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Ek jhoothhi si tasalli wo mujhe de ke chale

Posted on: September 24, 2013

“Hulchul”(1951) was produced by K Asif and directed by S K Ojha. The movie had Dilip Kumar, Nargis, Geeta Nizami, Faizee, Sitaara, K. N. Singh, Yakub, Jeevan, Balraj Sahni, Cuckoo etc in it.

This movie had nine songs in it. Eight songs from this movie have been discussed in the past.

Here is the ninth song from the movie. Looking at the lyrics of this song, I wondered if there was a mistake somewhere, because a song with exactly the same initial lines is there in “Sheesham” (1952) as well.

The “Sheesham” (1952) song Ek jhoothi si tasalli wo mujhe de ke chale is sung by Mukesh. That song is written by Zia sarhadi and music is composed by Roshan. The “Halchal” (1951) song on the other hand is It is sung by Lata. Khumar Barabankwi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Md Shafi.

When I listened to both the songs, I realised that the initial stanza is the same in both the songs. The two songs then differe from each other from the second stanza onwards.

I am curious to know the reason why the two songs from different movies have the same first stanza in them. The reason could be that the first stanza could well be some well known poem from some well known poet that were used in both the songs by their lyricists. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on this matter.

Only the audio of this song is available. On the evidence of other Lata songs from the movie, my guess is that this song was picturised on Nargis.

With this song, “Halchal” (1951) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.

Song-Ek jhoothi si tasalli (Halchal)(1951) Singer-Lata, Lyrics- Khumar Barabankwi, MD-Md Shafi


ek jhoothi si tasalli wo mujhe de ke chale
mera dil le ke chale ae ae
mera dil le ke chale
ek jhoothi si tasalli wo mujhe de ke chale
mera dil le ke chale ae ae
mera dil le ke chale

reh gaya pyaar mera
aankhon mein aansoo bhar ke
reh gaya pyaar mera
aankhon mein aansoo bhar ke
chal diye wo meri
duniya mein andhera kar ke
wo diya aandhi ka bujha hai ke
jalaaye na jale
mera dil le ke chale ae ae
mera dil le ke chale

kya khabar thhi ke din haaye
phir bhi kabhi na aayenge
kya khabar thhi ke din haaye
phir bhi kabhi na aayenge
chhod ke mujhko akela
wo chale jaayenge
laut ke meri khushi gham
wo mujhe de ke chale
mera dil le ke chale ae ae
mera dil le ke chale
ek jhoothi si tasalli wo mujhe de ke chale
mera dil le ke chale ae ae
mera dil le ke chale

5 Responses to "Ek jhoothhi si tasalli wo mujhe de ke chale"

Atul ji – Congratulations on another movie joining to the list of ‘movies with all songs covered’ …! 🙂
have heard the Mukesh song and not known about this Lata number. Interesting that the first stanza is same in both the songs


Yippeeee!! Another movie joins the ranks of movies where all songs from the movie have been discussed on this blog. Dil Khush Hua Atul Ji!


Atul ji,

This is very interesting.
The above song from film Hulchul-51 was written by Khumar B. but finally,it was removed from the film on day one itself,so one can not see this song in the film anymore. Instead of this song,khumar wrote another long song( 7 minutes) which was sung by geeta Dutt,Meena kapoor and Mubarak begum and chorus. it was recorded for the film but commercial record was not made. hence this song is seen in the film but no records.That song was “Miley dil aankh sharmayee”.
The removed song,it seems was given to Zia Sarhadi,who retained the first stanza-which he had liked very much- added two more stanzas of his own and gave it in film ‘Sheesham’ as his own !

(based on ‘Rahen na rahen hum’ and HFGK info)



Thanks for this interesting information.


Arunji, many thanks for the story?) behind this anmol number. So many are rapidly joining the list of having all songs discussed in this blog! This is superb work.


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