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Kamal ho ya Kamla Bimal ho ya Bimla

Posted on: September 6, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

This is the 10th and final song in the series,” Music Directors sing for other Music Directors”.

This is a song picked up from a comedy film “Ladka Ladki”-1966 and the singer of the solo song is composer Usha Khanna under the baton of Music Director Madan Mohan.

Madan Mohan was very close to Lata Mangeshkar. We all know this. But in this film, Madan Mohan has not given a single song to Lata. The female singers in this film were Asha Bhonsle, Usha Mangeshkar and Usha Khanna. There were only six songs in the film.

We all know the story how Ghulam Hyder had suggested Lata’s name to Shashdhar Mukherjee of Filmistan and how he had rejected her voice as ” unacceptable””, but hardly anyone knows that Ghulam Hyder had taken a Duet, sung by Lata and Madan mohan-“Pinjre ke Bulbul Bole” to S Mukherjee and that he had rejected both the voices as Unacceptable.

The same pair later created history in Hindi film music by their musical collaboration. Lata sang 210 songs for Madan Mohan in 68 films. Her solo songs were 168 in that. Some of these songs have become iconic and immortal.

Madan Mohan had become very upset when his film ” Woh kaun thi”-1964 was not considered for Filmfare award. When Lata also publicly decried this injustice, Madan Mohan had said,” I got my award if Lata ji too felt bad about it”. In 1964, the Filmfare award went to Dosti composed by by Laxmikant Pyarelal (Lata’s proteges).

As far as singer of this song is concerned, Usha Khanna, so far is the most prolific Female composer of India. She is one rare kind of successful composer, who did not start as a singer, but she sang songs in films only after establishing herself as a composer first.

She has given musicin about 90 films from 1959 to 2003, but she has sung songs in more than a Hundred Films ! It actually started from her very first film as a composer-‘ Dil deke dekho’-1959. Initially she sang only in her own films, but later on she sang for many other composers also.

Usha Khanna sang songs for- Iqbal Qureshi, Robin Chatterjee, Roshan, N.Dutta, Ravi, Kalyan ji Anand ji, Naashaad, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Sonik-Omi, Roy-Frank, Bulo C Rani, Madan Mohan, Suresh Kumar, O P Nayyar, Prem Dhawan, Dilip Roy and Shankar-Jaikishen. Strangely, her duets account for almost 90% of her songs, while solo songs are very less.(Today’s song is a Solo)

Usha Khanna had married Sawan kumar Taak, but divorced him. However, Usha Khanna continued to give music in all Sawan Kumar Taak films, even after their separation. Some of these songs have become hits too.

With today’s song, the series “Music Directors sing for other M usic Directors”,comes to an end. This exercise proved to be very difficult because getting songs, with You Tube links,which are NOT yet posted on this Blog, particularly the songs of Hemant Kumar, was a time consuming exercise. For some time it looked like all Hemant Kumar songs were already posted !

Actually, there were many songs from the films of 30s and 40s,where Music Directors sang for other Music Directors, but I did not opt for them because in those days, almost every composer was a singer himself. So there was no novelty ! Another problem was that videos of very old films are hardly available.

I enjoyed writing for this series. While doing search for material, I too learn many new facts, which are immediately noted by me ( with reference details) so that these facts can be used at an appropriate time later. Generally, most people are not interested in reading the usual stuff like Biography or Filmography, because these things are easily available on the Net at just a click anytime. What is interesting is those bits of informations which normally are not accessible anywhere easily.

knowledgeable comments from readers are also a very good source of information, worth noting and preserving. Sometimes some wrong or incorrect information bits creep into the writings,inadvertently or due to hurry or absent-mindedness. Mostly,these are pointed out by the alert readers,for which I am thankful to them.

LADKA-LADKI-1966 was a Bright Films prsentation,directed by Som Haksar. Som Haksar started his filmi career as a small time actor in 8 films from 1960. He also tried his hand at Dilogue writing in 7 films which included Nazrana, Man Mauji, Gauri,Doli etc.. He however is known to be an Assistant director in 12 films, like Itni si baat, Dil Tera Diwana, Dil tera ashiq etc, from 1962 to 1999.

he has directed only ONE film in his career and that was this Ladka Ladki-1966. This film eminently flopped and he went back to work as an Assitant Director.

The music was from Madan Mohan,the Lyricist was Rajinder Krishan and the cast of the film was Kishore Kumar, Mumtaz, I S Johar,Sujit Kumar, Raj Mehra, Laxmi Chhaaya,Tun Tun, Johnny Whisky, Bhagwan etc. The story of this film was completely outdated. The stories of Kings and princes were no more interesting to the audience, what with newer world topics crowding the film world. The story, Screenplay and Dialogues were by Hargobind. The story was….

