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Le le gori pehen le chhori

Posted on: June 2, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

This is a song from Film- Paapi-1953, a film largely remembered for the only Double Role that Raj kapoor ever did in his career. Another reason to remember this film was that this was a film Directed by Sardar Chandulal Shah, the owner of Ranjit Studios and Ranjit Movietone. To understand why his direction was important in this film, we will have to go into the history of Ranjit first.

Chandulal Shah (Sardar was the name given to him by the acid-tongue editor of Mother India-Baburao Patel) belonged to Jamnagar-Gujrat. he was into the cotton trade and used to visit Bombay frequently. Later he started working in Bombay Stock Exchange. He used to visit the Laxmi films, nearby to watch shootings.

On one occasion, the director of a silent film ” VIMLA “-1925 fell very sick and on the recommendation of a slicitor friend, Chandulal Shah got an opportunity to direct the balance of the film. Impressed by his work style he was offered 2 more films. He left the Stock Exchange job and took up film line full time.

From Laxmi, he shifted to Kohinoor Film Company, where he met actress Gauhar Jan Mamajiwala, who became his mate for the next 50 years till she died. Gauhar used to feature in his films. With Gauhar,he did GUNSUNDARI in 1927 and in 1934 (silent and Talkie respectively).

This film was a tremendous hit and it helped them to establish their own film company, Ranjit Movies in 1929. In the next 3 year’s time they made 39 silent films. After the advent of Talkie, they changed the name of Ranjit to Ranjit Movietone. Chandulal liked to do things only kingsize. Thus he established Ranjit studios with 4 large sound stages. He also hired around 300 people in the begining. They made ,on an average 6 feature films every year. His studio was an assembly line production house. At a time atleast 5 to 6 films were being made in his studios. he had a big army of famous Actors, Writers, technicians, directors, Music directors etc on his payroll.

Actors like Gauhar jaan, Bilimoria, Nirupa Roy, Motilal, Madhuri, Khursheed,and K L Saigal, Music directors like Gyan Dutt, Bulo C Rani, Khemchand Prakash etc, lyricist and writers like Kidar Sharma, Pradeep, Saadat Hasan manto and many others were on his Payroll.

Chandulal was very proud of his empire and used to advertise ” There are more stars in Ranjit than in the Heavens”.

At its peak time, there were about 700 people employed in Ranjit and Government had opened a Ration shop in his studio premises for the workers’ benefit !

Khemchand Prakash did 20 films in Ranjit, Gyan Dutt 15 films and Bulo C Rani did 10 films here.

From 1929 to 1963 Ranjit made the following number of movies of various categories :

Types of Movie Number of movies
Silent Films 31
Tamil Films 1
Marathi Films 1
Hindi talkie films 120

Unfortunately due to a fire, except 7 talkie Hindi films, all other films were destroyed.

Chandulal Shah was an active person. besides film making he took interest in many Cine Associations and also led delegations abroad.

He was a keen Horse racer, better and a Gambler.

In 1944, in one day he lost ONE CRORE TWENTY FIVE LAKH rupees in cotton betting and that was the begining of his downfall. He had to mortgage all his and Gauhar jaan’s properties, but it could not save Ranjit from ruins.

He returned to Film Direction to make money and his First film after 14 years was PAAPI-1953. It had the hit pair of those times- Raj Kapoor and Nargis. For the First time Raj Kapoor did a double role, but the film flopped. Clearly the times were bad for Chandulal. All his kundali was topsy turvy !

He tried 3 more films, all failed. His last film was ‘Akeli mat jaiyo’-1963.

A man who ruled an Empire started travelling in local trains and Bus.

Chandulal Shah died in 1975. Gauhar died in 1984.

Film Paapi-53 had a very weak storyline and the music by S.Mohinder was not extraordinary.One song by Rafi ‘ tera kaam hai jalna parwane” was popular and the next best song was today’s song’ Le lo Le lo Choodiyan” shot on Raj kapoor.

The story of Paapi was-

In Village Rampur, lives Raju (Raj Kapoor) a young man, who is unemployed, who just loiters and who loves the local milkmaid Lachhi (Nargis). Raju tries all trades to earn money, but fails, Lachhi stays with her blind Aunt, who has mortgaged all her house and animals ,for rs. 5000,to a crook, Kalu. Now, this Kalu, as expected is after Lachhi. He demamnds his money back or Lachhi’s hand in marriage.

