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Phool hai bahaaron ka

Posted on: April 3, 2013

Recently four physics students of University of Leicester, UK carried out a study in British Parliament and found out that the hot air produced by the 650 parliamentarians in the house of commons generated 10.34 kW of energy, which if properly harnessed can light up as many as 1000 energy efficient bulbs or 200 conventional bulbs. This report was published under the title “Hot Air in the house of Commons”.

I have always wondered how much enery Rafi produced while singing one of his high energy songs. If only we had such enterprising and creative students to carry out such studies in India. But as we know and as has been detailed in movies like “Three Idiots”, students in India are only encouraged to learn principles by rote and they are not encouraged to apply these principles in practical applications. 🙂

Here is a Rafi song from “Jigri Dost” (1969). This song is sung by Lata and Rafi and majority of high energy singing is by Rafi, of course. The song is picturised on Mumtaz, Komal (also known as Poonam) and Jeetendra.

Anand Bakshi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Atif M.

So here is this song that can certainly charge up the listeners figuratively as well as literally (if properly harnessed), I am sure.



Song-Phool hai bahaaron ka (Jigri Dost)(1969) Singers-Lata, Rafi, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal

Lyrics(Provided by Atif M)

phool hai bahaaron ka
baagh hai nazaaron ka
aur chaand hota hai sitaaron ka
mera tu ooo ooo
tu hi tu
phool hai bahaaron ka baagh hai nazaaron ka
aur chaand hota hai sitaaron ka
mera tu ooo
tu hi tu
mauj hai kinaaron ki
raat beqaraaron ki
aur rimjhim saawan ki phuhaaron ki
meri tu
ooo ooo
tu hi tu
mauj hai kinaaron ki
raat beqaraaron ki
aur rimjhim saawan ki phuhaaron ki
meri tu ooo
tu hi tu

kabhi kahin main kho jaaun
kahaan dhoondhe
kahaan jaaye
mera pata phir tu kis se poochhe

jiske dil mein tu basa hai
jiske dil mein tu chhupa hai
woh tujhe galiyon mein kyun dhoondhe
ha haaa
jaam mastaane ka ishq hai deewaane ka
aur teer hota hai nishaane ka
meri tu ooo tu ooo tu ooo
tu hi tu

oh deewaane
maine aisa
kya kaha hai
kya hua hai
tu ne dil kyun thaam liya hai
oh haseena
kya bataaun
tere dil ne
mere dil ko
pyaar bhara paighaam diya hai

ha haaa
preet hai zamaane ki baat hai fasaane ki
aur shama hoti hai parwaane ki
mera tu ooo ooo
tu hi tu
mauj hai kinaaron ki
raat beqaraaron ki
aur rimjhim saawan ki phuhaaron ki
meri tu ooo
tu hi tu

mera tu ooo ooo ooo
tu hi tu

5 Responses to "Phool hai bahaaron ka"

Well said Atul ji, we have many many things straight from our ancient wisdom to the great cultural traditions we have, which can be applied to our day to day practical situations, but only if we wish to do so. and that can be harnessed to spread the positivity further.
Like the ‘energizing’ post ! thanks !
THANKS TO ATIF ji for this beautiful song !


Two Heroines feature in this song. One is Mumtaz(in a Orange saree)and another actress(in a Yellowish or greenish saree)is Poonam Sinha aka Komal(Shathrughna Sinha`s real life wife and Sonakshi sinha`s Mother)


Known as bhaga bhagi song on PKK.

I am sure the actors lost 5 kgs each in filming this.


Good description. 🙂 I think I should have this tag for such songs.



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