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Piye jaao jiye jaao

Posted on: July 21, 2013

Though “Shaitaan Mujrim” (1980) is a movie of recent vintage by the standards of this blog, little information is available about this movie. From the title, it appears to be a C grade horror movie of the kind that generally struggled to get released and failed miserably at the box office. It appears that this movie had Rakesh Khanna, Jyoti Matwankar, Dev Kumar, Raza Murad, Mohan Choti, Madan Puri, Seema Kapoor etc in it.

The song is sung by Mukesh and it is picturised as a drunkard song on Raza Murad. Dev Kumar is also visible momentarily in the picturisation. The leading lady of the movie (Jyoti) can also be seen in the picturisation.

Kaifi Azmi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Ratandeep Hemraj.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Khyati Bhatt.

Audio (Full)

Song-Piye jaao jiye jaao (Shaitaan Mujrim)(1980) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Ratandeep Hemraj

Lyrics(Provided by Khyati Bhatt)

piye jaao jiye jaao
piye jaao jiye jaao
na jeet apni
na haar apni
mujhe kaanton mein rehne do
sambhaalo tum bahaar apni
piye jaao jiye jaao
na jeet apni na haar apni
mujhe kaanton mein rehne do
sambhaalo tum bahaar apni
piye jaao jiye jaao

manzil bhoole chalte chalte
raakh udaa di apni jalte jalte
aage peechhe yaad ka saaya
apna paraaya koi saath na aaya
pyaar ki raahen sooni raahe
kaun sunega pukaar apni
piye jaao jiye jaao

saathi bichhde gulshan chhoota
haath mein aate aate daaman chhoota
ulti seedhi baat na poochho
dharm na dekho
mera zaat na poochho
ishq ka mazhab sab ko taare
aise ye duniya sanwaar apni
piye jaao jiye jaao

paaya kya hai
khona kya hai
loot le jo bhi chaahe
rona kya hai
sapna koi saath nahin hai
haath mein tere unka haath nahin hai
tu bhi akela
dil bhi tanha
raat kahin bhi guzaar apni
piye jaao jiye jaao
na jeet apni na haar apni
mujhe kaanton mein rehne do
sambhaalo tum bahaar apni
piye jaao jiye jaao

3 Responses to "Piye jaao jiye jaao"

Atul ji,
SHAITAN MUJRIM-1980 was a C grade Horror film,as guessed by you.
This was a senseless story of a mad scientist doctor looking for a formula to put life into dead bodies. After succeeding with a monkey,he tries it on a dead body.It becomes alive,but a blood sucker.His girl victims become witches. Actually,the doctor’s friend mac is in control of the dead body and uses the doctor and his premises for illegal crimes. A young doctor from london comes in search of the doctor and his daughter and they,together set things right.etc etc.
The hero was RAKESH KHANNA with jyoti as a heroine.Dev kumar had played the mad doctor’s role.
I regretted having seen this senseless film.
The heroine Jyoti was a one film wonder as a heroine,probably.


There was no Rajesh khanna in it. Probably Rakesh Khanna was mistaken for Rajesh Khanna.


Thanks for the synopsis. Really sounds “Horribly Horror” movie. 🙂 When I stumbled upon this song, few days back, I searched to get some info about the movie. Various sites mentioned Rajesh Khanna name as a special appearance actor. But, few other sites has mentioned Rakesh Khanna, like you have said. There are few songs (don’t remember exactly, and don’t want to waste my time again) in the movie, but all bakwaas. Singer Jyoti (actress too in this movie) has sung few songs also. I have no clue who this Jyoti is. I liked just the song. Wish I would not have seen the video of this piece. Bad experience. 😦


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