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Haaye re ud ud jaaye mera reshmi dupattwa

Posted on: August 7, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Today’s song is a real treat to the Connoisseurs. It is a group song from the film MIRZA SAHIBAN-1947, sung by Malika-E-Tarannum Noorjahan, Zohrabai Ambalawali, Shamshad Begum and chorus. The music was provided by three brothers together- Pt.Amarnath and Husnlal-Bhagatram.

Film Mirza Sahiban can easily be mistaken for another similar name film Mirza Sahib, but the people of Punjab and Sindh are well acquainted with the name Mirza Sahiban.

India is special because as Pt.Nehru used to say,” Bharat mein Vividhta mein Ekta hai”. That is to say that so many faiths, cultures, civilisations, races, castes and religions are living together happily with Harmony and secularism. Actually it is the Cultural background in India that is what keeps them together.

India is full of Folk tales and Folk lores. The most popular from every language goes All-India and gets known to most people. Our films have greatly contributed in keeping the country United and Together, despite calamities and aggressions. Some of the Folk tales of Love from Punjab and Sindh became well known due to films made on them.

There are 9 Tragic Love stories from Punjab and Sindh, in which both the lovers die without getting united. These 9 Love stories are-

Heer – Ranjha

Unlike most pairs, in Mirza Sahiban, the Male name comes First !

Indian film producers have helped spread these Immortal Love stories by making movies on them, as under-

Movie Years of release
Heer Ranjha 1931, 1932, 1948, 1970
Mirza Sahiban 1933, 1947, 1957
Sassi Punnu 1932, 1933, 1946
Sohni Mahiwal 1933, 1946, 1958, 1984
Umar Marvi 1942
Noorie Tamachi 1934

In 1947, there were 3 films of Noorjahan which were released, Aabida, Jugnu and Mirza Sahiban.

Mirza Sahiban is a special film because this was Noorjahan’s last film in India, before she hurriedly left india, along with her Husband, after a nasty spat with Baburao Patel as a result of which her film JUGNU was banned in Bombay. They were also afraid for their lives, due to a rumour.

Mirza Sahiban was co-produced and Directed by the then popular Director K.Amarnath.

K. Amarnath was born as Amarnath Ghelaram Khetarpal, on 1-12-1914 at Mianwali, Punjab(now in Pakistan). Amarnath had produced 11 films from Alif laila-53 to Woh din yaad karo-71. He had co-produced 3 films, Mirza Sahiban-47, Bazaar-49 and Beqasoor-50. He had directed 34 films in his career starting with Matwali Jogan-1934 to Vo din yaad karo-71. Amarnath died on 14-5-1983. Here is some more information on Amarnath, taken from an article by his son–

K. Amarnath had originally come to the film industry to become an actor – with his good looks he would obviously have no problems. He soon started acting as a character actor in movies produced in Bombay. One day, while working in a movie for Mohan Studios, the director didn’t show up for the scheduled shooting. Ramaniklal & Mohanlal Shah, the founders of Mohan Studios, who knew about K. Amarnath’sgreat passion and knowledge of movies, asked him to fill in for the director. K. Amarnath did such an impressive job that he was immediately given the opportunity to direct their next movie. Mohan Studios had given my father his first “big break” as a director.

K. Amarnath soon realized that the “director of a movie” was like the “captain of a ship”. So from being a character actor, he decided to become a director. This change gave him more scope to utilize his talents in all aspects of movie-making. K. Amarnath was a very versatile man, he not only directed movies, but also wrote some of the stories and scenarios. Being a director gave him the chance to be involved in the entire pre-production, production and post production aspect of the movie – right from choosing the actors, music directors, lyricists, selecting shooting locations, giving visual details for indoor sets, choosing different genre-appropriate costumes – to coaching the actors, working with the make-up artists & lighting technicians, listening to the musical compositions and finally overseeing the editing of the movie. From inception to completion it was “his” movie – he loved it and took “great pride” in his achievement.

