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Barbaad ho raha hai ek ghar basa basaaya

Posted on: December 26, 2012

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Unknown composers Composer 10- Vasant Prabhu

This is the 10th and the last article in the series of UNKNOWN COMPOSERS.

The whole idea was to emphasize the contribution made by these composers to the HFM and to bring to light their work so that they have their Day of Glory once more.

So far we have discussed the following composers-



3.-Shridhar Parsekar




7.Hiren Bose

8.-Bhushan and

9.-Kamal Rajasthani.

To start with, the HF industry started and thrived essentially in Bombay, so it was natural that HFM was provided and influenced by Marathi Stage songs and Marathi composers.

Great Music Directors like Govindrao Tembe, Keshavrao Bhole, Prof.B.R.Devdhar, Dada Chandekar, Appasaheb Mainkar, Master Krishnarao etc operated in the early times. Later some more Marathi composers were active like, Datta Korgaonkar, Datta Davjekar, C.Ramchandra, Vasant Desai, Snehal Bhatkar and Sudhir Phadke etc.

Slowly the number of Marathi composers dwindled as the industry grew rapidly, attracting talents from Punjab, Gujrat, UP, Bengal etc. In the 50s and 60s only few Marathi names were there in the field of Hindi movie music direction. The Marathi film industry also grew fast giving opportunities to them in it.

Still the attraction of working in Hindi films continued and composers like Vasant Pawar and Vasant Prabhu operated here briefly.

Today we will know more about VASANT PRABHU, which was a very big and popular name in Marathi world.

Vasant Prabhu was born in 1922. While still young, he learnt Kathak dancing and classical music. He was a tall, handsome and well built young man. He wanted to become an Actor, so he went to Kolhapur,then to Poona and finally landed in Bombay.

Here he did not get any actors role, but he joined HMV as a Music composer.

While here he started composing Marathi Bhavgeets. Vasant Prabhu, in collaboration with Lata mangeshkar as a singer and P.Savalaram as a lyricist created many iconic Marathi songs from 1948 to 1965.

His first song was sung by Lata ji,” Ganga yamuna dolyat ubhya kaa…” in 1948. This song became so famous overnight that after more than 60 years, even today it is played on AIR and in almost every Marathi marriage in Maharashtra, by the Band. This is a song of Bidai, sung so soulfully and the wordings are so meaningful that sensitive women start weeping listening to this song.

While at HMV, Vasant Prabhu also composed some NFS for Lata ji and Geeta Dutt in Hindi. One of Geeta ji’s songs,”Jamuna ke teer kanha aao” is extremely popular with Geeta lovers.

Vasant Prabhu’s name is written in Gold for the Mmarathi bhavgeets that he composed with Lata and Savalaram Patil.

Vasant started his film career with Marathi film ‘Ram Ram pavhana’-1950 by choreographing few dances and composing its music too. From 1950 to 1968 he gave music to many Marathi films, while doing private albums also.

He was the Music Director for most Marathi films produced by Lata ji’s ‘Surel Chitra Production company. In the film ” Vaadal” he composed a Thumari in such a wonderful manner that when this film was released in Nagpur the Audience wanted to listen to the Thumari again and again, and threatened to burn the theatre if this song was not replayed. Finally that Thumari was shown 5 times that day !

in another film, ‘Taaraka’ he made actress Sulochana Latkar do an item number in the film. Probably she danced for the first and last time in her life on this occasion.

Singers like Phiroze Dastoor and Talat Mehmood also sang for his Marathi films.

In 1953 he did his only Hindi film “GHARBAAR”-53.there were 8 songs in the films sung by Rajkumari, Lata, Asha, Talat Mehmood and Surendra.

Vasant Prabhu was a very honest, punctual, straight forward, disciplined and hot tempered person. He never went to anyone to ask for work. Ofcourse work always came to him. He used to compose his tunes lying down in his balcony.

Vasant prabhu died in 1968.

(The above information about Vasant Prabhu are courtesy the book ‘Manasi cha Chitrakaar’ by Madhu Potdar)

Let us hear one of the songs from his film Gharbaar-53, sung by Lata Mangeshkar. The Lyricist, according to HFGK is Kaif irfani, but zn You tube comment mentions it as Indeevar.

