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Ho gori julm kare zulf ka bikhar jaana

Posted on: August 21, 2012

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Again, a long gap, which actually troubles me more than anything else. I am sure one of these days, Atul ji will add the following header to the top of one of my posts ; “This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a MOST-IRREGULAR-regular contributor to this blog.” 😀 😀

One reason for my recent away-from-all-posting-activity behavior has been the breakdown of my tools-of-trade infrastructure. The hard disk on my laptop developed some problem and the operating system crashed. With it, a part of the hard disk got corrupted and the system became un-usable. After a lot of unsuccessful effort to fix the problem, I had to eventually format the disk and install the operating system again. Yes, sometimes even software engineers have to finally resort to pulling the plug and start over again. All this took more than a full day of almost nonstop sitting in front of my laptop, trying to woo it, croon to it, cajole it, threaten it (only very lightly I assure you), plead with it, pray to it, try to argue with it, try to reason with it, remind it of all the good times we have had together, of all the fun posts and reports, and documents, and analyses we have collaborated to prepare, all the music we have enjoyed together. Even the plea that there are friends probably waiting online for emails and write ups and translation, did not cut any ice, and it remained aloof and unresponsive. I made all kind of promises about the things I would do, and things I wouldn’t do. I think I tried everything short of proposing to it, but alas, it was quite unmoved. And then I had to, with a heavy heart, give up all the thoughts of my unsaved work, and all the new data accumulated since my last back up cycle, bend on my knees in front of it and paid my respects to its silent demands for a complete makeover, and a new clean look and environment. I gave in to its supreme authority, put away all my complaints, asked for forgiveness for anything harsh I may have said in my one way conversations with it during this time of apparent crisis. And woefully, regretfully, clicked on the format utility to do a complete clean up. Then I brought out the system CDs, things that I had always kept away as a dreadful alternative to an upset friend, and then started the process to clean up the palace, sweep away all the accumulated and unwanted malware, spyware, adware, trojans, worms, viruses and other such encroaching beasts and insects, from the all the nooks and corners of this realm. And then bring in the king once again and install on the freshly dry cleaned throne in a spick and span royal court.

Then after the coronation ceremony was done, I talked with it (so relieved that it started talking to me again, no longer upset with me). I enquired about its health, and asked about its family. I found that its family of updates had grown many time over since the last time the honors were done. And at its behest, I went online and then invited all the new update additions to its family to come and stay with us here. They travelled from places far and wide, came in many different batches and groups, and actually a trickle of some really latest additions to the family are still trickling into the door. Ah but that is all for the good, the more new family updates come and live here, the better it will be for both of us. 🙂 🙂

Then I turned towards my back up disks, and worked through their content, in the process to reconstruct my mailboxes, the internet addresses, the data files and folders, in an effort to bring back all the courtiers and the inhabitants of this kingdom, back to their homes – the same homes they had deserted in panic when the king was displeased and the tsunami of the ghastly format utility had to be invoked. The entire process lasted for another two days or so, effectively taking out more than four days of activity in my e-realm.

Some lessons learnt from this battlefront. I was able to rebuild my entire mail history to the point of just before the crash, and so essentially did not lose anything on the email side. Anything?? In fact I did. For the first time I realized that the folder which contains my draft emails, emails that I start to write, but save them to complete later, was never part of my backups scheme. And so I lost all my draft emails in this invasion. You would say, so what; these emails were not even sent, so why care about them. But you see, this time around it is very different. In this episode I lost almost 70 draft emails that were write-ups-to-be, for posting here on this blog. It has been a habit of mine that whenever I come across a really interesting song, I immediately create a draft email, listen and write down the lyrics. In some cases, I even refer to the Geet Kosh and add the film information, and save this email to be completed as a write up later. Sometimes the song is kept pending for a certain occasion, and at other times, it gets sent into the drafts box, just for the reason that there are other write ups ready to go, and this one will take time. That way, over the past few months, this draft email box had accumulated almost 70 such partial write ups waiting to be completed. I continued to use them, but still, the rate at which I identify songs to post, is of course much faster than the rate at which I actually post them.