In the beginning K. Amarnath directed quite a few Tamil (South Indian Language) movies for Mohan Studios. Tamil movies, at that time, had been gaining a lot of national recognition. In 1937 he directed 3 Tamil movies for Mohan Studios and one of them, “Minnalkodi” starring K.T.Rukmini, B. Srinivasa Rao, Coco and Gogia Pasha became a big hit.

Then, from directing action/stunt movies, K. Amarnath, an independent director, moved on to make romantic movies blended with social drama. His early movies were mostly based in rural areas involving simple village folk whereas his later movies were shot in big cities like New Delhi, Bombay and Hyderabad.

He also directed the following genre of movies:

2 – Legendary romantic tragedies, Romeo & Juliet style, “Mirza Sahiban” – 1947 and “Laila Majnu” – 1953

2 – Semi-musicals, “Bazar”- 1949 and “Naya Andaz” – 1956 (which was a re-make of Bazar)

1 – Magical – Arabian Nights – Aladdin style movie, “Alif-Laila” – 1953

3 – Costume-Drama movies, “Mehbooba” – 1954, “Bara-Dari” – 1955 and “Kabli Khan” – 1963.

Though none of the cast or crew was under any contract, he had his own tight-knit unit of members – right from actors to editors to music directors who worked with him in many of his movies. Some of these actors were Ajit, Jayant, Murad, Pran, Mukri, Sajjan, Kumkum, Helen, Pratima Devi and in the earlier years, Yakub and Gope.

Some of the Trivia facts associated with K. Amarnath are as listed below:

Ajit – K.Amarnath suggested that he change his long name of “Hamid Ali Khan” to something short like “Ajit”. His first movie with his name changed to Ajit, was Madhukar Pictures’ – “Beqasoor” – co-produced & directed by K.Amarnath in 1950.

Salim – (Salim Khan – of Salim/Javed fame) – Director K. Amarnath met Salim at a social function in Indore. He offered him the role of Ajit’s younger brother in “Baraat” made in 1960. This was Salim’s first movie. Salim also acted in K. Amarnath’s “Kabli Khan” released in 1963.

Sanjay Khan’s first movie signed as a hero was K. Amarnath’s “Woh Din Yaad Karo” – 1971.

Minoo Mumtaz’s debut film was K. Amarnath’s “Bara-Dari” – 1955.

Helen’s first solo dance was in K. Amarnath’s “Alif-Laila” – 1953.

Noor Jehan’s last project in Bombay, before she moved to Pakistan to settle in Lahore, was Madhukar Pictures’ – “Mirza Sahiban” – 1947 – co-produced & directed by K.Amarnath.

Mohammed Rafi always “considered” his chorus singing with G.M.Durrani in Mohan Studios’ – “Gaon ki Gori” – 1945 – directed by K.Amarnath, as his first Hindi song.

Lata Mangeshkar had listed “Sajan ki Galiyan Chhod Chale” from Madhukar Pictures’ – “Bazar” – 1949 – co-produced & directed by K.Amarnath, as one of her ten best songs.

K. Amarnath also appreciated good music. Some of the popular, ever-green songs from his movies are:

“Tasveer Banaata Hoon” – Bara-Dari – 1955 – sung by Talat Mahmood

“Meri Neendon Mein Tum” – Naya Andaz – 1956 – sung by Kishore Kumar, Shamshad Begum

“Muft Huye Badnaam” – Baraat – 1960 – sung by Mukesh

“Ankhiyan Sang Ankhiyaan Lagee Aaj” – Bada Admi – 1961 sung by Mohammad Rafi

“Dil Bekarar Sa Hai” – Ishaara – 1964 sung by Lata Mangeshkar

At that time, K.Amarnath was also famous for being the “fastest director” in the Film Industry. “Laila Majnu” which was produced by P.N.Arora and directed by K.Amarnath in 1953, was completed in the shortest span of time. Right from selecting the actors, shooting the movie, composing & recording of the music to the post production of the movie – editing, distribution & the release of the movie – everything was accomplished within 40 days. All the crew members worked very hard, day & night. The result was astounding – the movie received high accolades from the press and the songs from the movie, like “Chal diya Karavaan” and “Aasmaan wale Teri Duniya se Ji Ghabra Gaya” were super hits!

