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Ye kiska lahu hai kaun maraa

Posted on: October 25, 2012

Today (25 october) is the death anniversary of Sahir Ludhianvi. Sahir Ludhianvi was an outstanding lyricist as we in blog are alraedy aware. In addition, he was a man of strong convictions and principles. In his views he was far more progressive that the era when he weas active. He championed the case of the underdog, the downtrodden, the law abiding masses, women etc. He spoke out against social evils. He shoke out against violence and war.

We in this blog are proud of the fact that Sahir Ludhianvi’s songs are well represented here. As many as 350 Lahir Ludhianvi songs have already been discussed in the blog. Quite a few of our regular contributors have paid rich and glowing tributes to Sahir Ludhianvi in their writeups. One regular in fact became upset with himself when he forgot an anniversary of Sahir Ludhianvi.

On the occasion of Sahir Ludhianvi’s death anniversary today, here is a lesser known composition. The lyrics of the song are hard hitting and contain a message that was valid half a century ago, and the message remains valid even today.

This song is sung by Mahendra Kapoor and chorus. The picturisation depicts the aftermath of a communal riot. The words of the song are simple and hard hitting and get their message across quite emphatically.

Sahir Ludhianvi’s lyrics have been set to music by N Datta.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.


Video (Complete)

Song-Ye kiska lahu hai kaun mara (Dharmputra)(1961) Singer-Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-N Datta

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

dharti ki sulagti chhaati ke
bechain sharaare poochhate hain
tum (?) log jinhen apna na sake
woh khoon ke dhaare poonchhte hain
sadkon ki zubaan chillaatee hai
saagar ke kinare puchhate hain
yeh kiska lahu hai kaun maraa
yeh kiska lahu hai kaun maraa
ai rehbar mulkon kaum bataa
yeh kiska lahu hai kaun mara
yeh kiska lahu hai kaun mara
yeh kiska lahu hai kaun mara

yeh jalte huye ghar kiske hain,
yeh katte huye tann kiske hain
takseem ke andhe toofaan mein,
lutate huye gulshan kiske hain
bad bakht fizaaayen kiski hain,
aen aen aen aen
bad bakht fizaayen kiski hain,
barbaad nasheman kiske hain
kuchh ham bhi sunen hamko bhi suna
aa aa aa
kuchh ham bhi sune hamko bhi suna
ai rehbar mulkon kaum bataa,
yeh kiska lahu hai kaun mara
yeh kiska lahu hai kaun mara
yeh kiska lahu hai kaun mara

kis kaam ke hain yeh deen dharam,
jo sharm kaa daman chaak karen
kis tarah ke hain yeh desh bhagat,
jo baste gharon ko khaaq kare
yeh roohen kaisee roohen hain
aen aen aen aen
yeh roohen kaisee roohen hain,
jo dharti ko naapaak karen
aankhen toh uthha nazren toh mila
aankhen toh uthha nazren toh mila
ai rehbar mulkon kaum bata,
yeh kiska lahu hai kaun mara
yeh kiska lahu hai kaun mara
yeh kiska lahu hai kaun mara

jiss ram ke naam peh khoon bahe,
uss ram ki izzat kya hogi
jiss deen ke haathhon laaj lutey,
uss deen ki keemat kya hogi
insaan ki iss zillat se pare
ae ae ae ae
insaan ki iss zillat se pare,
shaitaan ki zillat kya hogi
yeh ved hataa kurraan uthhaa
aa aa
yeh ved hataa kurran uthhaa
ai rehbar mulkon kaum bataa,
yeh kiska lahu hai kaun mara
yeh kiska lahu hai kaun mara
yeh kiska lahu hai kaun mara

3 Responses to "Ye kiska lahu hai kaun maraa"

This hard hitting lyrics of Sahir Ludhianvi are representative of his inner voice against the polarisation of society on communal lines. That the song fits in the film’s situation is secondary.


Atul ji, Nitin ji

Sahir’s verses have always been a rebellion against the establishment and its corrupt and self serving machinations. His poems point fingers of accusations at the ruling class and poses some very uncomfortable questions at them. Be it the “. . . Jinhen Naaz Hai Hind Par Wo Kahaan Hain” from ‘Pyaasa’, or “Cheen O Arab Hamaara. . .” from ‘Phir Subah Hogi’ Or accusatory question in this song “. . .Ae Rehbar e Mulk o Qaum Bataa. . .”.

He was one poet who had the conscience, the indignation, the guts, and the feeling of responsibility to write such lines.

We need more such poets, more such inspiration, and more such songs.



Ae rehbar mulko kaum bata
yeh kiska laho tha kaun mara!

Sahir ek hi tha. His lyrics were simple, effective and evocative.

Thank you for posting this Atul.


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