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Mitti pe kheenchee lakeeren rab ne

Posted on: April 27, 2013

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

The quest for songs picturized in the desert location, brings me back to this movie ‘Ham Dil De Chuke Sanam’ (1999).

The name is a handful, so its is shortened to HDDCS. This song is named mostly as ‘man mohini teri adaa’. As I typed the lyrics, no where are the these lines repeated, so that line is not a mukhdaa. I thought it better to name it by first line.

This is a solo solo song by Shankar Mahadevan. Lyricist is Mehboob and music is composed by Ismail Darbar. This song is based on folk music of Rajasthan. It has earthy flavour of the state and its culture. The song is playing in the back-grounds as Aishwarya Rai is bringing home a ‘Kandeel’ to grace her room. On the way, she meets some friends and joins them in a native game which appears to be mix of Kabbadi and rugby. 🙂 And all this is happening in the desert, so this is desert song no. 10.

I have discussed two songs from this movie, this is the third one. There is a longer list of songs not posted. This was the musical film of the year 1999.

This is a vividly colourful and vibrant playful song. In the begenning of the song, there is a vision of mirage. Or is there really water below the mountains, I am not sure. I do not think it is possible to show something like this in black & white. This is how the poet is describing this phenomena commonly visible in the desert.

mitti pe khinchee lakeeren
rab ne to yeh tasveer bani
aag hawaa paani ko milaaya
to phir yeh tasveer saji



Song-Mitti pe kheenchee lakeeren rab ne to yeh tasveer bani (Ham dil de chuke sanam)(1999) Singer-Shankar Mahadevan, Lyrics-Mehboob Kotwal, MD-Ismail Darbar


he ae ae ae
mitti pe kheenchee lakeeren
rab ne
to yeh tasveer bani
aag hawaa paani ko milaaya
to phir yeh tasveer saji

he ae ae ae
hast teri vishaal
ho o
qudrat ka tu kamaal
heae ae
man mohini teri adaa
tujhe jab dekh le to phir ghataa
barse jhar jhar jhar jhar
jhar jhar
chamak chamak
woh bijlee deewaanee
hai bemisaal tu
kori kori anchhuyee
tujh mein hai qudrat
saari khoyee khoyee
tujh mein hai qudrat
saari khoyee khoyee
tujh mein hai qudrat
saari khoyee khoyee

he aa
ea ea aa
he aa
ea ea aa
he aa
ea ea aa

mitti ki hai moorat teri
maasoomiyat fitrat teri
yeh sondhapan
yeh bholapan
tu mehki mehki
tu lehki lehki
chali chali tu
har gali gali tu
hawaa ke dhang tu
sanana sanana tu
tera ang ang
jaise jal tarang
koyi lehar lehar
chali thehar thehar
paani ka mel
tera tan badan
jhar jhar jharara jharara
angaare jaisa
tera rom rom hai
dehkaa dehkaa
agni ka khel
tu agan agan
taki ta taki ta taki ta
taki ta taki ta taki ta
taki ta taki ta taki ta

zara thhirak thhirak
zara lachak lachak
kabhi matak matak
kabhi thumak thumak
chali jhoom jhoom
kabhi ghoom ghoom
dharti ko choom
machi dhoom dhoom
chanchal badi
tu natkhat badi
behki bahaar
?? ki phuhaar
tere teekhe nain
tere kaish rain
yeh balkhaana
yeh itraana

he aa
ea ea aa
he aa
ea ea aa
he aa
ea ea aa
ta takda da takda dha
ta takda da takda dha
ta takda da takda dha

12 Responses to "Mitti pe kheenchee lakeeren rab ne"

There is nothing to do with Rajasthan. Everything in movie Bhansali has used from his Gujarat connection – Be it the Kite flying song, or the folk art “bhavai” with nimesh desai or that most of the family members in the cast are gujju actors or Nimbuda Nimbuda song or Dholi Taro Dhol Baje song.


I am aware of the Gujarat connection. I mentioned the Gujarati theatre artists, in the post for song ” jhonka hawaa ka ‘. Pl. see this :

Nimbooda… is a a folk song of some group who had performed it live in an award function, it must have been screen awards, that same year, when this movie won the awards.


cool. good to know that u know. i used to play this game too 😉 but i know its called by different names in different parts and different eras.

there is some anglo indian connection to bhansali as well, most likely, and thats why focus on christianity; ranbir kapoor dancing in front of a jesus look like wall size painting, hrithik roshan’s look/theme, etc in bhansali’s later movies apart from theme of earlier khamoshi.


Ajay Devgan, Aiswarya Rai, Salman Khan, Vikram Gokhale, Jaykar, etc are ‘Gujju’ actors. WOW


Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan were NOT part of Aishwarya’s family.

Reference was related to Kenneth Desai, Ghanshyam Nayak and other extras in the movie.

Please read carefully.

And if u want to write a “reply” to someone’s comment, use “reply” button.


But Vikram Gokhale and Smita Jaikar were very much part of the familly; infact they were parents.
The actors you mention are also working in other movies to earn their living. Is it wrong employing them. If the story merits usage of particular community actors why make dance and song of it. It will be ridiculous if south employs Hindi stars. Its just a matter of convenience.


I think you are missing the point.

Nahm had mentioned in the write-up regarding the influence of Rajasthan. And thats why the comment was made explaining several connections that this movie has with Gujarat.

It is not about this community versus that community and so on, which is what u seem to be indicating.

Hopefully its clear now.



Btw the sport is called lagori. I have played it as kid. There is stack of 7 stones in the centre of the game. One team breaks the stack with a ball and scatters the stones as far as possible. the objective of the other team is to restack the stones as fast as possible which is made difficult by the frist team by hitting them with the ball. You are out of the game if you are hit by the ball. the team wins if it restacks the stones before all its players are out.

Thanks for this song. Its a personal favorite


“Lagori” we play in our town. Its a popular game


The game sounds interesting. And thanks for your positive comment.






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