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Bahut be takalluf huye ja rahe hain

Posted on: June 19, 2013

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Recently I watched GHAR KI IZZAT (1948) on YT. The film was produced under the banner of Murli Movietone and directed by Ram Daryani. The star cast included Dilip Kumar and Mumtaz Shanti in the lead role with Gope, Manorama, Dixit, Jeewan, Gulab, Suleman etc in the supporting roles. The melodramatic story of the film reminded me of some of the Hindi films produced from the South in the 50s and 60s.

The story of the film mainly revolves around a conservative parent having a son Chanda (Dilip Kumar) and a daughter Radhika (Manorama). The daughter is married to Chaman (Gope) who has become ghar jawaai or jamaai (son-in-law living with his in-laws). Chaman is always insulted by his mother-in-law which is not liked by his wife Radhika. So they decide to leave the house for country side and both start working as insurance agents for a living.

Chanda who has now become a lawyer, wants to pursue the legal profession which is not liked by his parent as in their family, nobody does a job for earning as they have their own family business. Chanda wins his first criminal case in the court and to tell the good news to his sister Radhika, he visits her house. Here, he meets Roopa (Mumtaz Shanti) who has already come to the house for selling donation tickets of her stage show in aid of her school. Chanda is impressed by her talk and buys donation tickets and he attends the stage show along with Radhika and Chaman. Eventually, they fall in love and decide to marry. But there are hitches. Roopa belongs to a poor family who had lost her parent and is now staying with her elder and younger brothers. His elder brother (Jeewan) has some reservations about the marriage proposal as Chanda is a city bred boy while Roopa has grown up in a rural environment. Also, there is difference in their financial status as Chanda belongs to a rich family. Chanda’s parent also expects a good dowry from the prospective bride’s family. Now the question arises as to who will bell the cat for his marriage.

Fortunately, Radhika and her husband Chaman take up the responsibility of convincing his parent while Chanda meets Roopa’s brother (Jeewan) asking for his sister Roopa’s hand. Finally, Chanda and Roopa get married. But the newly married couple’s problem starts on the day one itself. Roopa is tormented by her in-laws for her poor background and this insult continues every day. Even some loss in the family business is attributed to Roopa as their daughter-in-law. She is not even allowed to accompany her husband for parties. Chanda is caught in the conflict of his parent and wife. Fed-up with this daily tormenting by his parent, Chanda leaves the house and finds solace in drowning himself in alcohol and gambling while Roopa is virtually under ‘house arrest’.

Radhika once again dons the role of a saviour and bring back her brother Chanda to his parent’ house. The long absence of their son from the house and Radhika’ confrontation with her parent on this issue make them to repent for their wrongdoings and they apologise to Roopa’s brother. So like most Hindi films from the South, it is a happy ending with all the important characters of the film posing together for the camera. Though Dilip Kumar and Mumtaz Shanti are the lead pair, Gope and Manorama, the other pair, have almost equal footage in the film.

The film had 11 songs, all penned by Ishwar Chandra Kapoor and composed by Pandit Gobindram. I have chosen ‘bahut betakalluf kiye jaa rahe ho’ from the film sung by Shamshad Begum and G M Durrani. This is a question-answer song with some shade of teasing which has been picturised on Mumtaz Shanti and Dilip Kumar. The background to the song is that Dilip Kumar who has come to Mumtaz Shanti’s house in a village as a guest has been able to get the approval from her brother (Jeewan) for the marriage with her.

After the runaway success of the film ‘Kismet’(1943) and its songs, the voice of Amirbai Karnataki was identified with Mumtaz Shanti. However, all the songs picturised on Mumtaz Shanti in ‘Ghar Ki Izzat’ (1948) was rendered by Shamshad Begum. As far as I know, this was the only film in which G M Durrani lent his voice for Dilip Kumar.

Song-Bahut betakalluf huye jaa rahe hain(Ghar Ki Izzat)(1948) Singers-Shamshad Begam, G M Durrani, Lyrics-I C Kapoor, MD-Pt Govindram


bahut betakalluf huye jaa rahen hain
en en en
bahut betakalluf huye jaa rahen hain
jo mehmaan banke hain aaye hamaare
jo mehmaan banke hain aaye hamaare
labon pe hain halki si ik muskurahat
adaaon mein shokhi nigaah mein ishaare
adaaon mein shokhi nigaah mein ishaare

dil cheena tirchi nazar se kisi ki
israar karte ho
tum bebasi ka

bholi si baaten sunaate sunaate
wo le aaye saath apne dariyaa kinaare
wo le aaye saath apne dariyaa kinaare

jabaan bhi hai khaamosh
dil bhi hai majboor oor oor
jabaan bhi hai khaamosh
dil bhi hai majboor
mohabbat ki duniya ka ye hi hai dastoor
agar poochna ho kaho dil se poochche
sun lo jo kehte hain ye naina hamaare
sun lo jo kehte hain ye naina hamaare

hamen apne dil pe nahin ikhtiyaar
aur na apni aankhon pe hai aitbaar

lo kehti hoon khaakar kasam pyaar ki
ye dil bhi tumhaara hai
ham bhi tumhaare
ye dil bhi tumhaara hai
ham bhi tumhaare

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