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Raaton ki syaahi hai aur din ka ujaala hai

Posted on: September 25, 2013

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

A style icon of the industry, if ever there was one. A resplendent persona, clearly sparkling with the pathaan lineage behind him, his name spells out a split level career that he straddled almost all his active working years. A career that was forever in either the B grade cinema, getting the macho image of an anti-hero, long before the arrival of Amitabh, or being the friend or a brother of the leading man, whenever he got the opportunity to venture into the A grade films. Or the second level where he called his own shots, made his own films and produced one blockbuster after another.

Remembering Feroze Khan on his 74th anniversary of birth today.

The swashbuckling, cigar smoking cowboy of the Hindi film screen, who has at times been likened to Clint Eastwood. Whatever may have been the popularity and success graph, he always carried a larger than life image in the industry. He actually made quite a reluctant entry into cinema. After completing his schooling in Bangalore, he and his parents were planning for him to go to Germany to study engineering. Of course, life had a different design for him. At a party, the famous producer S Mukherji caught a fancy for this strapping young man of six feet, and invited him to join the industry. One reference led to another and Feroze found himself on the shooting stage and in front of the camera. After doing small roles in films like ‘Didi’ (1959) and ‘Ghar Ki Laaj’ (1960) he caught the attention of the audiences and producers with his role in ‘Mein Shaadi Karne Chalaa’ (1962).
And the split in his career started right from the beginning.

He would appear as the leading man in ‘Reporter Raju’ (1962), but he would be the younger step brother of Guru Dutt in ‘Bahurani’ (1963). He would be the hero of ‘Chaar Darvesh’ (1964). And still be the second lead in ‘Suhaagan’ (1964), once again in the shadow of Guru Dutt. But make his mark he did. 1965 brought the famous hit film ‘Aarzoo’ to the screens, and Feroze Khan stood his ground very well working with the leading pair of Rajendra Kumar and Sadhna. The story continues with the release of ‘Ek Sapera Ek Luteraa’, a musical bonanaza, in the same year – a B grade tribal action film that really endeared him to the audiences. The same year also saw the release of ‘Oonche Log’. And working in the august company of stalwarts like Ashok Kumar and Raj Kumar, Feroze gave an excellent account of his performance, in the role of the younger wayward sibling, whose romantic fling ends up in a tragic crime of major proportions. ‘Oonche Log’ is a very sensitive and well done film. Although the split levels in the career continued, 1965 was the year that Feroze Khan had arrived on the scene.

There followed a string of B grade films with the leading ladies like Mumtaz, Kumkum, Chitra, Kalpna, Lalita Chatterjee etc. that established his presence in the films at that level. And whenever he got a chance to work at the next level, it continued to be a supporting role, whether it was ‘Aurat’ (1967) or ‘Raat Aur Din’ again from the same year. His performances always were always polished and attractive, and yet he was not able to break out of the mould that was set for him. Continuing thru 1967 and 1968, the pattern remains the same. Then 1969 happened, and along with it came the BR Chopra’s major hit, ‘Aadmi Aur Insaan’. Once again, holding his ground opposite to the lead pair of Dharmendra and Saira Banu, Feroze stole the limelight and in bargain got himself the Filmfare award for that year for the Best Supporting role.

His presence continued to be noted – ‘Pyaasi Shaam’ (1969) and ‘Safar’ (1970), ‘Mela’ and ‘Upaasna’ (both 1971), but no big name banner would hand him the lead role. And so, he setup his own production company, and came up with his first bestseller in 1972 – ‘Apraadh’. He followed this up with another blockbuster in 1975 – ‘Dharmaatma’, loosely based on ‘The Godfather’. And it was after these successes that slowly edged his way into the A category world of films, getting leading roles opposite to the best heroines and working with the A banners. ‘Kaala Sona’ (1975), ‘Kabeela’ (1976), ‘Sharaafat Chhod Di Maine’ (1976) and ‘Chunauti’ (1979) pitted him opposite to Praveen Babi, Rekha, Hema Malini and Neetu Singh respectively, the acknowledged band of leading ladies of that era.

Going back to his home productions, in 1980 he brought out ‘Qurbaani’ that became a cult film, and was a trend setter in many ways. I remember reading in one of the reviews – that the producer has gathered all the Khans available – Feroze Khan, Amjad Khan, Kader Khan, and also got in Vinod Khanna for good measure for the surname Khanna was just an extension of ‘Khan’. He went on to produce ‘Jaanbaaz’ (1986), ‘Dayavaan’ (1988) and ‘Yalgaar’ (1992), all of which made a dent at the box office and of course carried great music to their credit.

