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Dil e naadaan tujhe huaa kyaa hai

Posted on: March 18, 2013

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

In recent years, there has been a trend in Hindi film industry to make sequels of the box office hit films. Sequel films are said to be comparatively risk free as the success formula has already been tested. The earliest sequel film that I spotted on the internet was ‘Hunterwali Ki Beti’ (1943) which was supposed to be a follow-up of ‘Hunterwali’ (1935). I doubt whether the maker (Wadia brothers) of these two films ever thought in terms of a sequel but the story of the later film seems to be a follow up of the first film. Fearless Nadia (real name Marry Ann Evans) the first stunt heroine in the Indian film industry, John Cawas and Bhoman Shroff were part of the cast in both these films which were box office hits.

It is said that after the phenomenal success of “Hunterwali’ (1935), the market was flooded with hunterwali sandals, hunterwali bags and even hunterwali bangles. The main theme of these two films is ‘protector of poor and destroyer of evildoers’. I will not be surprised if the image of Amitabh Bachchan as an angry young man especially his role in ‘Shahenshah'(1988) was inspired from the role played by Fearless Nadia in her films of 30s and 40s. Some producers were also inspired from the title of ‘Hunterwali’ and used this title in their films like ‘Miss Hunterwali’ (1959), ‘Hunterwali’ (1972),‘Hunterwali 77’ (1978).

In keeping with the genre of these films, one would expect to see a good number of dance/night club songs. So when I found that a ghazal, that too of Mirza Ghalib, was picturised in HUNTERWALI KI BETI (1943), I was a bit surprised. This ghazal was the popular ‘dil-e-naadaan tujhe huwaa kya hai’. Anyway, I got convinced by saying to myself that the main actor of the film may be performing the role of a super human being. But she is after all a normal human being who can experience emotional upheaval of all kinds. So why not have a heart-felt ghazal in the film like the one referred to above. The film was produced under the banner of Basant Pictures and directed by Batuk Bhatt. The star cast included Fearless Nadia, John Cawas, Sardar Mansoor, Rajkumari, Gulab, Boman Shroff etc.

This ghazal is sung by Khan Mastana under the music direction of Chhannalal Naik. Fortunately, the video of this ghazal is available which shows Fearless Nadia and John Cawas and some other actors in the frames, listening to this ghazal sung by another actor. I am fairly sure that the actor on whom this ghazal is picturised is none other than Khan Mastana himself though his name does not appear in the star cast. After listening to this ghazal, I feel that Khan Mastana, like many other playback singers of that time was influenced by K L Saigal style of singing. Moreover, this ghazal is rendered in typical 30s and 40s style lending a classical touch to it.

As far as I know, ‘Hunterwali Ki Beti’ (1943) may be the first Hindi film in which this ghazal was picturised. Subsequently, the same ghazal was sung in Apna Desh (1949) and also in the immortal Mirza Ghalib (1954).

Song-Dil e naadaan tujhe huaa kyaa hai (Hunterwali Ki Beti)(1943) Singer-Khan Mastana, Lyrics-Ghalib, MD-Chhannalal Naik


aa aa aa
dil-e-naadaan tujhe huaa kya hai haan
dil-e-naadaan tujhe huaa kya hai haan
dil-e- naadaan
tujhe huaa kya hai
aakhir iss dard ki dawaa kya hai
aakhir iss dard ki dawaa kya hai haan

ham hain mushtaaq aur wo o o o bezaar
ya ilaahi ye maajraa kya hai hai
ya ilaahi ye maajraa kya hai haan

haan bhala kar teraa
bhalaa hogaa aa aa aa aa
aur darwesh sada kya hai haan
aur darwesh ki sada kya hai haan

ham ko unse wafaa ki hai ummeed
ham ko unse wafaa ki hai ummeed
jo nahin jaante wafaa kya hai haan
jo nahi jaante wafaa kya hai

ham bhi munh mein zabaan rakhten hain
aa aa aa aaa
kaash poochho ke muduaa kya hai
kaash poochho ke muduaa kya hai haan
dil-e-naadaan tujhe huaa kya hai haan
dil-e-naaadan tujhe huaa kya hai


6 Responses to "Dil e naadaan tujhe huaa kyaa hai"

Dear Atul,
As per Diwan-e-Ghalib, the missing words are :

aur ‘darwesh ki’ sadaa kyaa hai


It should be Chhannalal Naik. I know everywhere it is mentioned single n; buts its wrong. I had a uncle by that name; so I know.


ham bhi munh mein zabaan rakhten hain
kaash poochho ke ‘ muddu’aa ‘ kya hai

The word is ‘ mudda’a ‘ meaning the ‘ issue at hand ‘ or ‘ the point ‘ . Talat mehmood’s ‘ mudda’a ‘ and this ‘ muddu’aa ‘ both are correct.
Talat’s pronounciation is the more stylish or fasionable one.



Typo in the last sentence. I meant fashionable.

‘muddu’aa’ – ‘du’aa’ here is the same as the prayer or plead.


Kamath ji,
I think the MD’s name was CHHANNALAL NAIK. It is mentioned so in HFGK and also elsewhere. This MD had given music to another film in 1943- Watan Farosh (with Moolraj kapadiya).
Interestingly, there was another CHHANNALAL as MD during that period,but he was CHHANNALAL THAKUR (Bhakt ke Bhagwan and Jhalak-both 1947).


Dear Nitin and Arun,

Thanks for correcting the name.

I also felt that the name should have been Chhannalal Naik. But at the last moment, I went by the name ‘Channalal Naik’ as mentioned in ‘’.


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