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Kisne mujhe sada di kisne mujhe pukaara

Posted on: November 12, 2013

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Divas of Hindi film music (2) :
Here is another duet for the series. This is Rafi and Suman Kalyanpur song with two versions from the film ” Saaz aur Awaaz ” (1966). Naushad is the composer and lyricist is Khumar Barabankwi.

Six songs from this film are already posted, making this the seventh song. One song remains to be posted after this one.

This duet is a horror song, well almost horror, going by the expression on the face of Joy Mukherjee when he is singing this song. In part I, Saira Banu is not shown clearly, but in part II she is recognizable as the blue eyed ghost. I have seen the a few songs from this film just now, in an effort to make sense of the haunting quality of both the versions of this songs. The story of the film is not available at imdb too.

The musical score of this film is fantastic, as the five songs that I have just now seen, some of which were not known to me earlier. All quality songs, comparable only to the songs of “Mere Mehboob” which were runaway hits. This movie’s songs are not that well known. Two Lata solos, two Rafi solos, two Rafi-Asha duets and one multiple version Rafi-Suman Kalyanpur duet say the story of the film. It is possible that Saira Banu has a double role in the film, one dies and becomes a ghost to haunt Joy Mukherjee.

So this is the song number 2 of this series. Suman Kalyanpur is a talented singer in her own right and may not have achieved here potential in the industry due to the tough competition from Lata and Asha. Some talented singers were sidelined by the hindi film industry dominated by these two.

I plan to include a solo by Suman Kalyanpur in the series in future. Meanwhile let us enjoy this haunting melody from ‘Saaz aur Awaaz” which is a superb song by all standards.

Audio – Part I

Video – Part I

Video – Part II (Second part not available on internet at this time)

Song-Kisne mujhe pukaara kisne mujhe sada di (Saaz aur Aawaaz)(1966) Singers-Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Khumar Barabankwi, MD-Naushad


Part – I
aa aa
aa aa aa

kis ne mujhe sadaa di
kis ne mujhe pukaara
aawaaz dene waale
aawaaz de dobaara

maine tumhen sadaa di
maine tumhen pukaara
tum aarzoo ho meri
main khwaab hoon tumhaara

tum kaun ho kahaan ho
kuchh to mujhe bataao
aankhen taras rahi hain
soorat zaraa dikhaao
deewaana ho na jaaun
itnaa bhi na sataao
kab tak chhupe rahoge
ab saamne to aao
yeh berukhi tumhaari
mujh ko nahin gawaaara
aawaaz dene waale
aawaaz de dobaara

main aisi raagini hoon
jis ko na koyi gaaye
wo saaz-e-gham hoon
jis ki aawaaz dil dukhaaye
main hoon wo raaz jis ko
koyi samajh na paaye
wo daastaan hoon main
honthon pe jo na aaye
ab aur kya bataaun
samjho meraa ishaara
tum aarzoo ho meri
main khwaab hoon tumhaara

tum meri zindagi ho
tum ko bhulaaun kaise
jis dil mein tum basey ho
uss ko mitaaun kaise

rastaa nahin hai koyi
manzil ko paaun kaise
afsaana bekasi ka
tum ko sunaaun kaise

ghabra ke mar na jaaun
de do mujhe sahaara
aawaaz dene waale
aawaaz de dobaara

Part – II
aa aa
aa aa aa

kis ne mujhe sadaa di
kis ne mujhe pukaara
aawaaz dene waale
aawaaz de dobaara

maine tumhen sadaa di
maine tumhen pukaara
tum aarzoo ho meri
main khwaab hoon tumhaara

har shaam jagmaaun
taaron bhare gagan mein
har sub’ha muskuraaun
phoolon bhare chaman mein
ban kar diyaa jaloon main
be-noor anjuman mein
mujh ko na door samjho
main hoon tumhaare man mein
karti nahin tamanna
dil se kabhi kinaara
tum aarzoo ho meri
main khwaab hoon tumhaara

5 Responses to "Kisne mujhe sada di kisne mujhe pukaara"

Correction required in the title of the song :

‘ Kis ne mujhe sadaa di kis ne mujhe pukaara ‘


Nahmji, thanks for introducing a new and melodious song.
Hope you are not planning to write on “chodo chodo mori bhaiyya” of SK. Kindly let me know if you are, so that I can start on some another song by SK.


I have not decided yet on the SK solo. If the song you are planning to write is the one from ‘Miyaan Biwi Raazi ‘ than it is very much in my choice range for being SDB score.

Now that you have warned, i will steer clear of that film. You go ahead with your post. There are many songs I can choose from. And thanks for your comment.


Its NAUSHAD song ,only to say that MOHAMAD RAFIJI helped ,joy mukerji,by singing such songs for him,and millions of his fans.In other words the singing of MOHAMAD RAFIJI ,made easy the acting of many heros like joy mukerji,and they became famouse becoz of RAFI songs.


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