Beyond ‘Yalgaar’, Feroze went into semi retirement. He launched his son Fardeen in 1998, in the film ‘Prem Agan’ that did not do well. But then he came back with ‘Jaanasheen’ in 2003. His last appearance on screen was in the 2007 comedy ‘Welcome’, which was a great hurrah, his last one. He passed away on 27th April, 2009.

The song in this post is a lively foot tapping number from the 1967 film ‘Raat Andheri Thi’. Serenading Lalitha Chatterjee, with an engineered flat tire on the roadside, the image of the dashing young pathaan is very much alive in this song. The song is penned by MK Javed. For the regulars who
may remember an earlier discussion on the lyricist by this name, will recognize that this is none other than Manohar Khanna, father of the music director Usha Khanna, who incidentally has created the music for this film.

Regardless, a fabulous song sung by Rafi Sb, at his best whatever may be the vintage. Feroze is the strapping young man all of 27 years when this song may have been filmed. He is accompanied by Mohan Choti, looking different with a moustache and white jacket – a throw off from his regular image that we all remember.

Listen to this peppy number, and bring back the memories of this larger than life persona. Enjoy.



Song-Raaton ki syaahi hai aur din ka ujaala hai (Raat Andheri Thhi)(1967) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-M K Jawed, MD-Usha Khanna


raaton ki siyaahi hai
aur din ka ujaala hai
teri aankhon ka rang niraala hai
teri aankhon ka rang niraala hai
raaton ki siyaahi hai
aur din ka ujaala hai

sadke tumhaari nazron ke
gussa bhi hai in mein pyaar bhi hai
maathe pe bal honthon pe hansi
inkaar bhi hai iqraar bhi hai
in palkon ki chilman to uthaa
samjhoon to sahi ye raaz hai kya
raaton ki siyaahi hai
aur din ka ujaala hai

pyaar hameen se hoga tumhen
ye rukne waali baat nahin
aga lagi hai hogaa dhuaan
ye chhupne waali baat nahin
ab chhod bhi de gusse ki adaa
ab maan bhi jaa mere roothe khudaa
raaton ki siyaahi hai
aur din ka ujaala hai

na na
garm mijaazi theek nahin
is pyaar ki thandi chhaaon mein
ithlaa kar chalne waali
kahin moch na aaye paaon mein
tumko to kisi se pyaar nahin
to hum bhi kisi ke yaar nahin
raaton ki siyaahi hai
aur din ka ujaala hai
teri aankhon ka rang niraala hai
teri aankhon ka rang niraala hai
raaton ki siyaahi hai
aur din ka ujaala hai

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)
रातों की सियाही है
और दिन का उजाला है
तेरी आँखों का रंग निराला है
तेरी आँखों का रंग निराला है
रातों की सियाही है
और दिन का उजाला है

सदक़े तुम्हारी नज़रों के
गुस्सा भी है इन में प्यार भी है
माथे पे बल होठों पे हंसी
इंकार भी है इक़रार भी है
इन पलकों की चिलमन तो उठा
समझूँ तो सही ये राज़ है क्या
रातों की सियाही है
और दिन का उजाला है

प्यार हमीं से होगा तुम्हें
ये रुकने वाली बात नहीं
आग लगी है होगा धुआँ
ये छुपने वाली बात नहीं
अब छोड़ भी दे गुस्से की अदा
अब मान भी जा मेरे रूठे खुदा
रातों की सियाही है
और दिन का उजाला है

ना ना
गरम मिजाज़ी ठीक नहीं
इस प्यार की ठंडी छांव में
इठला कर चलने वाली
कहीं मोच न आए पाँव में
तुमको तो किसी से प्यार नहीं
तो हम भी किसी के यार नहीं
रातों की सियाही है
और दिन का उजाला है
तेरी आँखों का रंग निराला है
तेरी आँखों का रंग निराला है
रातों की सियाही है
और दिन का उजाला है

6 Responses to "Raaton ki syaahi hai aur din ka ujaala hai"

He was like he-Mumtaz. Like Mumtaz he also had to go through the grind and graduate from C to A. And when did so By Jove sab ki chhutti kar di. He was the most stylish actor ever who liked to live King size always. I would rate him one notch higher than Shammi K because of super fit physique. Even the prudish Hema M was game to cling him unlike with other heroes with whom she always had an arm inserted as kabab mein haddi. He had the chutzpah. He was chic, mod and a rage with the heroines. His piercing stare would make the girls swoon all over and feel wanted and they went whole hog all the way. If you do not believe just watch his Dharmatma, Apradhi, Yalgar, Qurbani and Jaanbaaz. Hats(cowboy hat) off to only one and only FK. WOW even his initials are great.



as per credit sequences of the movie:
and Introducing :” Lolita Chatterjee”(as spelt in the movie credit sequences)






video 2


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