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Chaand apna safar khatm karta raha

Posted on: June 12, 2013

“Shama” (1981) was a K R Films combines production. This movie is directed by Naeem Basit. The movie had Girish Karnad, Shabana Azmi, Aruna Irani, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Kader Khan, Master Raju, Sudha Chopra, Leena Das, Jagdeep, Goga Kapoor, Satyen Kappu, Amjad Khan, Dr Shreeram Laagoo, Vinod Mehra, Yunus Parvez etc in it.

Here is a song from this movie. This poignant song, which plays in the background is sung by Lata. Usha Khanna is the music director. This movie had two lyricists according to myswar (Zafar Gorakhpuri and Asad Bhopali) and three lyricists (the earlier mentioned two as well as Vitthal Bhai Patel). It is not clear who has written this particular song. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the lyricist of this song.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Peevesie’s mom.



Song-Chaand apna safar khatm karta raha (Shama)(1981) Singer-Lata, MD-Usha Khanna

Lyrics(Provided by Peevesie’s mom)

Chaand apna safar khatm karta raha
shama jalti rahi raat dhalti rahi
dil mein yaadon ke nashtar se toota kiye
ik tamanaa kaleja masalti rahi
chaand apna safar khatm karta raha
shama jalti rahi raat dhalti rahi

badnaseebi sharaafat ki dushman bani
saj sanvar ke bhi dulhan na dulhan bani
teeka maathe pe ik daag banta gaya
mehndi haathon se shole ugalti rahi
chaand apna safar khatm karta raha
shama jalti rahi raat dhalti rahi
dil mein yaadon ke nashtar se toota kiye
ik tamanaa kaleja masalti rahi
chaand apna safar khatm karta raha
shama jalti rahi raat dhalti rahi

khwaab palkon se girkar fanaa ho gaye
do kadam chalke tum bhi juda ho gaye
meri haari thhaki aankh se raat din
ik nadi aansuon ki ubalti rahi
chaand apna safar khatm karta raha
shama jalti rahi raat dhalti rahi

subah maangi toh gham ka andhera mila
mujhko rota sisakta savera mila
main ujaalon ki naakaam hasrat liye
umr bhar mom banker pighalti rahi
chaand apna safar khatm karta raha
shama jalti rahi raat dhalti rahi

chand yaadon ki parchaaiyon ke siwa
kuchh bhi paaya na tanhaayiyon ke siwa
waqt meri tabaahi pe hansta raha
rang taqdeer kya kya badalti rahi
chaand apna safar khatm karta raha
shama jalti rahi raat dhalti rahi
dil mein yaadon ke nashtar se toota kiye
ik tamannaa kaleja masalti rahi
chaand apna safar khatm karta raha
shama jalti rahi raat dhalti rahi

13 Responses to "Chaand apna safar khatm karta raha"

Poornima is seen lying on the bed; but no mention of her on the marquee!!!


3 songs of movie are written by Zafar Gorakhpuri, one each by Asad Bhopali and Vithalbhai Patel.

But only this song was written jointly by Asad Bhopali and Zafar Gorakhpuri.


Also, this is a Kadar Khan production movie which suffered heavy losses. To make it up, he decided to make a movie with his buddy Amitabh Bachchan which got delayed because first Amitabh got injured and then went to politics. This created a rift between two and eventually led Kadar Khan to stop writing story/dialogues/screenplays for Bachchan by late 80s, leaving Khuda Gawah half-way.


I may be wrong, but this above video starts with another female voice(it is not Lata mangeshkar`s voice, sounds like Usha Khanna`s voice)Upto 2:09 that another female singer sings the song, from there onwards you get to hear Lata Mangeshkar`s voice.Please correct me If I am wrong.

Here is the audio link of full song in Lata ji`s voice:


When a song is beautifully worded such as this, the first thing I like to know is who wrote the song – Asad Bhopali or Zafar Gorakhpuri or both. First, the song under discussion does not look like the usual filmy nazm. It gives me a feeling that it has been written by a Urdu poet of repute. My guess is that this song is written by Zafar Gorakhpuri for the following reasons.

1. I have gone through many of Zafar’s ghazal and nazms available on websites and this song more or less matches with his style of writing.

2. The uploader of another video clip of the same song has stated that when he asked Usha Khanna about the lyricist of this song, she said that the producer gave this poem to her and she did not know who wrote it. If this song was written by Asad Bhopali, she would have definitely known as she had worked with him in as many as 40 films.

Zafar Gorakhpuri did write songs for a few Hindi films but I do not think that he wrote lyrics as a part of his filmy carrier. He was more of a poet than a lyricist. It is, therefore, quite possible that while he may have written this song, he may not have been present at the time of recording the song. For diction and for minor adjustment in lyrics to fit in musical notes, Asad Bhopali may have been associated with this song at the time of recording. Hence his name also got tagged with this song.

I agree with Prakashchandra that in the video clip, the song is sung by two singers and the first voice is that of Usha Khanna. The second voice is of course that of Lata Mangeshkar. I have not seen the film but my guess is that this song has been picturised on two different occasions if one notices the different dresses used by Shabana Azmi in the song picturisation.

I guess that HFGK and its copy give credit to those singers who had sung in the audio version. Hence the name of Lata Mangeshkar appears against this song in Probably, HFGK may have given a footnote to this song giving the name of singers in the filmy version of the song.



HFGK would have details for songs of movies upto 1980. This is 1981 movie.

Vinyl cover names both Bhopali and Gorakhpuri as Lyricists for this song.



Just for information,I believe,HFGK for 1981-1990 is ready for publication,anytime now.


Here are some films,where Zafar gorakhpuri’s lyrics have been used –
Putalibai-71,Zamane se Poochho-76,Noor e ilahi-76,Shama-81,Sajda-91,Khilona-96,Aafreen-96Baazigar-93,Zaalim-94,Khuddar-94 and lamha-2010.


according to the person who uploaded this song on You tube the first part is sung by Usha Mangeshkar and the Lata part starts @ 2:19. also going by the vdo i ve a feeling that the Usha Mangeshkar part come first in the movie & is picturised on the mother (Purnima) & daughter. then the Lata part. but the vdo shows both the parts as one. hence i suppose the confusions


It is an excellent song. But the Lata solo audio appears to be a newer recording and not of 1981 as the movie version. That is what i feel with the sound of Lata Mangeshkar.


link to the vinyl records of the movie Shama(where this song has been credited jointly to Zafar Gorakhpuri and Asad Bhopali


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