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Gangaram kanwaara reh gaya

Posted on: July 26, 2012

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

‘Jeewan Dhaara’ was a social family film. I remembered about this song when Peevesie posted those two songs of “Golmaal”. I had forgotten the name and song lyrics and tune. I remembered that Kishore Kumar was the singer and most probably it was by Laxmikant Pyarelal, and that it was a funny song performed on stage by Amol Palekar. I vaguely remembered something like ‘gangaram’ and ‘totaram’ in the lyrics. So what did i do. I googled it. And presto ! i had the words “gangaram kanwara reh gayaa”. Then it was just a matter of finding a video link in Youtube, which was easy.

Let me first get the story of the film over with. I have not seen the film, but I had heard the story from my mother who had seen the movie. Seeing the song has brought it all back to me. My memory seems be doing all right, with regard to this film’s story. So here goes :

Rekha is eldest daughter and is the only earning member is the family. Raj Babbar is her elder brother with a family of his own. He is a jobless drunkard. Rekha tries to reform him but to no avail. She works in an office where I think Rakesh Roshan is her boss. She works hard to support her whole family and gets her younger sisters married one by one. Amol Palekar is a family friend and he is secretly in love with Rekha. Kanwaljeet is also one of Rekha’s suiters but she makes him marry her sister. Eventually Raj Babbar comes back to his senses and resolves to stop drinking. He is ready to take on all family responsibilities and that frees Rekha to pursue her own life. Rakesh Roshan proposed and she accepts. But than tragedy strikes and Raj Babbar is killed in an
accident(or murdered). And Rekha is again left with the same burden of looking after the family.

She has made friends with the fellow passengers and the bus conductor by which she is travelling daily to office. She has told them about her impending marriage and her leaving the job and they all are very happy for her. But when she reaches home, she find her brother is dead. I think the film ends with Rekha travelling in the same bus again as she has to resume her job and her wedding is cancelled.

This song is performed on screen by Amol Palekar. The songs of this film are composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal and written by Anand Bakshi. The singer is Kishore Kumar. He is doing a lot of other things in this song apart from singing. i.e making noises of birds and animals. He has done a good job of it, unlike me who is not able to get them all incorporated in the lyrics. So what am I going to do ? I am going to request my host and proof reader, Atul ji to kindly help.



Song-Gangaram kanwaara reh gaya (Jeewan Dhaara)(1982) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


(tiger’s roar)
(birds chirping)

gangaram kanwaara reh gayaa
gangaram kanwaara reh gayaa
gangaram kaun hai
kaun hai yeh gangaram
arrey gangaram kaun hai
gangaram kaun hai
gangaram hai ek tote ka raam
ho totaram kanwaara reh gayaa
gangaram kanwaara reh gayaa

ek maina thhi
meena naam ki
ek maina thhi
meena naam ki
us se chonch ladi
gangaram ki
ek hi daali pe
donon rehte thhe
ek hi daali pe
donon rehte thhe
ik dooje se woh
yeh kehte thhe

prem karna to apne haathh hai
paana aur khona kismat ki baat hai
bas maina ki shaadi ho gayee
aur kisi ke saathh
dhoom dhaam se aayee uss din
jungle mein baraat

miyaan mitthuu ki ho gayee
neend haraam
to gangaram kanwaara reh gayaa
ho totaram kanwaara reh gayaa

haathhi ne sunaa to woh chinghaada
jhrrrr jhrrrrr
sher ne sunaa to woh bhi dhaaadha
kaalu bhaalu bhi cheekha zor se
khrr khrr
dol gayaa saara jungle shor se

tote ka hamdard geedad ban gayaa
iss chakkar mein woh leader ban gayaa
geeded ji ne leader ban kar jhaadi ik taqreer
akhbaaron mein chhap gayi tota maina ki tasweer
phir kya huaa
phir kya huaa
arey phir wohi huaa jo hamesha hotaa hai

e he ae ae
doli baith ke maina khoob royee
ee ee ee
doli baith ke maina khoob royee
mainu lai chale totiyaa lai chale ve
ve ve
kahaa sunaa hamaara maaf karna
bas vairy yaaden asi hai chale ve

gangaram ka qissa hotaa hai tamaam
gangaram ka qissa hotaa hai tamaam
hindu ko raam raam
muslim ko salaam
to gangaram kanwaara reh gayaa
gangaram kanwaara reh gayaa
gangaram kaun hai
gangaram hai ek tote ka raam
ho totaram kanwaara reh gayaa
ho gangaram kanwara reh gayaa
bichaara gangaraam
kanwaara reh gayaa
hu huu huu huuu

7 Responses to "Gangaram kanwaara reh gaya"

Jeevan dhara has got the same story line as that of a Kannada Movie”Benkiyalli aralida hoovu”(loosely translated as “A Flower blossomed amidst flames of fire”)(director was K.Balchander)starring Suhasini Maniratnam(Wife of Maniratnam and daughter of Kamal Hassan`s Elder brother Charu Hassan). In this kannada movie Kamal Hassan played a cameo role of Bus Conductor who regularly bumps into heroine who travels by bus.

Either Jeevan Dhara was a remake of movie “Arangetram-tamil or is it Telugu-Anthuleni Katha” directed by Famous Tamil,Kannada Movie director K.Balchander???
I may be wrong about the name of these Tamil or telugu Movie. Please someone knowlegdeble about this, correct me.
I think I am getting confused about the story plot of these two tamil or telugu movies.
Both of the above movies got a strong female in central role who take care of her big family without the help of father. In one movie she turns into prostitution I think ,in another movie she sacrifices her love interest to get her widowed sister`s happiness.In one movie her father takes sanyaas and in another movie her father was a Brahmin who don`t earn much for take care of his big joint family.

K.Balchander made another Hindi movie named 1977 Aaina(Mumtaz,Rajesh Khanna,Reeta Badhuri. Kamal Hassan is there in a 2 second appearance role-At that time Kamal Hassan must be assitant director of the movie) got similar story line, where to save the honour of her family Mumtaz gets into prostitution.

Recently made Lagaa chunri mein daag(Rani mukherjee,Abhishek bachchan starrer has got shades of Mumtaz starrer Aaina regarding story plot)


Artistes who feature in the song:
Rekha, Sulochana Latkar,Kumud Bole,Simple Kapadia,
Kanwaljeet Singh, Madhu Kapoor, Raj Babbar,Master Rajesh/rajoo,

Baby Pinky(who later became heroine in the name of priyanka-in Vansh,Lakshya)

Master Harish(who later starred as a hero with Karishma kapoor in Prem Khaidi and with govinda-cooli no.1,Aunty no.1 & Tirangaa-Nana Patekar,Raj kumar,Aadmi-mithun,Army-sridevi)


Prakashji as soon as I read the story as given by nahmji, I thought you would be writing about benkiyalli aralida hoovu. And presto, it was done already!! My guess is that the Tamil movie was the first one to release as K. Balachander directed mainly Tamil movies. But it is only a guess of mine, there are lot of knowledgable reader here. May be one of them will clarify.


Thanks Aparna ji for writing

Being a Kannada movie song lover, yeh toh mera farz banthaa hai naa ???
“Kannada ene kunidaaduvudennede”
Am I right in quoting some great lines of kannada poetry ?????? 🙂
Correct me if I am wrong.



oh, you are very much right. kuvempu taata avara (preethiyinda heege kareyodu avaranna) linesuu 🙂


audio link:


video link:


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