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Chori chori tori aayi hai Radha

Posted on: November 3, 2012

This article is written by Pamir Harvey, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Hum Hindustani a patriotic film of 1960 had the message of youth turning the nation into a hub of industrial and green revolution. Portraying the two faces of the Indian youth were Sunil Dutt and Joy Mukherjee. The former an upright engineer and the latter a bit misled.

I saw the film long-long time back on Doordarshan and thus can’t recall much of the plot, but this film did have good songs under the baton of Usha Khanna. The score sounds for my ears at least very much influenced by S. D. Burman.

Here in this song we see Asha Parekh perform a Manipuri dance. At least she appears to be wearing a Manipuri dance costume or something similar. I don’t know much about Manipuri dance thus cannot say if the moves and all are of the Manipuri tradition. What stands out is Lata’s rendition of the song. She is here at her sweetest best giving the character the right dose of innocence and charm.




Song-Chori chori tori aayi hai radha(Hum Hindustani)(1960) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Usha Khanna


chori chori tori aayi hai radha
aa aa
kadamb taley hauley hauley
ae ae ae ae
jamuna ke tat aaja re kanha
aa aa
hriday mera doley doley

toone chhedi baansuriya
main to bhayi baawariya
aa aa
toone chhedi baansuriya
nainon mein preet liye
dhoondh rahi hoon aa re aa re
chori chori tori aayi hai raadha
aa aa
kadamb taley hauley hauley
ae ae ae ae
jamuna ke tat aaja re kaanha
aa aa
hriday mera doley doley

solah singaar kiye
aayi tera pyaar liye
solah singaar kiye
gorey gorey chaand taley
preet paley
aa re aa re
chori chori tori aayi hai raadha
aa aa
kadamb taley hauley hauley
jamuna ke tat aaja re kaanha
aa aa
hriday mera doley doley

12 Responses to "Chori chori tori aayi hai Radha"

Thank you very much, Pamir Harvey-ji for posting this wonderful song. Asha Parekh’s dance is indeed Manipuri. And it’s a treat to watch and listen to the lovely song! ‘Hum Hindustani’ released at a time of Nehruvian progress and it was a roaring success with that unforgettable, soul stirring and patriotic ‘Chhodo kal ki baatein, kal ki baat purani…”. Not many know that Helen had a very good role in this movie and she had done justice to it. “Maajhi mere kismatke jee chahe jahan le chal…” is another beautiful song sung by Lata and picturised on a young lovely Asha Parekh……………


Sorry for replying so late again!
I am glad that you liked it!
It is indeed a very beautiful one! The Nehruvian progress propaganda does show in the film. And it was delightful in its own way.


Thanks for reminding this song which I had almost forgotten for a long time. Excellent audio-video treat.
Generally, Manipuri dances are performed with songs relating to Radha-Krishna and this song is no exception.


Yeah it is very true, one often loses track of songs. But the meeting again with them is such a pleasure!
Yes the Radha-Kishan motif does shine through. The Manipuri dances I watched on DD in my childhood also seemed to have always this motif.


If I am not wrong Sanjeev kumar was also there (in a miniscule role of Police Inspector ???)in this movie(Sanjeev was also there-for a minor role- in black & white Aao pyaar karein-Joy/sairaa starrer/Usha khanna).

Both movies must have been S.Mukherjee or Filmalaya productions(father of Joy/debh/shomu)

In this movie,Helenji wearing sarees looked very beautiful- lip syncing for 2 duets with a young Joy Mukherjee.

Thank you Harvey ji,for the song. As always you are unearthing rare gems. Thanks again for that.

Still I am listening the Asha song(which you have introduced to me) of Mr.Romeo and enjoying thoroughly. Thanks again for that 🙂



Really, did Sanjeev Kumar have a role in it? I can’t remember that! He did lots such miniscule roles till he got his big break!
Yeah, a net friend of mine remarked once that this might be the only film, where Helen gets to wear sarees throughout the film! And she does look pretty!
I thank you Prakashji for your kind words!
BTW it is you who do the unearthing things. You have so often reminded me of songs at my blog, which I had long but forgotten and I’m very grateful to you for that!
So isi sheher ki has become an ear-worm for you! Enjoy!


I remember this song. Need to hear it again. Harvey, you are really good at picking out rare numbers. 🙂


Glad you liked it Ava!


Such sweet voice especially in Mukhda….thanks for the song!


I think Lata had the sweetest voice of them all!
So sweet that you could extract sugar out of it!






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