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Muhabbat se tumhe dekha

Posted on: June 1, 2013

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Raaton ka Raaja (1970) is a ‘ B ‘ or ‘C’ grade movie, it seems to me, seeing the star cast of Dheeraj Kumar and Vaishali. At least Dheeraj Kumar is a known face, where as Vaishali is unknown actor. o what am I doing discussing song from this movie ? The answer is , this movie has a Rafi-Lata duet, written by Majrooh Sultanpuri and composed by R. D. Burman. Two songs from this movie are alreay posted in the blog.

I looked specifically for this song, for this is the last remaining song of this combination of Majrooh-RDB-Lata-Rafi. This team has given as some classic romantic duets, which are already posted, like :

Naghma hamaara gaayega ye zamaana , Gori ke haath mein jaise ye chhalla, Waadiyaan mera daaman , Kitna pyaara waada hai, Ni sultana re pyaar ka mausam aaya , Rut hai milan ki saathi mere aaja, Ek baar rakh de kadam zara jhoom ke.

Among these songs, my personal favourties are ‘Kitna pyaara waada hai‘ and ‘Ni sultana re pyaar ka mausam aaya ‘. But critically speaking, I consider ‘Rut hai milan ki saathi mere aaja</a’ as the best. The reason is ‘Rut hai milan ki saathi mere aaja‘ has a northern folk flavour, which is rare to R D Burman, with shades of S D Burman’s music. These type of songs are not really the forte of R D Burman. Still this song sounds so much more earthen and raw. Both Lata and Rafi are singing their hearts out getting into the groove, as the compostition and words require.

I know some people rate ‘Waadiyaan mera daaman ‘ very highly, but ‘Rut hai milan ki saathi mere aajai’ is way ahead in its romance due to the night sounds and ‘harkatien’ or murkiyaan as they are called that the singers are able to incorporate in the later song. The movie ‘Mela’ (1971) is remembered till date for this one song and the other duet, ‘Gori ke haath mein jaise ye chhalla ‘, also by Lata-Rafi.

The song from ‘Raaton ka Raaja’ that is being presented here is no threat to the greatness of the above discussed song 🙂 . But still it is created by this same team of SDB-Majrooh-Lata-Rafi, which makes it worthy of discussion. I have just written down the lyrics, so I can say that they are as original as they come.

mohabaat se tumhen dekhaa magar tum jaane kya samjhe
jo itnaa bhi nahin samjhe sanam to phir tum se khudaa samjhe

The second line here is interesting as it refers to ‘phir tum se khudaa samjhe’. The line literally means that ‘only god can wrestle (deal) with a dumb wit like you ‘ 🙂 . Nice way of making the beloved understand the intentions.

I am recalling, a term used by ‘Kaifi Azmi’ in the song Tera husn rahe mera ishq rahe in ‘Do dil ‘ (1967). There is line in the song which goes :

‘Koyi ttheek nahin hai’ bahaaron ka
yehaan aur qayaam rahe na rahe

It is a novel way of expressing the unreliability of ‘bahaar’.

That ‘s quite enough of deviating from the song. I have given both audio and video link of the song. The video is showing Dhiraj Kumar and Vaishali singing this duet at Table Land, Panchgani. The picturization is quite unimaginative, but the song is nice enough to listen.



Song-Muhabbat se tumhen dekhaa magar tum jaane kya samjhe(Raaton ka Raaja) (1970) Singers-Rafi, Lata, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-R D Burman


muhabaat se tumhen dekhaa
magar tum jaane kya samjhe
jo itnaa bhi nahin samjhe sanam
to phir tum se khudaa samjhe
muhabaat se tumhen dekhaa
magar tum jaane kya samjhe
jo itnaa bhi nahin samjhe sanam
to phir tum se khudaa samjhe

lag rahaa hai har nazar mein
pyaar bhi hai berukhi bhi
thhodaa thhodaa hosh bhi hai
thhodi thhodi bekhudi bhi

meri chaahat ko na samjhe
haay naadaan ho tum aise
jaan-e-jaanaan phir bataa do
tum ko chaahoon aur kaise ae ae
muhabaat se
tumhen dekhaa
magar tum jaane kya samjhe
jo itnaa bhi nahin samjhe sanam
to phir tum se khudaa samjhe

beqaraari pe hamaari
kin khayaalon mein yeh gum ho
dekhne do phool zyaada
khoobsoorat hain ke tum ho
aaj chhedaa jo hawaa ne
simti jaati hain yeh baahen
jaane kya hai be-iraada
jhukti jaati hain nigaahen

muhabaat se tumhen dekhaa
magar tum jaane kya samjhe
jo itnaa bhi nahin samjhe sanam
to phir tum se khudaa samjhe
muhabaat se tumhen dekhaa
magar tum jaane kya samjhe
jo itnaa bhi nahin samjhe sanam
to phir tum se khudaa samjhe

7 Responses to "Muhabbat se tumhe dekha"

This VAISHALI lip syncS for a dance song in Chowkidar(1974)Asha Rare gem”Rehne do chanda badli mein”(Madan Mohan composition)
And also there in Teen bahuraniyaan(1968) song “aamdani atthani kharcha rupaiyya” song(one of the younger member of a big joint family of Prithiviraj kapoor.


By the way, Vaishali was/is the younger sister of dancer Madhumati. Madhumati had featured in quite a number of movies in dance sequences. Perhaps, her most memorable dance and song was the one from ‘Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi’, “Huzoore wala…” with Helen and Manohar Deepak whom Madhumati had subsequently married.
Prakashchandraji, in ‘Teen Bahuraniyaan’ Vaishali was paired with Jagdeep and the movie was a superb comedy. It was a remake of the Tamil, ‘Bama Vijayam’.


Thanks for this information.


Thanks Mani ji for updating me, there are many similarities betweeen two sisters.

And thanks again for informing me the name of the original of Teen Bahuraniyaan.



Vaishali had a big role in V. Shantaram’s ‘Boond jo ban gayi Moti’. Actually, She had replaced Mumtaz in that movie, as Mumtaz was promoted as the heroine of the movie, replacing Rajashree!!


Nice post Nahmji about the Rafi-Majroohji-RDB-Lata combination, thanks !!


she was sister of madhumati the dancer and worked in boond jo ban gayi moti


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