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Ek matwaala aaj chala apni manzil ko

Posted on: March 14, 2013

Here is a Rail song from the film ‘Aap ki Parchhaiyyan’ (1964). It is a Rafi solo written by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan and composed by Madan Mohan. Dharmendra is travelling in a train, going home to his parents, it would appear.

He is in a happy mood and singing this song, he gets the other passengers involved in the song. As the song ends and other passengers are singing and dancing, while hequitely going back to his berth to sleep. This is what I think they call ” sab ko kaam pe lagaa denaa aur khud aaram karna !” (for want of an appropriate phrase in English) .

This movie has some well known songs, but this song was not known to me. Other songs of this film are classic gems like Main nigaahen tere chehre se hataaun kaise , Yahi hai tamanna and Agar mujhse muhabbat hai.

In fact the last song is a Lata Solo and there is no Rafi version to be found. But I was feeling there is a Rafi version of this song. Madan Mohan usually did not make two songs out of one. He usually had different songs for both of Rafi and Lata. Here also it appears that the two solos ‘main nigaahen tere chehre se hataaun kaise’ by Rafi and ‘agar mujh se muhobbat hai’ by Lata have similar tune and composition.

Four songs from this movie are already posted, making this the fifth song. Now one song from this movie remains which is a Asha solo ‘ Jab tak ke hain aakash pe ‘ (according to

A trivia, that mentions :

Yehi Hai Tamanna – The tune of this song was later used by R D Burman in “Saagar Kinare” (“Saagar”, 1985). R D Burman himself informed Madan Mohan about this.

Come to think of it. There are a couple of possibilities here. Either R D Burman had supernatural powers that enabled him to communicate to Madan Mohan in 1985, ten years after Madan Mohan’s death or he must have spoken to Madan Mohan when they met up in heaven. But there is still the question of who told about such a meeting betwen the legends and this exchange of ideas a la tunes.

Anyway, jokes apart, even the most accurate and reliable sourcescan make mistakes. This gives me hope that somehow every one has missed the Rafi solo version of ‘agar mujh se muhobbat hai’ and I just might have heard it on Vividh Bharati. May be some of our knowledgeable readers and original L-P collectors can help in this matter.

Song-Ek matwaala aaj chala apni manzil ko (Aapki Parchhaaiyaan)(1964) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, MD-Madan Mohan


ek matwaala aaj chala apni manzil ko
ek matwaala aaj chala apni manzil ko
qismat ne aasaan kiya hai har mushkil ko

in aakhon mein jhoom rahe hain sapne
in aakhon mein jhoom rahe hain sapne
gale milenge hans hans kar sab apne
aaj yeh dil paa legaa apnon ki mehfil ko
ek matwaala aaj chala apni manzil ko

aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aa
aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa

toofaanon ki god mein qismat kheli
toofaanon ki god mein qismat kheli
khoob ladi maujon se jaan akeli
chaar qadam par dekh rahaa hoon
ab saahil ko
ek matwaala aaj chala apni manzil ko
qismat ne aasaan kiya hai har mushkil ko

6 Responses to "Ek matwaala aaj chala apni manzil ko"

Thank you Atul for the story in this blog about two Music Directors using similar tunes,
I will write about a similar story which I read or heard long long back. (Who knows, i may be guilty of spreading rumors!!)
MD Sajjad Hussain was known for his temper. He was furious that MD Madan Mohan had copied his tune from ‘Sangdil’ ‘Yeh Hawa Yeh Raat Yeh Chandani’ He even confronted Madan Mohan and told him that his tune ‘Tujhe Kya Sunaaun Main Dilruba’ was a blatant copy. Diplomatic Madan Mohan pacified Sajjad by telling him that “I am proud that I have copied a tune of the one and only grate Md Sajaad Saheb, and not any other MD”
How about that?


Only the first 3 words of the songs are matching later they chart their own paths


Regarding the tune of the song ‘saagar kinaare, according to Bhanu Gupta, the rhythm guitarist of R D Burman, the tune of this song was a old find created by R D Burman sometime in late 50s and early 60s. This tune was inspired by his father’s song ‘thandi hawaayen’ from Naujawaan (1951). ‘yehi hai tamanna’ has been composed by Madan Mohan in the same meter as ‘thandi hawaayen’. Rohsan in a T V Programme ‘Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan’ admitted that his song ‘rahen na rahen ham’ (Mamta, 1965) was inspired from ‘thandi hawaayen’.

The song ‘thandi hawaayen’ was itself inspired from a Hollywood film ‘Algiers’ (1938).

[Source : R D Burman – The Man The Music (2011) .


Thanks for the above info.

I thought R.D.Burman had reused his own tune from this song for ‘Sagar kinare…’ :

I just found the trivia about RDB informing Madan Mohan in 1985, bit strange, so mentioned it.


Mukhda of another Pancham composed song from
Naram Garam(1981-Hrishikesh Mukherjee directed movie)(Sung by Asha Bhonsle and picturised on Amol Palekar and Swaroop Sampat) got the shades of song “Sagar kinaare dil ye pukaare”

Naram Garam Asha song Mukhda lyrics:
“Hamein raaston ki zaroorat nahin hai, hamein tere paavon ki nishaan mil gayee hai”


Here is the song with mesmerising smile of Dharam Paji …


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