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Choli ke peechhe kyaa hai

Posted on: December 23, 2012

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

I am on a different thought track today. I was thinking of the approaching birthday season in my family. Thats what I call it as 3 from a family of 4 have their birthdays in the 15 day period from 23rd December to 6th January. My daughter leads the pack and son (he is the older one) brings up the rear. So I was down memory lane thinking of the time when they had just begun to walk, talk, sing or dance etc. So that put me on to the song I want to discuss today. This was a song to which my one year old daughter first shook her leg for.

The song in question is from “Khalnayak”. It is sung by Ila Arun & Alka Yagnik. Was written by Anand Bakshi & set to tune by L-P. This song won many popular awards in almost all the categories that is was nominated in. Infact that year Alka Yagnik was nominated for best singer for 4 songs the others being the title tracks of Baazigar, Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke, & another song from Khalnayak “Palki Main Hoke Sawaar Chali Main”. It spawned many such double meaning songs which went the khaat khatiya & chaddar way. Which the purists just ripped apart. People just lamented the demise of good lyrics. But who cares for such niceties when the song becomes popular brings awards & moolah at the box office. And mind you the lyrics writer or the music director were only doing their job and putting a song in place for a nautanki. So those were the 90s item numbers. The trend is still followed religiously in all movies whether or not the movie need it. Kya Karen!

This movie had Sanjay Dutt as Ballu, Madhuri Dixit as Ganga and Jackie Shroff as Ram Kumar Sinha. Anupam Kher, Rakhee, Ramya Krishnan, Pramod Moutho, Sushmita Mukherjee & Neena Gupta as the main supporting cast. It was a Subhash Ghai movie with all typical masala items in it. Story was very simple how a pampered child can go out of hand & go criminal also. (But I think this is not true in real life. Because so many of us spoil our kids with extra love & attention & try to cover their misdeeds from a strict father or mother as the case may be. Anyway that is cinematic liberties at play I suppose.) & we all know the various stories behind the casting for this movie. How Ghai waited for Sanjay Dutt to come out of jail post the Mumbai ’93 blasts etc. so let us get on to the song itself.

Here Neena Gupta lip syncs in Ila Arun’s voice & Madhuri in Alka Yagnik’s voice. And what a dancer Madhuri was though not the same style as Vyjayanthimala or Hema Malini the end portion of the song reminds us of the end portion of “Hoton Main Aisi Baat” from “Jewel Thief”. The drum beats and dancing etc.Nno programme on Madhuri is complete without this song. Even her face & eyes dance what expressions. She made a great team with Saroj Khan post this number. I think even Saroj Khan the choreographer was nominated for this song. Also that Filmfare started the category for best Choreographer from 1993 only.
(To you my dear daughter, I can still seethe picture of your tiny frame dancing to this song)

Song-Choli ke peechhe kyaa hai (Khalnayak)(1993) Singers-Ila Arun, Alka Yagnik, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikangt Pyarelal


kukuk kuk kukukukukuk
choli ke peechhe kya hai, choli ke peechhe
choli ke peechhe kya hai, choli ke peechhe
chunari ke neeche kya hai, chunari ke neeche
ho, choli mein dil hai meraa,
chunari mein dil hai mera
choli mein dil hai meraa,
chunari mein dil hai mera
ye dil mein doongi mere yaar ko,
pyaar ko

kukuk ku kukukukukuk

arre, laakhon deevaane tere, laakhon deevaane
aashiq puraane tere, aashiq puraane
ho, aashiq mila na aisaa hmmm
meri pasand jaisa hmmm
be dil shahar ye aisaa, kya karoon kya karoon
kukuk ku kukukukukuk

kukuk ku kukukukukuk
resham ka lehanga meraa, resham ka lehanga
lehanga hai mahanga meraa, lehanga hai mehanga
lehanga utha ke chaloon, ghunghat gira ke chaloon
kya kya bacha ke chaloon raamji, raamji

kukuk ku kukukukukuk

arre, isako bacha lo baaboo, is ko bacha lo
dil mein chhupaalo baaboo, dil mein chhupaalo
ho, aashiq pade hain peechhe {o ho!}
koi idhar ko kheenche hmmm
koi udhar ko kheenche kya karoon kya karoon
kukuk ku kukukukukuk

