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Doob jaaye jo kismat ka taara

Posted on: November 8, 2013

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“Parchhaain” (1952) was a Rajkamal Production movie. It was produced and directed by V Shantaram. the movie had V Shantaram, Sandhya, Jayshree, Lalita Pawar, Wasti, G. Nirula, Shams Lucknavi, Saroj, Baran, Nimbalkar etc in it.

Here is what Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh, our beloved inhouse encyclopaedia, has to say about this movie:

PARCHHAIN-1952 was perhaps the only film in which Shantaram’s existing and would be wife (Jayashree and Sandhya) were together in one film. They were the second and third wife of Shantaram, he having had one marriage early on in young age itself.

Deepak(V.Shantaram) is from a rich family but frustrated due to obstacles in life. He contemplates suicide, but changes his mind. Unfortunately he meets with an accident and lies on road unattended. Saloni(Jayashree),daughter of Raja Ganapatrao,Zamindar,finds him and brings him home. When Saloni’s mother Rani Ma(Lalita Pawar) comes back from Ramtekdi, along with Kishori(Sandhya), the daughter of Saloni’s foster mother, they all decide to nurse Deepak to good health. Saloni looks after Deepak. He regains health but loses eyesight and can recognise Saloni only by her voice. Saloni starts loving Deepak, but when Rani ma knows this, she decides to send Deepak for eye treatment to Ramtekdi. Instead of Saloni,Kishori is sent along with him. As their voices match, Deepak thinks that Saloni is with him.

After treatment,Deepak regains eyesight and seeing Kishori, thinks that she is Saloni. Kishori, who is now in his love,also convinces him that she is Saloni. Meanwhile Saloni is on sick bed for Deepak and is on verge of dying. This changes the mind of Kishori and she brings Deepak to Saloni ,telling him the truth. Seeing the true love,Rani Ma gives her consent and Saloni and Deepak are united.

Eight songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. Here is the ninth and final song from the movie. This song is sung by Lata. Noor Lucknowi is the lyricist. Music is composed by C Ramchandra.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Khyati Bhatt.

With this song, “Parchhaain” (1952) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.


Audio (Full)

Song-Doob jaaye jo kismat ka taara (Parchhaain)(1952) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Noor Lucknowi, MD-C Ramchandra

Lyrics (Provided by Khyati Bhatt)

ho o o o
aa aa aa aa
doob jaaye
doob jaaye jo kismat ka taara
koi hota nahin phir sahaara
doob jaaye jo kismat ka taara
koi hota nahin phir sahaara
doob jaaye

ho o o o
chaand suraj ho roshan hamen kya
ho o o o
koi phoola ho gulshan hamen kya
ik samadhi hai jeewan hamaara
koi hota nahin phir sahaara
doob jaaye jo kismat ka taara
koi hota nahin phir sahaara
doob jaaye

aisa uljha hai kaanton mein daaman
apni parchhaain hai apni dushman
laakh toofaan hain
laakh toofaan hain aur ek bechaara
koi hota nahin phir sahaara
doob jaaye jo kismat ka taara
koi hota nahin phir sahaara
doob jaaye

ho o o o
reh gayin aarzooein nazar mein
ho o o
tab phansi apni naiyya bhanwar mein
jab nazar aa raha thha kinaara
koi hota nahin phir sahaara
doob jaaye jo kismat ka taara
koi hota nahin phir sahaara
doob jaaye jo kismat ka taara
koi hota nahin phir sahaara
doob jaaye

5 Responses to "Doob jaaye jo kismat ka taara"

Clap clap clap…..
Congratulations Atulji, for adding one more movie in the list of “All songs covered”.


Cogratulations Khyatiji and Atul ji for covering all songs of this movie ‘Parchhaain-1952’ and its joining to the list of ‘ Movies- All Songs Covered’ …!!!


One more red movie……
this is also a radio song?


Once again CR and LATAJI-A great combination .


Congratulations!! One more film joins the list to have all songs covered! The speed at which this happening is amazing!!!!!


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