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Aaja ri nindiyaa

Posted on: July 23, 2012

It is said that making people laugh is serious business. Just because some people who make others laugh does not mean that they are not capable of being serious. On the contrary, such people are capable of being serious and sensitive too.

Kishore Kumar, who was mostly known for his light hearted acting roles and songs made a laugh riot viz “Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi” (1958) as his maiden production, but his subsequent movies were sensitive and serious movies.

Likewise, Mehmood, known for playing comedy roles and for making a few light hearted movies like ‘Bhoot Banagla” (1965) and ‘Bombay To Goa” (1972) made a movie called “Kunwaara Baap” (1974) which was a serious and sensitive movie.

The songs of this movie were like a breath of fresh air. This was to be expected because the composer of this movie was making his debut with this movie.

Just like Mehmood had given S D Burman’s son his maiden break one decade ago, Mehmood gave Rajesh Roshan, the son of late Roshan, his maiden break in this movie. Roshan’s family had fallen on hard times after the untimely death of Roshan in 1967 and this break would have meant a lot to Rajesh Roshan, that is for sure.

Here is a poignant song from this song. This song has two versions. The first version is a sad lullaby where Mehmood tries to make his young adopted son sleep, even when he himself is mentally disturbed. This version of the song is sung by Kishore Kumar with great feeling.

The second part is even more poignant. Mehmood has been stabbed and he lies on the ground dying. His adopted son, now a little older sings this same song in Lata’s voice accompanied by a few lines of Kishore Kumar. Just as the song ends, Memhood’s life comes to an end too.

Majrooh Sultanpuri is the lyricist of this song.

Today (23 july) is the death anniversary of Mehmood who left for the heavenly abode on 23 july 2004.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Khyati Bhatt.

This song, which is a special song on several counts, is a special song for this blog as well. with this song, the blog reaches yet another century.

This song is the 6300 th song of this blog. Unlike the past few centuries, this century came up in good time (15 days). I hope that I will be able to continue this momentum in near future too.

This century also happens to be the 100th duet Kishore Kumar-Lata duet in this blog.

During the course of this blog century, some important events too place. We lost Dara Singh and Rajesh Khanna. Personally I lost my dear cat nuppy.

On a happier note, this blog completed four years during the course of this century.

The blog activities, which had become a bit slow posting wise as well as number of visitors wise as well, is looking up once again.

I hope that this century is just one of the many more centuries that we will hopefully keep on notching up on a regular basis. This blog was started on the eve of the 2008 Olympic games and now four years later, we are still around as the 2012 olympics are due to begin shortly. On this occasion, I can not help but feel that this blog is like an indefatigable long distance runner who keeps running on at a brisk pace while many others keep dropping out of the race.

All this energy and drive for the blog is provided by the visitors, well wishers and supporters of this blog whose encouragement is seeing us progress at a better clip than was otherwise possible. I hope and pray that this support and encouragement will continue and this musical bandwagon of like minded music lovers will achieve many more milestones in future.

I take this opportunity to thank one and all for their continued support and encouragement.

Audio – (Both version)

Video – (Both version)

Song-Aaja ri nindiyaa (Kunwaara Baap)(1974) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lata, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Rajesh Roshan

Lyrics(Provided by Khyati Bhatt)

Part 1 (Kishore Kumar solo)
hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm
aa ri aaja
nindiya tu
le chal kahin
udan khatoley mein
door door door
yahaan se door
aa ri aaja
nindiya tu
le chal kahin
udan khatole mein
door door door
yahaan se door
aa ri aaja

mera to ye jeewan tamaam
mere yaar bhara dukh se
par mujh ko jahaan mein mila
sukh kaun bada tujh se
tere liye meri jaan
zehr hazaar
main pee loonga
tajh doonga duniyaa
ek tere sang jee loonga
o nazar ke noor
aa ri aaja
nindiya tu
le chal kahin
udan khatoley mein
door door door
yahaan se door

Part 2 (Kishore Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar)
aa ri aaja
nindiya tu
le chal kahin
udan khatoley mein
door door door
yahaan se door
aa ri aaja

ye sach hai ki main agar
sukh chain tera chaahoon
teri duniya se main phir kahin
ab door chala jaaoon
nahin mere daddy
aisi baat phir se naa kehna
rahega na jab tu
phir mujh ko bhi nahin rehna
na jaa tu hamse door
aa ri aaja
nindiya tu
le chal kahin
udan khatoley mein
door door door
yahaan se

19 Responses to "Aaja ri nindiyaa"

Congrats Atul ji
For another Century.