K. Amarnath was a religious, big-hearted, family oriented man with strong moral values. All these fine qualities were projected on the main characters and also reflected in all of his movies.

Just like in his younger days, he remained an ardent fan of English movies all his life. Every weekend we looked forward to our family outing, “dinner & a movie”, with our mom and the four of us. We never missed any of the latest Hollywood or British movies running in theatres downtown, either at Metro, Eros, Regal, Strand, New Empire or Excelsior.

In conclusion:

In 1936, when K.Amarnath was only 22 years old, Ramaniklal & Mohanlal Shah of Mohan Studios gave my father his first break as a movie director.

In 1937, at a mere age of 23, he accomplished directing up to 4 movies in one year. (All 4 Tamil movies).

Then, again, in 1939, at the age of 25, he directed 4 movies in one year. (One Tamil and 3 Hindi movies).

In 1940, by the age of 26, he became very successful and was one of the highest paid directors in India.

In 1953 he created his own production company – “K. Amarnath Productions”.

In 1955 he produced “Bara-Dari” under the banner of “K. Amarnath Productions (Private) Ltd.” His office was located in the famous Ranjit Studios, Dadar, Mumbai. In the 1950’s & 60’s, when K. Amarnath was producing and directing numerous hit movies, many young actors would line up outside his office to get a role in his movies. K.Amarnath was well-known in the film industry for giving opportunities to new deserving aspirants.

Three of the movies directed by him, namely “Gaon ki Gori”, “Mirza Sahiban” and “Bara-Dari” are listed as one of the top grossing films of 1945, 1947 and 1955 respectively.

He directed and produced movies in the 1930’s – 40’s – 50’s – 60’s and early 70’s – approximately 40 movies in total – but sadly a lot of them are missing from the archives.

PS-The details about K Amarnath were taken from this official K Amarnath site and were provided in that site by his daughter Manju Amarnath Das.

Mirza Sahiban-1947 was a madhukar pictures film. There were 10 memorable,melodious and sweet songs,written by Qamar jalalabadi and Aziz Kashmiri. The cast of the film included Noorjahan,Trilok Kapoor,Gope,Gulab,mishra,Kamal,Cuckoo,Amir Bano etc. The original story of this Tragic Love folk lore is…

Mirza is the son of Wajahat khan,a rich landlord, belonging to Kharal Rajput tribe. He was sent to a relative’s place for studies in a school at Khiwan. Here he met Sahiban and they fell in love. When Mirza goes to his place in holidays, Sahiban’s marriage is fixed with Taha Khan of Chander family. Sahiban sends a message to Mirza to come and take her away. Mirza’s relatives warn him that the Sials-brothers of Sahiban are very cruel and dangerous. But Mirza reaches Khiwan,on his white Horse and elopes with Sahiban. The sials and Chanders families give hot pursuit. They finally reach the pair, when they had stopped for a breather. Seeing her brothers, Sahiban knows that Mirza being an ace Archer, he will kill them, Sahiban breaks Mirza’s arrows, hoping to convince her people. But in the fierce fight, Mirza is killed by the crowd. Sahiban takes Mirza’s sword and kills herself to die with him.

The film however has taken some cinematic liberties and variations in the story. A character of Fumman , Sahiban’s cousin is introduced. He is jealous of their love and squeals on them to Sials, thus helping them to kill Mirza etc.