Kishore (kishore kumar) and Asha(Mumtaz) are two dancing and warring competitors in the stage world. Seth Girdharilal Patwarilal(Raj Mehra) offers them a joint song/Dance programme for his “FREE CLUB”. Both agree. Needless to inform the intelligent readers that love must be brewing between these two warring dancers.

While doing the shows, Kishore comes to know that he has become the only heir to the Throne of the kingdom of HumDum. He is declared the Crown prince. Kishore has an old mother (Leela Mishra) and a sister who is a child widow. He wants that his friend Jagmohan (I S Johar) should marry his sister.

As he is busy with his dance shows, he sends Jagmohan to the Kingdom of Hum Dum as his emissary. When Jagmohan reaches there, he is mistaken for the missing Prince and he is crowned as the King. Further he is also married off to Princess Rajkumari Nirmal Devi( Tun Tun).

When Kishore and his family learn this news, the old mother dies of shock and Kishore becomes Lunatic with worries how his sister will get married. Kishore is kept in a mental Asylum. It will suffice to do a precis writing and say Asha tends Kishore ,he gets well, gets crowned as the rightful heir and marries Asha. His sister also gets married suitably.

This kind of film story was sure to keep the audience away effectively and that is what happened eventually , making this film an obscure one.

Here is the Usha Khanna song which is picturised on Mumtaz and other dancers as a stage dance song.This song takes a dig at the “aaj ke naujawaan”.


Song-Kamal ho ya Kamla Bimal ho ya Bimla(Ladka Ladki)(1966) Singer-Usha Khanna, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Madan Mohan


Woh aa rahe hain saamne se
chand naujawaan
lagte hain baat cheet se to
Tees maar khan
Laila ki ungliyaan hain
ya Majnu ki pasliyaan
Chalta nahin pata
ke hain Ladke yaa ladkiyaan
ke hain Ladke yaa ladkiyaan
ke hain Ladke yaa ladkiyaan
Kamal ho ya Kamla
Bimal ho ya Bimla
Bataate jaana sarkaar
Nahin to hum samjhenge
Ki channa jor garam
Kamal ho ya Kamla
Bimal ho ya Bimla
Bataate jana sarkaar
nahin to hum samjhege
Ki channa jor garam

ye qaum ke thekedaar
banenge kya kehna
ye desh ke pehredaar
banenge kya kehna
ye qaum ke thekedaar
banenge kya kehna
ye desh ke pehredaar
banenge kya kehna
mariyal taangen peela chehera
Aur na laahu badan mein
zulf gira ke maathe par
Ye khaak ladege jung
Channa jor garam
Kamal ho ya Kamala
Bimal ho ya Bimla
bataate jaana sarkaar
nahin to hum samjhege
hai channa jor garam

Ladki dekhi khaans liya
Bhai khoob kiya
Ladki dekhi khaans liya
Bhai khoob kiya
aji kya badhiya romance kiya
Bhai khoob kiya
Suku suku gaate gaate
Ho gaye suku suku
baap to do do milon ka maalik
bete phooku phooku
re channa jor garam
Kamal ho ya Kamla
Bimal ho ya Bimla
bataate jana sarkaar
nahin to hum samjhenge
haay channa jor garam

chidi marka pehelwaan
tum jiyo jiyo
Assi pound ke naujawaan
Tum jiyo jiyo
Chidi marka pehelwaan
Tum jiyo jiyo
Assi pound ke naujawaan
Tum jiyo jiyo
Tumse kya bandook uthhegi
chalegi kya talwaar
Dushman aa jaaye to khud ko
pehna dena haar
Channa jor garam
Kamal ho ya Kamla
Bimal ho ya Bimla
Bataate jana sarkaar
Nahin to hum samjhenge
hai channa jor garam
channa jor garam

3 Responses to "Kamal ho ya Kamla Bimal ho ya Bimla"

I had seen the film in the erstwhile Bandra Talkies


Arun ji,
Thanks for a wonderful series with information aplenty.
Usha Khanna is probably one of the most under-rated and less discussed music directors.

Incidently Madan Mohan did not use Lata for his debut movie Aankhen(1950) also.


Dear Sri Arunkumar Deshmukh Saheb,
You mentioned in your above comments” Generally, most people are not interested in reading the usual stuff like Biography or Filmography, because these things are easily available on the Net at just a click anytime” You may right but the information and some background and historical film details which you furnish on your article regularly
are more interesting and true in nature; not ‘hearsay’, So keep on
your usual course, giving all information.
Thanks again.


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