And that is the bad luck that happened. Since the time I have starting accumulating such drafts, the computer has expressed its displeasure for the first time. And now, I do not even remember all the songs that were sitting in that draft set of emails.

Now I have taken action to include the drafts emails also in my back up scheme, plus I have decided to minimize the number of such emails in any case. Meaning that I intend to complete write ups and send them for posting as soon as possible, and not to save them as drafts.

This song – I have been thinking of posting it for many months now (one of the drafts that I lost in the crash that occurred the previous week). It is a wonderful gem by Rafi Saab, and one of those songs that the mind would respond by saying, “What, how come this song is not posted here yet”. The song is from the film ‘Main Aur Mera Bhai’. The film hit the big screen in 1961. The music of this film is by C Arjun, and the songs are penned by Jaan Nissar Akhtar. The star cast of this film includes Ajit, Ameeta, Mehmood, Nadira, Mukri, Lalita Pawar, Helen, Nazir Hussain, Leela Misra, Niranjan Sharma, Tun Tun, Samson, Maqbool, Jagdish Raj etc. The film was produced under the banner of Mahesh Pictures, Bombay, and is directed by Dharam Kumar. One song from this film “Main Abhi Gair Hoon, Mujhko Abhi Apna Na Kaho”, a wonderful Mukesh and Asha Bhosle Duet, is already posted on this blog. The post written by Sadanand ji has a brief sketch about Jaan Nissar Akhtar, the lyricist for this film. And of course, we have detailed synopsis of the film that is posted by our incomparable and dependable encyclopedia, our very own Arun ji Dekhmukh. The following is adapted from the brief posted by him.

MAIN AUR MERA BHAI (1961) is a murder mystery involving look alike twin brothers. The film produced under the banner of Mahesh Pictures, Bombay, is directed by Dharam Kumar. Dharam Kumar is a known name as a director of B grade films. He has directed about 12 films, some of which are ‘Road No. 303’ (1960), ‘Captain Sheroo’ (1963), ‘Ek Saal Pehle’ (1965) etc.

Lala Jagat Narayan, (Nazir Hussain) is a High Court judge, who has twin sons, Ramesh and Rajesh (double role played by Ajit). Only their mother can tell them apart. Both boys, when young fall in love with the same lady Asha (Ameeta) daughter of a retired officer Mishra ji (Niranjan Sharma). Asha gets engaged to Ramesh, who is a straight person. Rajesh, who is the notorious one, gets dejected and falls into bad company and bad ways. Shabnam (Nadira) befriends him and influences him to become a smuggler of gold. He becomes very rich, but is finally caught by the police and is sent to jail. On hearing this news, his father dies of shock.

Even after release from jail, Rajesh does not mend his ways. There is a fight between the brothers and when the mother (Leela Mishra) tries to intervene and mediate, she falls and loses her eyesight. Rajesh murders a rich businessman from Delhi and Ramesh, who is incidentally in the same hotel for a meeting, is arrested by the police and taken to court. Taking advantage of this situation, Rajesh comes home as Ramesh, and even Asha does not suspect him. Subsequently Rajesh also murders Shabnam.

The police have a continuing doubt about the true identity of the culprit. In the meantime, Asha is taking care of her mother-in-law and getting her treated for her eye problem. With treatment and Asha’s care, the mother regains her eyesight. Once this happens, she correctly identifies Rajesh who is masquerading as Ramesh. Rajesh is arrested. The mother testifies in the court against Rajesh and he is finally convicted. Ramesh and Asha are reunited.

And so, comes this gem of a melody rendered so wonderfully by Rafi Saab. The words by Jaan Nissar Saab are very saucy, and are very appropriately tuned to a matching and a very racy composition by C Arjun. All in all, it makes for a delightful song to listen to. Enjoy.

ho gori julm kare zulf ka bikhar jaana

Dear lady love
Your curly tresses,
Spread around (with every movement)
O it so entices, and torments my heart

har adaa teri kamaal, mukhdaa chaand ki misaal
chalti morni ki chaal, jaane kyun na dil ka haal
badgumaan thodi der hi tthehar jaana
ho tthehar jaana, hai tthehar jaana