Today’s song depicts Sahiban with her sahelis, going for an outing. the music and the tune is so lovely that it will remain with you for a long time, I am sure. So, enjoy this Gem from the 40s……



Song-Haay re ud ud jaaye mera reshmi dupattwa (Mirza Sahiban)(1947) Singers-Noor Jahaan, Shamshad Begam, Zohrabai Ambalewaali, Lyrics-Qamar Jalalabadi, MD-Husnlal Bhagatram


Haaye re ud ud jaaye
haaye re ud ud jaaye
mera reshmi dupattwa
ho dupattwa
haaye re ud ud jaaye
haaye re ud ud jaaye
mera reshmi dupattwa
ho dupattwa
haaye re ud ud jaaye

ek hawa ka meetha jhonkha
keh gaya meethi baat
ho o o
keh gaya meethi baat

bhoole se kahin thham na lena
pardesi ka haath
ho o
pardesi ka haath

yeh baat mujhe samjhaaye
dupatta resham ka
yeh baat mujhe samjhaaye
dupatta resham ka
ho dupatta resham ka
haaye re ud ud jaaye
haaye re ud ud jaaye
mera reshmi dupattwa
ho dupattwa
haaye re ud ud jaaye

peechhe peechhe aane waale ho o
peechhe na reh jaana ho
peechhe na reh jaana
darr hai yoonhi beet na jaaye
saajan samaa suhaana
ho o
sajan samaa suhaana
Yeh meetha geet sunaaye
dupatta resham ka
yeh meetha geet sunaaye
dupatta resham ka
ho dupatta resham ka
haaye re ud ud jaaye
haaye re ud ud jaaye
mera reshmi dupattwa
ho dupattwa
haaye re ud ud jaaye

doob raha hai suraj apne
dil mein lekar aas ho o
dil mein lekar aas

door door hai do dil bolo
kaise aayen paas
ho o
kaise aaye paas

do bichhde dil milwaaye
dupatta resham ka
do bichhde dil milwaaye
dupatta resham ka
ho dupatta resham ka
haaye re ud ud jaaye
haaye re ud ud jaaye
mera reshmi dupattwa
ho dupattwa
haaye re ud ud jaaye
haaye re ud ud jaaye

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This is PURE GOLD.


I agree 100%


Thanks Arunji for well informed article.

Other instances of Heer Ranjha:

Heer Ranjha (1928) — directed by first female director, Fatma Begum
Heer Ranjha (1929)
Heer (1956) – Nutan, Pradeep Kumar
Heer Ranjha (1992) – Anil Kapoor, Sridevi (Harmesh Malhotra)




One more addition to Heer Ranjha story filmed on screen
Heer Ranjha(1992)
Producer & Director:Harmesh Malhotra
Music:Laxmikant Pyarelal
Lyricist:Anand Bakshi
starcast:Sridevi,Anil Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor,Anupam Kher
Production Banner:Eastern Films




This song needs to be tagged as ” Bullock cart song ” too.


though i could not listen the song now, i have gone through the complete article (which i always like to do) and enjoyed it a lot. thanks@AD sir for this valuable informative article on K.Amarnath ji. thanks


Thanks for such interesting matters about director K.Amarnath, your
compendium is always full of interesting episodes.


I am just speechless!!!
I remember reading somewhere that he died on May 14th, 1983 at the age of 68. What a contribution!!!


Khyati ji,
His date of death-14-5-1983 is already mentioned in the above post.


This article was written on behalf of the family, by his daughter – Manju Amarnath Das. Would have appreciated if you had mentioned the website –

Atul Sir, you have many interesting articles – I am in the process of adding your website links to my father’s songs. It does not really matter that the above article says it was written by his son – would like the website link mentioned though. Thanks!


Thanks for your comments. I will add the relevant information to the writeup.


Thank you !! 🙂


Normally I do mention the credits,as in many of my earlier articles. This time,somehow,unintentionally,I missed out on mentioning this credit,for which I sincerely apologise,for my slip.
I hope you will take it in the good spirit.It was my mistake.
Atul ji,has already made the corrections.
thanks once again.


Thanks for making the corrections. 🙂
Great website – keep up the wonderful contribution to Indian Music.


Thank u very much for detailed article on K.Amarnath…I had seen his last movie ISHARA,in the Thaeter that time,also saw ALIF LAILA, when videos were available.I found him a great Music Lover as Rajkapoor,and Manojkumar.His contributon to the hindi music world will be remembered for decades.


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