Regards & Lot`s of love


I wanted to know one thing,
Whether Master Abbas Ali & Maikky( or is it Mikki ??) credited in the title sequences of this movie are Mehmood`s sons ???? (I read somewhere Mehmood got many children from 2 wives)
If my memory serves me right, 2 or three Child artistes, play the main lead role of the boy(according to the role`s demand at different ages of the boy, as he grow up on screen)


While wishing congratulations on completing 6300 blogs I would like
to thank you for providing such a marvelous collections of the songs
of yester years for sr citizen like me and new songs for younger
generation. I also would like to consol you for loosing your beloved
cat nuppy. I appreciate your love for animals.

hemant shah- Rajpipla


Thanks for your kind words.


Double congratulations to you and all fans/followers and contributors of this blog. 6300 songs in just four years and four days! Last century was very quick with high tides and low tides of emotions. Well, that’s the life. Reminds me a song of Talat Sahab from Waaris
kabhi hai ghum kabhi khushiyaan yahin to zindagaani hai
kabhi lab par hansi hai aur kabhi aankhon mein paani hai
Another milestone! Kishore & Lata’s century.
Olympic mein India ko medal mile ya na mile, lekin aap ko to jitne bhi gold medal mile wo kum hai. Such a unselfishness seva you are doing for the entire population of Hindi cine song lovers in the world. For the NRI’s, your blog is not just mere collection of songs. With the technology, anybody can find any song available on the internet nowadays. They can write words of the song also. But the info provided by you and all contributors is priceless. Your blog is the binding force for all music lovers. Kabhi na tootne waala naata jo aap jod dete ho, wo bhi ek sarahane ki baat hai.
Ye aap ka pyaar hi to hai ki aap ne ye dono milestone ke liye mera bheja hua gaana pasand kiya. Bahut hi dhanyawaad.


This blog serving as a binding force for music lovers- I think that this is one of the biggest achievements of this blog and we can be proud of this fact.


Firstly I’d like to congratulate you believe me I haven’t read all 6300 but you wrote and post it, great work indeed 🙂
Mehmood had given breaks to many others like director S. Ramnathan, S, A. Akbar, Music Directors RDB, Rajesh Roshan, Basu-Manohari, Singer Vijeta Pandit, Anwar and some others. In actor category Amitabh Bachchan, Aruna Irani and Mumtaz.
Mehmood must be the only actor in the history of Hindi cinema where audience walked into theatre after Mehood entry on the screen. No other comedy star in the world have enjoyed such fan that follow him to get the glimpse of him.


Thanks for the information. I was not aware that Mehmood gave breaks to so many new comers.


Amitabh Bachchan was introduced by K A Abbas in his film ‘ Saat Hindustani’ (1969). Then he worked in some films like ‘Parwaana’ (1971), ‘Anand’ (1971) and ‘Pyar Ki Kahani'(1971) before doing Mehmood’s ‘Bombay to Goa’ (1972).


Yeah, i think for some of these folks, it should be said, that Mehmood gave them first important roles, rather than saying gave a break.

Aruna Irani as a child artiste was seen even in Dilip Kumar’s Gunga Jumna (1961) and did many roles throughout 60s, but Mehmood made movies trying to establish her as a lead actress, with Bombay To Goa, Garam Masala, etc. She probably thought he was gonna marry her as well.

Amitabh was friends with Anwar Ali and was living at Mehmood’s place, so after Parwana (negative role), Anand (side hero), etc, it can be said Mehmood took a chance upon him as a Solo lead hero, as opposed to Pyar Ki Kahani with established actresses like Mala Sinha and Tanuja. In fact, Shatrughan Sinha has kept bragging over the years that how Mehmood and Amitabh came to airport and begged him to do villain’s role in Bombay To Goa, and how he was more important as a villain and people came to watch him. And their feud continues….