kukuk ku kukukukukuk
hai! shaadi karaado meri
{o ho!}
shaadi karaado hmmm
doli sajaado meri doli saja do {ah ha ah ha!}
sautan bana na jaye,
jogan bana na jaaye
joban saha na jaaye,
kya karoon, kya karoon
{hai chhoree}

are! ladaki ho kaisi bolo, ladaki ho kaisi
ladaka ho kaisa bolo , ladaka ho kaisa
ho ladaki ho mere jaisi {ah ha!}
ladaka ho tere jaisa {vaah vaah!}
aaye maza phir kaisaa, pyaar kaa, pyaar ka {vaah!!}
kukukuk kukukkukkukkukk

kukukuk kukukkukkukkukk
ho … jhumari ka jumaru ban jaa, jhumari ka jumaru {kich kich}
paayal kaa ghungharu ban ja
paayal ka ghungaru
{kich kich}
meri salaami kar le
meri gulaami kar le
hoga tu hoga koi badashaah, badashaah
{are jaa!}

baali umariya meri baali umariya
sooni sajariya meri sooni sajariya
mere sapanon ke raaja
jaldi se vaapas aaja
soti hun main daravaaja khol ke, khol ke {aah!}
kukukuk kukuk

begam bagair baadashaah kis kaam ka
baadashaah bagair begam kis kaam ki
teri marazi tu jaane, meri marzi main jaanoon
maine javaani tere naam kee, naam kee
{ho chhoree}

choli ke peechhe kya hai, choli ke peechhe
choli ke peechhe kya hai, choli ke peechhe
chunari ke neeche kya hai , chunari ke neeche
ho, choli mein dil hai meraa { Ah ha}, chunari mein dil hai mera {vah vah!}
ho, choli mein dil hai meraa {hmm }, chunari mein dil hai mera {vah vah}
ye dil mein doongi mere yaar ko, pyaar ko {kurr}
choli mein dil hai meraa, chunari mein dil hai mera
choli mein dil hai meraa, chunari mein dil hai mera
choli mein dil hai meraa {ho} chunari mein dil hai mera {ho}
choli mein dil hai meraa {ho} chunari mein dil hai mera {dil}
choli mein dil hai meraa {dil} chunari mein dil hai mera {dil}
choli mein dil hai meraa {dil} chunari mein dil hai mera

9 Responses to "Choli ke peechhe kyaa hai"

It is safe to say u guys werent stressed out when it came to paying taxes to the govt 😉


Peevesie’s Mom ji
Day before yesterday, (in the afternoon)while returning from office(for lunch) I remembered your mentioning (in some post of yours)that in the month of december, there is a birthday in your family. I thought of wishing , but didn`t find in which post you have mentioned that subject and without much information about the date I left that subject there itself.
Thanks for reminding through your post.

Wishing your daughter a very SPECIAL Happy birthday !! God Bless her.Wish her “Best of Luck” in her future life on my behalf.
(Mere hisse kaa sweets taiyyar rakhnaa, without fail,dher saare 😉 🙂

Haan, enjoyed your post very much, Thanks for that and thank you for the lyrics of the song..

If I am not wrong whether there is another Male version of this song ????


yes there is a male version to it.
& i will convey your wishes to her when she calls


This was the pinnacle of Madhuri’s career. She started as the item girl no. 1 with ‘Tezaab’ .

I am specially fond of the song ‘Palki mein ho ke sawaar chali re’ from this film. That song is a “tonga song’ and very pretty to look at. This movie was also Subhash Ghai brand. Just like in the last decade we have been waiting to YRF films releases, during those days we used to wait eagerly for Subhash Gai’s films. Thinking back i think this film had a plus point that there was no Anil Kapoor.

And many many happy returns to peevisie on her 20th birthday.



thanks mom! and thank you prakashchandraji and nahmji for your wishes.




@Peevesie’s mom ji , Atul ji- thanks for the post. I watched this movie during my stay in Rajasthan , and it was great experience to watch this beautifully choreaographed song and the beats were specially enjoyable on the big screen. (years back in an interview subhash ghai had mentioned about how enjoyable it is to watch films in theatre, yes the atmosphere it created is truly ejoyable). and as mentioned by nahm ji the other song ‘palki mein hoke sawaar chali re’ is also a very picturised and the outdoor locations in the backdrop of ‘forts’ and ‘palaces’ in Rajasthan creates magic.
@ Peevesie – wish you a very ‘happy birthday!’



a not so clear but fuller video


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