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Meri pyaari Bindu

Posted on: April 9, 2013

This article is written by Pamir Harvey, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

This is my favourite comic song from Padosan (1968). It is simple and still so funny.

Bholaa (Sunil Dutt) has fallen in love with Bindu (Saira Banu), who is his neighbour. She snubs him and all his attempts to woo her are a failure. But he does have good friends Vidyapati (Kishore Kumar), who consoles him and offers him hope and advice.

Rumours have it that the song was conceived not in the music room but on the shooting floor, with Kishore Kumar being the father of the child. Even greater part of the lyrics, when not all of it, were supposedly written by him. Eyewitnesses say, it was his idea to use the Baul tune, which Pancham’s father often used in his compositions. The credits of the film and record though credit Rajinder Krishan and it is his name, which will feature here as well.



Song-Meri pyaari Bindu (Padosan) (1968), Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-R D Burman


hing la lain
hing la lain
hing la lain
hing la lain

mere bhole balam
mere pyaare re balam
meraa jeevan tere binaa
o mere piyaa
hai wo diyaa
ke jis mein tel na ho
ke jis mein tel na ho
meraa jeevan tere binaa
wo ek baagh hai bahaar
jis se hatkar guzre
door door se guzre

mujhe apnaa banaa le,
o bhole apnaa banaa le,
haaye re bhole apnaa bana le
hey hey
tere kadmo me meraa pyaar
meraa sansaar
meri kismat hai
mujhe apnaa banaa le
tere kadmon mein meraa pyaar
meraa sansaar
o meri kismat hai
mujhe apnaa banaa le

Sunil Dutt: Accha guru,
jab woh aisa kahegi naa,
to main jawaab kya duunga?
Kishore: Jawab? Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha. arre baangdu, pyaar mein,
pyaar mein jawaab apne aap soojh jaata hai! kehnaa,
Mukri: arre guru, guru, guru, Anuradha nahin, Bindu, Bindu!
Kishore: arre tere ki, bhoola! kehnaa, kehnaa
Sunil Dutt: kya?

(song resumes)
meri pyaari Bindu,
meri bholi ri Bindu,
meri maatheri Bindu,
meri sindoori Bindu,
meri bindu ri Bindu,
meri prem ki naiyaa
beech bhanwar mein
gud gud gotey khaaye
jhat-pat paar lagaa de
jhat-pat paar lagaa de

apni bainyaan gale mein daar
ban jaa mere gale kaa haar
jhoolen prem hindole
ho jhoolen prem hindole

mere jeevan ki aashaa
padh le mere nainon ki bhaashaa
mujhe man mein basaa le
pal pal palkon mein chhupaa le
tu chhat-pat aakar
jhat-pat mere
andhe kunwe mein
deep jalaa ke
kar de ujaalaa
o zaraa kar de ujaalaa

Bindu re ae ae ae ae
o Bindu re ae ae ae ae ae
ae ae ae ae ae
Bindu re ae ae ae ae

4 Responses to "Meri pyaari Bindu"

One of my favorite songs, i like it very much, Guru (Kishore Kumar) at his best and his ‘chelas’ and the ‘mandali’ in all creates one of the most entertaining ‘musical’ dhamaal ! i always remember one of my freind from Bardhman distt WB, who looks like Keshto and his physique is also like Keshto. I enjoy this song, and also can sing it and can also perform on it ! thanks !


Now that sounds real funny. You and your Bengali friend must be having a whale of time, when you two are together!
You should post a video of your performance of this song. That would be nice.


This song brings back memories of this hilarious film. 🙂

Thanks jee Pamir Harvey 🙂


Aji thanks-wanks kaahe ka? 😀


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