be close to triple figure for each one, most likely.


After the tiff Naushad had with Talat he chose Rafi from Aan onwards.


With the total of your stats adding up to about 2000, who did Rafi sing the other 3000 songs for?


Rafi has highest percentage of songs among singers for first timers, B-grade and unknown MDs.

Though name of brilliant MD Roshan is not discussed, whose Rafi was the lead singers but neither of Vasant Desai, Ram Lal, C Arjun, Iqbal Qureshi, Hansral Bahl, and many many more.


MD Roshan’s name is mentioned in the write up. 93 with Roshan.

Ram lal – 6 or 7 seven
C. Arjun – 31 songs
Iqbal qurieshi – 82 songs
Hansraj Behel – 112 songs
Vasant Desai – 36 songs
Vinod – 41 songs
G. S. Kohli – 32 songs
Jaidev – 22
Jamal sen – 27
Ghulam Mohammed – 61
Datta Ram – 25
A. R. Qurieshi – 28 songs
Avinash Vyas – 38
Nisar Bazmi – 29
Prem dhavan – 18
Sardar Malik – 49
Sapan Jagmohan – 31
Vanraj Bhatia – 2 songs


I missed some big names in the write up. Let me add the MD who made so many songs with Rafi :
Ravi – 251 songs (Mostly solos and duets with Asha)
Usha Khanna – 115 songs
Chitragupta – 261 songs (second only to L-P )
S.N. Tripathi – 91 songs
Sonik Omi – 116 songs

Bluefire is very much right about these MD’s. I knew i had missed some names and Chitragupta I had remembered but then again forgot. 261 songs must be a very high percentage of total songs composed by him. There is also Hansraj Behel with 112 songs. And few more like Ravinder Jain, Sardar Malik, Iqbal qurieshi etc. with decent tally. And there are many with 1, 2, 3, or less than 10 songs.

Khyati ji,

Khayyam has composed 33 non-film songs(including Mirza ghalib ghazals) sung by Mohammed Rafi. It is very much possible , like Kamath ji has said he got few films to compose while Rafi was ruling the male playback scene. There are a few more unknown MD’s who made non-film songs with Rafi.


Also, Chitragupta and S N Tripathi ruled religious cinema. In those movies, it was very typical to use a one antara type 1-minute or smaller duration songs instead of just background music, and rafi saab has done quite many of them. These songs dont exist in geet kosh and most likely not in the excel that u have. One will find them out only if one ends up watching a complete movie and tries to extract them cause they dont feature on movie soundtracks as well. There are probably around 100 or so, such snippets existing. Its debatable whether to consider them as complete songs or not. Depending on the movie-makers, some of these smaller duration songs have indeed featured on the soundtracks. Just fyi.



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