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Main wo dulhan hoon raas na aaya jise singaar

Posted on: December 1, 2012

“Mahal” (1949) was a Bombay Talkies production. This movie was directed by Kamal Amrohi who was making his debut as a director in this movie. This movie was the first Hindi suspense movie and it was made in an extremely professional manner. When the movie begins and credits roll on the screen against the backdrop of a spooky looking mansion (Mahal) and accompanied by suspenseful background music, each and every name that appears on the screen turns out to be legendary name, be they actors or background personnel. For example, choreography of dances in this movie was done by Pt Lachchu Maharaj, while the cinematographer of this movie was Josef Wirsching.

Not all (by now legendary names) were well known names at that time. For instance, Madhubala, then 16 years old who plays the central character of Kamini, was an unheralded actress till then. It was this movie that brought her to limelight. When the records of its haunting song Aayega aanewaala aayega began to be played on radio, listeners demanded to know who had sung the song. The record mentioned Nirmala, the character on whom the song was picturised. The radio station phoned the record company who then looked into their documents and came up with the information that the song was sung by a singer called Lata Mangeshkar ! And that is when Lata Mangeshkar’s name first became known to most Indians.

And then there is at least one name associated with this movie that is mistaken with another name. Bimal Roy, the editor of this movie was different from the director Bimal Roy of “Madhumati” unlike what is popularly believed. This fact is mentioned in this article.

The songs of this movie have gone on to become immortal. There were seven songs in it. As many as six of them have already been discussed.

Here is the seventh and final song from this movie. Like the other songs from the movie, this song too is a fantastic song and a timeless classic.

This song is sung by Rajkumari and it is picturised on Vijaylaxmi, who plays Ashok Kumar’s hapless wife in the movie.

The song is written by Nakshab. Music is composed by Khemchand Prakash.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Mr Sadanand Kamath.

With this song, “Mahal” (1949) joins the list of movies whose songs have been fully covered in the blog.



Song-Main wo dulhan hoon raas na aaya jise singaar(Mahal)(1949) Singer-Rajkumari, Lyrics-Nakshab, MD-Khemchand Prakash

Lyrics(Provided by Sadanand Kamath)

main wo hansi hoon
lab pe jo aane se rah gayi
main wo shamaa hoon
jo kabhi roshan nahin huyi
hoon wo umang
nikli jo
dil se na ek baar
hoon wo khushi
ke gham ne jise
kar liyaa shikaar

main wo dulhan hoon
raas na aayaa jise singaar
main wo chaman hoon
jismen na aayi kabhi bahaar
main wo dulhan hoon
raas na aayaa jise singaar
main wo chaman hoon
jismen na aayi kabhi bahaar

ghar jal gayaa to aag bujhaane se faaydaa
ghar jal gayaa to aag bujhaane se faaydaa
us bewafaa ko ab ye jataane se faaydaa
jataane se faaydaa
ai mere dil ke chain meraa dil hai bekaraar
main wo chaman hoon
jismen na aayi kabhi bahaar
main wo chaman hoon
jismen na aayi kabhi bahaar

kashti bhatak rahi hai
kinaaraa nahin koi
kashti bhatak rahi hai
kinaaraa nahin koi
majboor zindagi kaa sahaaraa nahin koi
sahaaraa nahin koi
marne kaa intzaar hai
marne kaa intzaar
main wo chaman hoon
jismen na aayi kabhi bahaar
main wo chaman hoon
jismen na aayi kabhi bahaar
main wo dulhan hoon
raas na aayaa jise singaar
main wo chaman hoon
jismen na aayi kabhi bahaar

4 Responses to "Main wo dulhan hoon raas na aaya jise singaar"

Yippeee! Another movie joins the ranks of all songs covered in a movie.


This movie was a milestone for so many reasons. But one of the most saddest part was that Kemchand Prakash did not live to see the magic of his creation. He passed away before the movie was released. Such are the ironies of great men in our film industry.


Ashok Kumar was the producer of this film and owner of Bombay Talkies studio alongwith his sound engineer friend Savak Vacha.Ashok Kumar and Kamal Amrohi were very good friends since their early days in Bombay Talkies.Ashok Kumar recognised his talent and gave him this opportunity which he grabbed it with both hands.They were disciplined people of that era. Only discipline and talent give birth to extraordinary creativity.


Never heard this song…
Here the situation and presentation of her …reminds me Meena kumari in Sahib, bibi aur gulam, when she sings…Piya Eso Jiya mein…


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