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Tum se mil ke aisa lagaa tum se mil ke

Posted on: May 15, 2013

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Hi all

I am discussing another great to watch Jodi today. Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit. This is on farmaish from my daughter. She feels that they did some great work together in “Beta”, “Ram Lakhan”, “Kishen Kanhaiya”, “Khel” etc. These two acted together for the first time in “Tezaab” and Anil Kapoor has said in some interview a long time back that he was so impressed by the (then) young and hard working Madhuri that he recommended her to Subhash Ghai for the then under making “Karma”. And it seems they even shot a whole song after which Ghai thought that it was not wise to waste such a lot of talent for a guest appearance song and took her on for his next “Ram Lakhan”.

The song that I would like to discuss is a personal favourite with lots of memories attached. I do not know why but I liked to sing it to my children when they were so small and had hardly begun to speak. Even now I love to watch the song any number of times. Before this write up today I have seen it 10 times (I think).
This song is from Vinod Chopra’s (he had not added the Vidu to his name then) “Parinda”. It was released in the last quarter of 1989 (when my son was to be born). I saw it with my neighbor (god let his soul rest in peace. How I miss him! He was more a brother to me) that I saw the movie. The climax of the movie where Anil Kapoor and Madhuri are shot at by Nana Patekar’s men really was a shocker when I saw it for the first time. Then the way Jackie Shroff (he plays Anil Kapoor’s brother) takes his revenge of Nana was another shocker. There is a scene in Mumbai’s Kabutarkhana in the middle of the movie where Anil Kapoor sees his friend Anupam Kher die – another jolt for the audience. All in and & its songs so much).

This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle and Suresh Wadkar. The song is written by Khurshid Hallauri. music was by R D Burman.

Audio – Part I (Happy version)

Video – Part I (Happy version)

Audio – Part II (Sad version)

Song-Tumse Mil ke Aisa Laga tumse mil ke (Parinda)(1989) Singers-Suresh Wadkar, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Khursheed Hallauri, MD-R D Burman


Tumse milke aisa laga tumse mil ke
armaan hue poore dil ke
tumse mil ke
aisa lagatumse mil ke
armaan hue poore dil ke
ae meri jaane wafa
teri meri meri teri ik jaan hai
saath tere rahenge sada aa
tumse na honge juda
tumse mil ke aisa laga tumse mil ke
armaan hue poore dil ke

mere sanam teri kasam
chhodenge ab nay ye haath
yeh zindagi (lalala)
guzarengi ab (lalala) hum dum tumhare hi saath
apna yeh wada raha tumse na honge juda

tumse milke aisa laga mil ke
Armaan hue poore dilke
Armaan hue poore dilke
Ai meri jaane wafa
Teri meri meri teri ek jaan hai
Saath tere rahenge sada aa
tumse na honge juda
Tumse Mil ke Aisa Laga tumse Mil ke
Armaan hue poore dil ke

aa aa aa aa aa aa aa
maine kiya (lalala)
hain raat din (lalala)
bas tera hi intezar
tere bina ata nahin ek pal mujhe ab karar
humdum mera mil gaya hum tum na honge juda
humdum mera mil gaya ab hum na honge juda

tumse milke
tumse milke
aisa laga tumse milke

armaan huey purhey dil ke
eh meri jaan e wafa
teri meri meri teri ik jaan hai
saath tere rahenge sada aa
ab human honge juda
la la la la
la la la la la la la
la la la la la la

7 Responses to "Tum se mil ke aisa lagaa tum se mil ke"

Thanks Peevesie`s mom ji
for posting the lyrics of my favourite duet from the movie, there is another gem from this movie sung by Asha,Suresh Wadkar “Pyar ke mod pe chhodoge jo baahein meri” waiting for that song to be posted.


Peevesie’s mom ji,
Thanks for the song. I bought the DVD of this movie few years back just because of the “pair” and it was on the sale. 😦 Ek ke baad ek jhatka lagtaa hi ja raha tha. Lesson learned – Don’t buy a movie just because it’s on a sale even if the pair is a HIT.


Happy B’day Madhuri! Looking good at 46!


Like this song a lot!
Based on “when I need you”, I think.


And Who is Khursheed Hallauri ??, the lyricist, Any one who has information about him, Please share with us.




sad bit version


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