Each manner, each gesture
Is a graceful wonder
Your face, is like the shining moon
Your gait, is so like the peahen bird
(After all this)
O why do you not perceive
What is happening inside my heart
Believe me, o untrusting one
And tarry, for just a while
O please, tarry, for just a while

ye dupatta jaalidaar, pehne motiyon ka haar
halkaa halkaa ye singaar, aaye kis tareh na pyaar
ye bahaar us pe ye tera sanwar jaana
o sanwar jaanaa, hai sanwar jaana

Ah, this soft silky shoulder cloth
This choker of pearls that adorns your neck
This underplayed expression of beauty
Oh how can one resist being attracted (to love you)
Ah this season of spring
With a touch of your grace
Is the ultimate perfection
Ah, this touch of your grace

aankh mein haseen guroor, husn ke nashe mein choor
dekhnaa ye door door, hum se kya huaa qusoor
‘hai raam le ke dil teraa mukar jaana
ho mukar jaana, hai mukar jaana

Your eyes, with a touch of haughty smugness
Drunk with the stupor of beauty
Ah what offense have I committed
That you deliberately glance elsewhere
Oh this pretense of innocence
After having stolen my heart
Oh this pretense. . .

Song-Ho gori zulm kare zulf ka bikhar jaana (Main Aur Mera Bhai)(1961) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Jaan Nisaar Akhtar, MD-C Arjun


ho gori julm kare zulf ka bikhar jaana
ho gori julm kare zulf ka bikhar jaana
ho bikhar jaana
hai bikhar jaana
bikhar jaana
haay bikhar jaana
ho gori
ho gori
ho gori julm kare zulf ka bikhar jaana
ho gori julm kare zulf ka bikhar jaana

har adaa teri kamaal
mukhdaa chaand ki misaal
chalti morni ki chaal
jaane kyun na dil ka haal
badgumaan thodi der hi tthehar jaana
ho tthehar jaana
haay tthehar jaana
tthehar jaana
hai tthehar jaana
ho gori
ho gori
ho gori julm kare zulf ka bikhar jaana
ho gori julm kare zulf ka bikhar jaana

ye dupatta jaalidaar
pehne motiyon ka haar
halkaa halkaa ye singaar
aaye kis tareh na pyaar
ye bahaar us pe ye tera sanwar jaana
o sanwar jaanaa
haay sanwar jaana
sanwar jaana
haay sanwar jaana
ho gori
ho gori
ho gori julm kare zulf ka bikhar jaana
ho gori julm kare zulf ka bikhar jaana

aankh mein haseen guroor
husn ke nashe mein choor
dekhnaa ye door door
hum se kya huaa qusoor
‘hai raam le ke dil teraa mukar jaana
ho mukar jaana
hai mukar jaana
mukar jaana
hai mukar jaana
ho gori
ho gori
ho gori julm kare zulf ka bikhar jaana
ho gori julm kare zulf ka bikhar jaana

10 Responses to "Ho gori julm kare zulf ka bikhar jaana"


Sorry to hear about the hard disc crash. Thats very painful. It might be a better idea to put ur write-ups in a word document in a chapter format instead of draft mails. Just a suggestion. And may be sync up with Cloud for some of the not too personal but still important data for daily backup/storage.



Sudhir ji,
I was reading with great interest,your description of the troubles you had with your computer.It made a very interesting read,believe me.Not that I enjoyed with your troubles,but I was enjoying your writing about it.Simply marvellous.It is an example of how a boring subject of a ‘good for nothing’computer can be turned into a story of interest.Hats off to you !



I keep my draft lyrics and write up in word document and transfer to draft mails for giving final touches before sending it to Atul. I was thinking of shifting my lyrics and draft write ups to draft mails. But with your experience, I think I would continue to follow my existing practice. In any case, I periodically take back up of my word documents on an external hard disk.

I entirely agree with what Arun has commented on your write up. You have a knack of making boring subject interesting.


I do have an excel sheet with the list of songs that I have in my draft folder of my email, of course without the lyrics. I can imagine how painful it must have been for you. Itne saare gaane ki post! Aap shanti se yaad karoge to dhire dhire sab kuch yaad aa jayega. You have lots of patience and I have a faith, you will do it. 🙂
Rafisaab ka ye gaana maine karib 25 saal ke baad suna. Thanks for the song and that also with translation.