Lachhi tells Raju all this and they have 3 days to garner the amount. Despite all efforts, Raju can not collect the amount and finally steal Rs 5000. The police are after him. Running away from them, he boards a running train. In the train he meets a Sadhu-his look-alike. The sadhy preaches to people.

The train meets an accident. In that melee,Ra ju exchanges clothes with the Sadhu and escapes to next village. he starts preaching like a real sadhu and becomes famous. The real sadhu,in Raju’s clothes, is takes away by Lachhi to her home and he is hidden in stables, but the Police come and arrest him and keep him in lock up.

Lachhi realises what must have happened and meets Raju in sadhu’s garb. She fires him for doing all this. Meanwhile the police come and arrest him too and keep in the same lock up where the sadhu is kept. Raju repents and tells all the truth, promising the sadhu to reform himself.

Raju gets a light sentence and after coming out a totally reformed man.

Song-Le le gori pehen le chhori (Paapi)(1953) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, MD-S Mohinder


Le le gori
pehen le chhori
Gori gori kalaai mein kaali kaali choodiyaan
he gori
le le gori
neeli peeli kaali peeli
kaali peeli Neeli peeli
Neeli peeli kaali peeli
kaali peeli choodiyaan
le le gori

phenk degi sab gehne wehne
haath mein tu gar nargis pehne
phenk degi sab gahne wahne
haath me tu agar nargis pahne
Saas roke ya toke to chori chori
Saas roke ya toke to chori chori
Le le gori pehen le chhori
gori gori kalaai mein kaali kaali chudiya
ho gori
ho ho ho gori

bhari rahegi maang tumhaari
phool si pehno Meena Kumari
bhari rahegi maang tumhari
phool si pehno Meena Kumari
Le ja warna pehna doonga jora jori
samjhe na
le ja warna pehna doonga jora jori
le le gori
pehen le chori
gori gori kalaai mein kaali kaali choodiyaan
ho gori
ho ho ho gori

jhoomengi jaise phoolon ki daali
aaja pehen le Geeta Bali
ha ha ha
jhoomengi jaisi phoolon ki dali
Aaja pehen le Geeta Bali
Sainyaan maanenge sab baaten gori tori
Sainyaan maanenge sab baaten gori tori
le le gori
pehen le chhori
gori gori kalaai mein kaali kaali choodiya
ho gori
ho ho ho gori
neeli peeli kaali peeli
kaali peeli Neeli peeli
neeli peeli kaali peeli
kaali peeli choodiyaan
le le gori


4 Responses to "Le le gori pehen le chhori"

Film luminaries like Chandulal Shah, Bhagwan and many others lived reckless lives. Saving money for a rainy day was just not for them. Fast horses, fast cars and, in the case of Bhagwan, faster women spelt doom! Incidentally,Arunkumarji, Chandulal seems to have ‘borrowed’ MGM’s rather boastful tagline of the 1930s—‘More stars than in Heaven’!

Sir, thanks for this informative article on Chandulal ji and ‘Ranjit Movietone’.
Had aware of the Rafi number ‘tera kaam hain jalna parwaane’. today’s song is new for me.

People’s memory is always short,Sardar Chandulal Shah had ruled Hindi
Filmdom for quite a long time,so does the others such as Chimanlal Trivedi,Fatehlal, V.Shantaram,Mehboob,Wadia Brothetrs,Shohrab Modi,A R Kardar, S. Mukherjee,and many more,recently B R Chopra,Raj Kapoor,Yash Chopra,but silver line is not
permanent here in filmdom ‘CHAR DIN KI CHANDNI FIR ANDHERI RAAT’
Arun Saheb,you are wonderful and giving often and then many antique
stories about Hindi films and its actors,directors,producers,music directors.
How come you know all these information has perplexed my minds!
Thanks again.

Bharadia ji,
Thanks for your appreciation,which enthuses me for doing better everytime. It is people like you who make my day and give me satisfaction for my work.
Many may be liking,but few write back to convey their pleasure.

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