Anwar started with Mere Gharib Nawaz (Kasmein Hum Apni Jaan Ki), and did 6-7 movies before Mehmood gave him important songs like Humse Ka Bhool Hui, Teri Aankhon Ki Chahat Mein in Janata Hawaldar. Anwar did well but could not really establish because of his ill-advised choices which are highly publicized. But its just mind boggling for me at times to believe Rajesh Khanna even allowed chances to these singers. Rafi Saab Ki Baat Alag Hai, but people like Suresh Wadker, etc, no matter how great they are, how could u go with someone other than Kishore Kumar while he is still around…..

Basu-Manohari got break as lead musician with Sabse Bada Rupaiya of Mehmood.

Vijayata Pandit got break as a child singer with Mehmood’s Ginny Aur Johnny.

Rajesh Roshan with Mehmood’s Kunwara Baap.

Mumtaz had been around forever starting at a young age, and I cant think of anything that would suggest Mehmood was instrumental in her career at any point, either giving her a break or any important role.

S Ramanathan was already established in south with 7 movies to his credit already. Yeah u can say Mehmood got him to bollywood.

S A Akbar was assistant to Nasir Hussain for Dil Deke Dekho. It can be said that he owes his career to Mehmood for all 3 movies that he directed: Chhote Nawab, Pati Patni, Johar-Mehmood in Hongkong.



I think you have all the answer..regarding AB & Mehmood dosti.
Here what Bachchan said yesterday in his twitter.:

“Bachchan, 69, said the legendary actor, whose eighth death anniversary was observed yesterday, had given him his first lead role in “Bombay to Goa”.

“It is also the death anniversary today of Mehmood Bhai, whom we addressed as Bhaijaan, the greatest comedic actor of the Industry, of all time…

“Mehmood Bhai was among the early contributors to my career graph, he having faith from day one in me, much against the wishes and comments of naysayers. For some peculiar reason he would address me as ”Danger Diabolic”, and was the first producer to give me a lead role � ”Bombay to Goa”, a remake of a Tamil hit ”Madras to Pondicherry”,” Bachchan posted on his blog.”
Hope this helps.



I interpreted the word ‘break’ in your comments for first film. Since you meant lead role, it is clear now.


Oh, God, I don’t remember exact word that I used….not going to read my note again…but well, when I saw your note in my email this morning…the song pop in my head…from no where…
listen…and if I made you smile…than reply.


Congrats – I love this blog.


Bluefireji’s write-up was excellent. In the Film Industry no one helps another, it is a rat-race. But Mehmood was an exception and would go out of his way to help others. Mumtaz was a B-grde-wali and no one would give her a break in A-grade socials. Mehmood agreed to act opposite her in PYAR KIYE JAA and, as they say, rest is history. Aruna Irani is a different matter. It seems Bhaijaan led her to beleive that he would marry her and then left her to fend for herself, causing lot of heart-burns and she never married.


Thanks. I belive Arunaji did marry to director Sandesh “Kuku” Kohli who is famous for Ajay Devgan movies of early 90s like Phool Aur Kaante, Suhaag, Haqeeqat, etc, and Arunaji had prominent roles in those movies.


Congrats to Atul ji for all the milestones achieved and we do also wish you many more in future. I love this blog , and specially the write-ups makes me feel nostalgic and i do also go back to my child hood memories becuase of these songs and the write ups.
I also congratualte to all above contributors and information providers which is because of the sheer love of these people for the Hindi films and songs and ultimately love for our Hindustani Culture and tradition. Mehmood bhai, no doubt, was a great person, and such a kind person by heart, he was a great human being. I am personally a great fan of Mehmood bhai. I have seen his films many times and this particular is close to my heart for various reasons- its story (remember- ‘pulse-polio’ campaign, Mehmood fights for it much ealier than our government), its songs, its music, and the satire in the song ‘ main hoon ghoda.. – “hum aazad hai mister, kya insaan aur kya janwar- mere des mein saare barabar – kutta gadde pe soye … zindagi lagti hai gaali”..
The another song ‘ saj rahi gali meri amma.. ‘ was a regular feature in orchestra and stage programmes and during Ganesh festival in those years, thanks Atul ji and we are with you there and will be there…
I would also suggest that some time the regular contributor on this blog come together and meet and share more ideas.
(Mundra, Kachchh-Gujarat)



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