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Jeet jyot tez chamak raha hai

Posted on: September 22, 2012

Today (22 september) is the death anniversary of Durga Khote (14 january 1905 -22 september 1991). Many younger day movie watchers may associate her with mother and grandmother roles, but she was one of the earliest leading lady of Hindi movies and one of those who paved the entry of women from respectable background to Hindi movies.

Durga Khote’s most memorable role as a leading lady was the role of pirate queen Saudamini in “Amar Jyoti” (1936). This movie was a Prabhat Talkies Production. It was produced and directed by V Shantaram. The movie had Durga Khote and Chandramohan in lead roles. A detailed review and more on this movie is posted in Memsaab’s blog.

On the occasion of Durga Khote’s death anniversary, here is a song from this movie which is sung by Durga Khote and it is picturised on her as well. Music is composed by Master Krishnarao. Lyricist’s name is not known, but I guess that it could be Pt Narottam Vyas. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw more light on the lyricist of this song.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Khyati Bhatt.



Song-Jeet jyot tej chamak raha hai (Amar jyoti)(1936) Singer-Durga Khote, Lyrics-Pt Narottam Vyas, MD-Master Krishnarao

Lyrics(Provided by Khyati Bhatt)

jeet jyot tej chamak raha hai ae ae
jeet jyot tej chamak raha hai ae ae
jeet jyot tej chamak raha
bijli sa ujla ho
chamak raha hai ae
jeet jyot tej chamak raha
ha aa aa aa
ha aa aa aa
ha aa aa aa

man ka soch gaya hai
man ka soch gaya hai
dushman se badla paaya hai
dushman se badla paaya hai
jeet jyot tej chamak raha hai ae ae
jeet jyot tej chamak raha

kaun sukhi mujh sa hai
kaun sukhi mujh sa hai
kaun sukhi mujh sa hai
kaun sukhi mujh sa hai
dhan daulat paa ???
han daulat paa ???
jeet jyot tej chamak raha hai
jeet jyot tej chamak raha

5 Responses to "Jeet jyot tez chamak raha hai"

Atul ji,
All the songs of AMAR JYOTI were written by Pt.Narotham Vyas.Since there was no record issued for this song,the name of the lyricist is not mentioned.
Pt.Narotham Vyas is a name,many readers may not have even heard as a Lyricist.He was born in Moradabad-U.P..He was an expert writer of Religious songs in chaste Hindi.His tradition was carried forward in later days by Bharat Vyas,Saraswati Kumar Deepak,G.S.Nepali and others of the same ilk.
He started writing film songs with SEETA-34.In this film he had written 15 songs.K.C.Dey was the composer.Then came Jung bahadur,Shadi ki Raat,Dilawar,jagran etc.V.Shantaram spotted him and took him for Prabhat films,like Dharmatma,Amar jyoti,Rajput Ramani,Wahaan etc.
He wrote 225 songs in only 20 films.This high average was due to large no.songs in films those days-like Shadi ki Raat-35 songs,Sri Ramanuj-17 songs,Dharmatma-16,Seeta-15,Mamaji and Mahatma Vidur-13 each.
he also directed 2 films-Sunehre Baal-38 and Bhiyya Dooj-43.
The Music Director of this film was Master Krishna Rao(Fulambrikar).His name is also lost today but there was a time when he became famous all over India due to Prabhat films.
Born in Alandi,near Poona,on 21-1-`898,he was very poor.From childhood he was interested in music.Seeing his interest Guru Bhaskar Buwa Bhakale took him as his Chela and by 17 th year,krishna was doing stage shows and song programmes independently.For 20 years he was in Balgandharva Natak Mandali.When Dharmatma was to be made,Balgandharva insisted that Krishna Rao should compose its music.Thus started his music yatra.Later Amar Jyoti,Wahaan,Gopal krishna and Aadmi were his films.Aadmi songs were a rage those days.A Multilingual song by Shanta Hublikar was a great success.(Hindi,Urdu,Punjabi,Gujarati,Telugu,Bangla and Tamil).Then came Padosi,Vasat sena,Maali,Lakharani(IN this film Gurudutt is seen in a dance.he also choreographed) and meri Amanat.
The very first song on AIR after Independence was “Vande Mataram” sung by Master Krishnarao.His last film was Keechak Vadh-59.he died on 20-10-1974 at Poona.



Thanks a lot for these valuable details


By now, Arunji’s knowledge should not be surprising me 🙂 but it still does. Just amazing! This was such a fascinating comment from him about Pt Narottam Vyas and Master Krishnarao!

I have a soft corner for Amar Jyoti as it is one of the films I was involved in subtitling for Edu Productions. It is the only movie I’ve seen so far with a young Durga Khote – she is just awesome in this film. This movie also features Chandramohan – always good to see him too. 🙂


Atul Ji, this song could also have the tag.. Song Sung by Non Singers.


‘non singer’ may not be apt for Durga Khote. She was by no means, a great singer but she took singing quite seriously. The very fact that she was allowed to sing for herself goes to show MD’s faith in her singing skills for play back facility was available in 1936, i.e., the time of Amar Jyoti. While shooting for Amar Jyoti, she was learning music from KL Saigal and considered him her guru. Her singing at the feet of Saigal proved a boon to Kidar Sharma, and to us as well. It was she who introduced him to to Debki Bose, and the rest is history.


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