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Hamen kyaa ab khizaan jaaye na jaaye

Posted on: April 28, 2013

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

NAYI KAHAANI (1943) was produced under the banner of Prabhat Film Company and directed by D D Kashyap. The star cast included Jairaj, Miss Ross, B Nadrekar, Shalini, Paresh Banerjee, Master Balakram etc. I had not heard of Miss Rose as an actress. A search on the website did not reveal much information about her except some basic information here. She was born as Rose Masbiah in Calcutta (Kolkatta) in a Jewish family. Her filmography indicates that she started working for Madan Theatres in Calcutta starting with the film ‘Hindustan’ (1932). Sometime around 1938, she shifted to Bombay (Mumbai) and joined Sagar Movietone. After the closure of Sagar Movietone, she seems to have become a freelance actor doing roles in films produced under the banners of Ranjit Movietone, National Studios and other film production banners in Bombay/Poona. During her career, she acted in 24 films. ‘Daasi Yaa Maan’ (1946) was her last film. She was a good singer and in a few films, she sang her own songs.

NAYI KAHAANI (1943) had nine songs, all written by Wali Sahab and set to music by Shyam Sundar. Two songs from this film have been covered in the blog. My first reaction was as to how Shyam Sundar got the job of the music direction of this film. Prabhat Film Company was known for engaging the music directors with a sound classical music background like Govindrao Tembe, Keshavrao Bhole and Master Krishnarao. Perhaps the wind of change arising out of the extra-ordinary success of the Punjabi folk music based songs of Khazaanchi (1941) and Khandaan (1942) may have influenced the decision to engage Shyam Sundar as the music director. Shyam Sundar did not disappoint the bosses of Prabhat Film. Songs of the film especially neend hamaari khwaab tumhaare and ‘hamen kya ab khizaan jaaye na jaaye’ which is the song for discussion. I have no idea about the box office result of this film but it did not figure in the top ten grossers of 1943 at the box office.

My attention to the song under discussion was caught mainly because of the mukhda lyrics
hamen kya ab khizaan jaaye na jaaye
wo aayen hain bahaar aaye na aaye

In Hindi film songs, ‘bahaar’ ( relates to spring season) is generally used for happiness, joy, hope, optimism and ‘khizaan’ (autumn) is used for exactly opposite mood of ‘bahaar’. For example : ‘bahaaron ne mera chaman loot kar khizaan ko ye ilzaam kyun de diya’ from ‘Devar’ (1966) and ‘khizaan ke phool se aati kabhi bahaar nahin’ from ‘Do Raaste’ (1969). There are hundreds of songs with ‘bahaar’ in Hindi films but the song under discussion is quite a different ‘khizaan’ and ‘bahaar’ song than the usual Hindi songs with such words. In the picturisation of the song, the actor (B Nadrekar) is so mesmerised by the presence of his love interest (Miss Rose) that it does not make an iota of difference for him whether ‘khizaan’ goes or not and ‘bahaar’ comes or not. And the woman is impressed by his singing of a flattering song penned by Wali Sahab and sung by G M Durrani.

I have not seen the film but the song picturisation seems to be that of a song recording situation with the live orchestra in place. The orchestra is conducted by a young boy (Master Balakram) and I am not surprised. At that age, Balakram was undergoing training in classical singing and music. By the way, Balakram was the younger brother of Manju, the actress and singer of early 40s (she has a small role in this film with a song sung by her) who later married Karan Dewan. After acting in a few Hindi films, Balakram switched over to Marathi films and theatres as actor, singer and music director and it is there that he earned much of his name and fame.

Song-Hamen kya ab khizaan jaaye na jaaye (Nayi Kahaani)(1943) Singer-G M Durrani, Lyrics-Wali Sahab, MD-Shyam Sundar


hamen kya
hamen kya ab khizaan jaaye na jaaye
wo aayen hain bahaar aaye na aaye
wo aayen hain bahaar aaye na aaye
raseela geet hai ae ae
raseela geet hai
har saans unka aa
papeeha geet haan gaaye na gaaye
wo aayen hain bahaar aaye na aaye

andhera meri raaton mein nahi hai ae
andhera meri raaton mein nahi hai ae
ye chaand ab
ye chaand ab chaandni laaye na laaye
wo aayen hain bahaar aaye na aaye
yahaan zulfen kisi ne khol deen hain

ghata se
ghata se keh de ab chaaye na chaaye
wo aayen hain bahaar aaye na aaye

hamen kya ab khizaan jaaye na jaaye
wo aayen hain bahaar aaye na aaye


2 Responses to "Hamen kyaa ab khizaan jaaye na jaaye"


Thanks for a wonderful song post. I know very few songs of G. M. Durrani. I can hear the genesis of Rafi’s singing style in this song.

@ Kamath Sir,
thanks for this post and a ‘different – khizaan and bahaar’ song.

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