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Meri aankhen banin deewaani

Posted on: April 10, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

The magic of Jagmohan’s NFS does not end, it is for ever.

I had read in his Biography that after withdrawing from films and singing, Jagmohan undertook visits to East African Countries (where there was sizeable Indian population), UK, USA and some other countries. He performed in stage shows and he sang his Non film songs. Audiences jampacked all his shows everywhere. I always wondered how many songs he must have sung in these shows ?

Even after lot of tracking I never got more than 20 songs in Hindi sung by Jagmohan as NFS. But surely there must be many more than this.

Undeterred, I continued my search and finally I struck upon a source where I got the complete list of Jagmohan’s NFS in Hindi. Not only Jagmohan, but I got information on Hemant Kumar, Talat Mehmood, Manna Dey, Mukesh and Kishore Kumar also.

The list contained the names of Lyricists and Composers too- except for Jagmohan’s songs !

According to this list,following are the details-

S No. Singer Number of NFS
1 Jagmohan Sursagar 75
2 Talat Mehmood 211
3 Hemant Kumar 59
4 Manna Dey 89
5 Mukesh 82
6 Kishore Kumar 9

I was simply amazed to read this list.How can one get hold of all these songs ? That’s another challenge !

So much has already been written about Jagmohan by our contributors on this Blog, that I can not add anything more to it now.

However I reproduce here an article published in Bangla Paper ” Anand Bazaar Patrika,Calcutta ” after his death.

Jaganmoy Mitra passes away

(Translated from Anadabazar Patrika, September 5, 2003)

Jaganmoy Mitra, the legendary singer of “chithi” is very far from us now. (PDG: The opening lines of the song “chithi”(1952), MD: Sailesh Dattagupta, are “tumi aaj koto doore” which means “you are so far today”). He expired yesterday night after suffering a cardiac arrest in his house at Juhu, Mumbai. He was 85. He is survived by three sons and two daughters. Although he stayed away from Bengal for the greater part of his life, he admired Bengali music and culture till his last day.

“aami duranto baishaakhi jhad” (PDG: which means ‘I am a restless summer tempest, you are a fiery flame’, MD: Kamal Dasgupta, 1947) and “shaaon raate yadi” – romantic numbers like these have entertained numerous music lovers over more than five decades.

Besides Bengali, his popularity in Hindi music was also unsurpassable at one time. He was known to the rest of India as ‘Jagmohan’. Gandhiji was an admirer of his music. He has recorded over 400 songs in a career spanning over five decades. Besides Bengali romantic numbers he has also sung Rabindrasangeet,
Nazrulgeeti, and simultaneously in Hindi, Gujrati and Marathi.

His first record for HMV was the Nazrulgeeti “shaaon raate yadi” in 1938. This song propelled him to immediate popularity. He has recorded 100 plus Hindi songs. He scored music for the Hindi film “Sarhad”. (PDG: That should be Sardar(1955)).

He has received numerous awards and felicitations including Padmashri and Sursagar. But he always valued the admiration of his listeners above any awards. His music had taken him to the United States, Great Britain and East Africa. His autobiography is titled “shaaon raate yadi smarane aase more” ( which means ‘If you remember me on a rainy night’).

Today we will enjoy yet one more NFS from Jagmohan Sursagar. The name of Lyricist and composer are not known.

Song-Meri aankhen banin deewaani (Jagmohan Sursagar NFS)(1950) Singer-Jagmohan Sursagar


meri aankhen banin deewaani
meri aankhen banin deewaani
pehle laayin aag hriday mein
pehle laayin aag hriday mein
phir bhar laayin paani
meri aankhen banin deewaani

man kaa saathi sab kuchh le kar
bichhad gayaa
bichhad gayaa
bichhad gayaa hai dard ko de kar
man kaa saathi sab kuchh le kar
bichhad gayaa
bichhad gayaa
bichhad gayaa hai dard ko de kar
neend ke badley yaad hai aati
neend ke badley yaad hai aati
bhooli huyi kahaani
meri aankhen banin deewaani

apne ko kho kar kyaa paayaa
dukh ko apnaa mitr banaayaa
apne ko kho kar kyaa paayaa
dukh ko apnaa mitr banaayaa
is par bhi na bhulaa sakaa
is dil se yaad puraani
meri aankhen banin deewaani

jis mehfil mein thhaa ek melaa
us mein aakhir rahaa akelaa
jis mehfil mein thhaa ek melaa
us mein aakhir rahaa akelaa
marte dam tak soonepan ki
marate dam tak soonepan ki karoongaa main mehmaani
meri aankhen banin deewaani
meri aankhen banin deewaani

5 Responses to "Meri aankhen banin deewaani"

Can you please furnish similar list for Saigal, Lata, Suman, Asha, Usha, etc. Thanks


Nitin ji,
Saigal’s all 37 NFS are posted already on this Blog.
I dont have figures or details of others with me. You can find out from their respective sites.


Ah another lovely Jagmohan song. So many memories come rushing back at the thought of this song. It has seen me through many a teenage heartbreak.

Thank you Arunkumarji.


One more proof …as I already said that ALL NFS are rare gems….every music lover must have in his /her collection.


This is a lovely song. As I get older I find myself attracted to soothing voices in songs likes this one. I heard this song on U tube first, found lyrics on your awesome blog. Thanks.


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