With this we come to the end of this series. I thank Atul ji for giving me this opportunity of sharing with the readers and also writing down the lyrics of all the songs. Thanks , Atul Ji.

I also thank our readers who gave useful and encouraging comments on all articles.

Song-Barbaad ho raha hai ek ghar basa basaaya (Gharbaar)(1953) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Kaif Irfani, MD-Vasant Prabhu


barbaad ho raha hai
ik ghar basa basaaya
barbaad ho raha hai
ik ghar basa basaaya
duniya ne teri maalik
ye din hamen dikhaaya
barbaad ho raha hai

tinke hi aashiyaan ke
aapas mein lad rahe hain ae ae
tinke hi aashiyaan ke
aapas mein lad rahe hain ae ae
patjhad si chhaa rahi hai ae ae
naghme ujad rahe hain
patjhad si chhaa rahi hai ae ae
naghme ujad rahe hain ae ae
kaisa hawa ka jhonka
mere ?? mein aaya
kaisa hawa ka jhonka
mere ?? mein aaya
duniya ne teri maalik
ye din hamen dikhaaya
barbaad ho raha hai

soojhe nahin hai kuchh bhi
badli ghamon ki chhaayi ee ee
soojhe nahin hai kuchh bhi
badli ghamon ki chhaayi ee ee
fariyaad leke dukhiya aa aa
kadmon mein tere aayi
fariyaad leke dukhiya aa aa
kadmon mein tere aayi ee ee
mit jaayenge jahaan se
toone na gar basaaya aa aa
mit jaayenge jahaan se
toone na gar basaaya
duniya ne teri maalik
ye din hamen dikhaaya
barbaad ho raha hai

9 Responses to "Barbaad ho raha hai ek ghar basa basaaya"

Thanks very much for the article on Vasant Prabhu who is one of my favourites MD of Marathi filmy and non filmy songs. In the late 50s and early 60s, Lata Mangeshkar-P Sawalaram-Vasant Prabhu combination churned out many immortal Marathi film songs. Vasant Prabhu’s compositions very well brought out the underlying emotions in the lyrics.
Just note how he brought out the feeling of a waiting beloved in a Marathi film song beautifully sung by Suman Kalyanpur.

That the Hindi film industry did not utilise his services as a MD is a loss to the Hindi film industry. I always felt that Vasant Prabhu was Sajjad Hussain of Marathi film industry.



Very nice article giving full justice to Vasant Prabhu.
Music of Ram Ram Pavna is not composed by Vasant Prabhu. The MD of this movie is Lata Mangeshkar. She composed music of some other marathi movies under the name Anandghan.
I think Vasant Prabhu’s first marathi movie is Patlacha Por,but I am not sure.


Samant ji,

Thanks for your comments.
I confirm that some songs of RAM RAM PAVHANA were composed by vasant prabhu and some by Lata mangeshkar in her own name.
As Anandghan she gave music to-
Maratha tituka melwawa-63
Mohityanchi manjula-63
Saadhi manasa-65
Taambadi maati-69 and
Shabas Sunbai-89
In addition,VP also choreographed dances in RAM RAM PAVHANA.


I entirely agree with you.
The 3 Vasants,namely Vasant Pawar,Vasant Prabhu and Vasant Desai were the gifts to Marathi music.HMV had taken out CDs on
“Vasant Bahar” parts 1,2,and 3; incorporating their best songs.
As far as the comparison with Sajjad Hussain is also very apt in being a genius in music and being at war with the world due to their nature.
I wanted to include Vasant pawar and Ram kadam also in this series,but 10 articles itself on a daily basis was itself very time consuming.
Actually there are enough MDs left out for yet another similar series.


Arunkumar Ji,
Very informative posts; may form the basis for books later on. Following leads from these posts, I have been listening to Marathi songs from ‘Akan tujhe sarkar’ to ‘khel mandala’. There seems to be a whole world out there untouched by the glitter of Mumbai. Many thanks for the posts.


Sorry; it should be ‘ajab’ not ‘akan’, iPad changes the words and have to proofread carefully.


Thanks a lot Arun ji! Beautiful song……and excellent write up as usual! The three Vasants were indeed a gift!

Warm Regards,


Both write-up and song and singer are superb


It should read ‘mere chaman mein aaya kaisa hawa ka jhonka’.


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