Very sorry to hear about your h/w troubles Sudhirji. You have indeed lost a treasure. But as it is with losses, I hope you soon manage to build up another.

I adore this song. I am glad you chose a peppy number despite your worries 🙂


Sudhirji, good to see you back here. When you were not here for a while, I was wondering if all was ok. A computer crash is always a pain – but it’s good you managed to get back on track, albeit losing 70 drafts of songs in the process (that’s a lot!).

Anyway, what’s much more important is that you’re ok and back. 🙂

Hearing this Rafi saab song for the first time. His usual peppy self. 🙂


A computer crash is my worst nightmare. I am always afraid of this happening with me, as the laptop has to face a four prone attack us.

I know this song, but was surprised to find it is from 1961. It does’nt sound that old. Again a wonderful song for Ajit. Must have been difficult to lip synch because of the speed.


I am coming here after a long time, and I can identify with most of Sudhirji’s problems – both my PC’s crashed about three weeks back, and all I have is this little Netbook, and my fingers are too stiff to manipulate its little keys, so I don’t send email to anyone, and I am still waiting for my PC’s to come back from the Geek squad. My PC is full of recipes and patterns for crochet and knitting and embroidery – no songs, those I leave to the experts like all of you here, but I just hate the thought of losing all those recipes and patterns, not to mention the thousands of pictures on the hard drive. I have backed up most of the pictures but not all, and my husband is already reminding me of the countless times he told me to back them up! However, I have been cheered up by the positive spin Sudhirji has given to the entire problem, and the imaginative and creative description of the problem, and hope my problems also go away in the same manner. Thanks for cheering me up, Sudhirji! It takes a great sense of humor to be able to put such a positive spin on what is normally an earth-shattering crisis (in my household, at least), so I am going to be positive about my PC troubles, too!
This is the longest message that I have typed in the last few weeks! I remember this song from my younger days, and it was a surprise to see that I still recognized it – what a lively number and how well it has been sung by Rafi! Thanks for the great song!


Lalitha ji

Welcome back, after a long gap. It is really good to hear from you once again. I hope and am sure that you are keeping well.

You know when I started to write this post, the idea was not at all in my mind to write about the laptop hard disk crash. I started off by talking about my absence from blog for some days; it turned into sharing my computer problem, as the reason for it; and then something else took over and the rest of the post just came in as it is, completely unplanned. And I am glad it happened so. It made you write back to us. 🙂

Keep well, and do let us know when your PCs come back after being repaired.

Cheers and regards


Dear friends all,

Thanks for all your wonderful comments and sentiments shared. And yes, thanks for the suggestions for alternative means of storing the draft write ups. Just besides being suggestions, it is elightenign to come to know how various team members are managing their emails and write ups. Really interesting variety.

Bluefire ji,
I have not yet used the cloud for personal storage, but a good idea, and I will explore it.

Ava Suri ji, Khyati ji, Raja ji,
Yes, the drafts lost in this episode is a big loss, but I am sure all the songs will somehow circle back into the memory. Just that, as I mentioned, that the rate at which my excitement overtakes me when I identify a song to post, is much higher than the rate at which I am able to post, and so the backlog keeps increasing. Personal resolutions being what they are, but I will try to keep this backlog at a manageable number. One thing that prompts me to immediately start a write up, is the direct and referred requests that get posted, and if I am able to locate the song in my collection, I immedately create a draft so that it keeps in my to do list. Well that is one way to recover some of the songs, I am going to scan the farmaishes page again and identify songs not yet posted.

Arun ji, Sadanand ji
Thanks for your comments of appreciation. Somehow when I started writing this post, I did not have this slant of presentation in my mind, but just as I started writing about praying in front of my laptop, something clicked and the rest simply came in as a flow, totally unplanned.

Nahm ji,
Yes, agreed, this song sounds too racy for Ajit to be performing. I wish I am able to locate the video of this film and this song, just to see how Ajit has rendered it on the screen. 🙂

Thanks all once again for writing in. . . feels good. . . to be connected 🙂



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