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Main ka piyaa bulaave

Posted on: May 19, 2013

“Sur Sangam” (1985) was a Vijaya Madhavee Pictures production. It was produced by Vadde Ramesh and directed by K Vishwanath. The movie had Girish Karnad, Jayaprada, Sachin, Sadhana Singh, Paintal, Mohan Choti, Deven Varma, Bhushan Tiwari, Bharati Achrekar, Tabassum, Dina Pathak, Asha Singh, Urmila Matondkar, Sulabha Deshpande, S P Dubey, Jitmohan Mitra, O P Singh, Mohan, KrishnaMurthy, Bheemeshwara Rao, Akash Singh, Baby Mamata etc in it.

Today (19 may 2013) is the 75th birth anniversary of Girish Karnad (19 may 1938). On this occasion, here is a song from “Sur Sangam” (1985). The song is sung by Lata and Suresh Wadkar. The song is picturised on Sadhana Singh, Sachin, Girish Karnad, Bharti Achrekar, Deven Verma, Dina Pathak, Akash Singh etc in it.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.



Song-Mainka piyaa bulaave (Sur Sangam)(1985) Singers-Lata, Suresh Wadkar, Lyrics-Vasant Dev, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Mainka piyaa bulaawe
apne mandirwaa
mainkaa piyaa bulaawen
apne mandirwaa
mainkaa piyaa bulaawe
apne mandirwaa
mandirawaa aa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
mainkaa piyaa bulaaaawe

aaa aaa aaa
aaaa aa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa aa aaa aaa
mohe aise manjeeraa
baaje jaise
dha ni dha ni dh ani padha ga dha pa
mohe aise manjeeraa
baaje jaise
meraa manwaa gaaye
chanananananananana gaaye
gaaye meraa manwaa
mainkaa piyaa bulaawe
apne mandirwaa
maikaa piyaa bulaaaaawe

aaaa aaa
chhunari na giraaye
jiyaraa siharaaye
chhunari na giraaye
jiyraa siharaaye ee
jiyraa siharaaye
aaa aaaaa aaa
aaa aaa aaaa
paayal mori baaje
baaje chanananananana baaje
paayal mori chananananana nananana nananana
mainkaa piyaa bulaawe
apne mandirwaa
mainkaa piyaa bulaaaaawe

paayal tori baaje
moraa jaage

paayal tori baaje ae ae
sapan moraa jaage

saa sa saa gaa gaa gaa paa paa paa
dha dha nee
madan gungunaaye
gungungungun gaaye
madan gunguna aaaaa

mainkaa piyaa bulaawe
apne mandirwaa
mainkaa piyaa bulaaaawe

hmmmhmm hmmm
chhoone de lagi
mehandeeli eeee

meraa manwaa gaaye
gaaye tananananaana gaaye
chhoone de lajeelee
hatheli …

aaa aaaaaaa aaaa
aaa aaaa
aaaaa aaaaa aaaaaa
aaaa aaaaaa
aaa aaaaaa
aaaa aaaaaa aaaa
aaaa aaaaa
aaaa aaaaa
sagasaa gapagaa gapaga
gapaga nisa
ni ni saa
sa sa sa sa sa
nipagapa saa
nipagapa nee
nipagapa saa
nipagapa nee
nisagapa saaa
aaa aaaaa aaaa
aa aa a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaa a aaaa aaaaa aaa

5 Responses to "Main ka piyaa bulaave"

This movie is a remake of famous Telugu movie “Shankarabharanam” starring Somayajulu,Manju Bhargavi.(Directed by the same director K.Vishwanath)
Here is the Telugu song for the same situation sung by S.Janaki,S.P.Balasubramaniam featuring Rajalaxmi,Chandramohan,Somayajulu,Baby Tulasi

video link for the excellent Telugu cult song:


A beautiful composition in Raag Kalavati. Thank you Atulji.
Everybody knows Swar Sangam was the remake of Telugu film Shankarabharanam. The Telugu version of this classical number was rendered in semi classical style by S Janaki and S P Balasubramaniyam. But the composition was not the same. K V Mahadevan composed the song in Hindolam (Malkauns). Here is the link


Sorry. Prakashchandrji posted it two minutes earlier. You may delete my link.




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