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Saathi na bane koi taqdeer ke maaron ka

Posted on: November 21, 2013

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I am presenting a song which I had heard for the first time on an old gramophone record player in Chor Bazar in early 70s. I liked the song so much that I bought it, despite this 78 RPM gramophone record (No. N.50600) not being in a good condition. I must have heard this song many times during 70s and 80s. Thereafter, I could not play this song as my record player had become unserviceable apart from becoming almost an obsolete item.

This song has always lingered in my mind. But being a very rare song, I could not find this song on YT to listen to this song. It was only a few days’ back that I could locate the audio clip of this song on YT. The song is ‘saathi na bane koi taqdeer ke maaron ka’ sung by Krishna Goyal in an obscure film called DHUAAN (1953). The song was penned by Rajinder Krishan and set to music by Dhaniram.

I do not have any idea about the story line of the film. From the songs, it does appear that the film belongs to the social/family genre. The film was produced under the banner of Roopnagar Ltd and directed by R L Malhotra. The star cast included M Rajan, Usha Kiran, Asha Mathur, Ulhas, Pratime Devi etc. The film had two music directors – Dhaniram and Vasant Desai. As per, Vasant Desai composed music for only one song. Three songs from the film have been covered in the blog.

The theme of the song is the realities of our life which Rajinder Krishan has lucidly brought out in the lyrics. Krishna Goyal’s pathos filled voice makes this song a soul touching. Krishna Goyal has sung only about 20 songs in Hindi films during 1947-57. Though some of his songs including the one under discussion are gems, they had not become popular in those days. So with the passage of time he has ended up as a forgotten playback singer.

A line in the song ‘naghma na sune koi toote huye taaron kaa’ sums up Krishna Goyal’s playback singing career in Hindi films.

Song-Saathi na baney koi taqdeer ke maaron ka (Dhuaan)(1953) Singer-Krishna Goel, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Dhaniram


saathi na bane koi
taqdeer ke maaron kaa aa
insaan ki majboori hai
khel sitaaron kaa

hanste hain agar din to
humdard bane duniyaa
aur din jo palat jayein
bedard bane duniyaa
naghma na sune koyi
toote huye taaron kaa aa
saathi na bane koi
taqdeer ke maaron kaa

do din ko bahaar aaye
aur aa ke chali jaaye
do din ko bahaar aaye
aur aa ke chali jaaye
beeti huyi ghadiyon ki
bas yaad hi rah jaaye
duniyaa mein bharosa kya
rangeeen bahaaron kaa
saathi na bane koi
taqdeer ke maaron kaa

honthon ko siye jaayen
ashqon ko piye jaayen
thokar pe lage thokar
aur phir bhi jiye jaayen
insaan to qaidi hai
kismat ke ishaaron kaa
saathi na bane koi
taqdeer ke maaron kaa

4 Responses to "Saathi na bane koi taqdeer ke maaron ka"

He also sang in Raees-1948, Kaale Badal-1950, Lanka Dahan-1952, Ladki-1953, Dahej-1953, Mallika-1956, Passing Show-1956 and Naag Padmini-1957,


Very moving -with touching lyrics and simple melody.Reminds you of ‘Hum dard ke maaron ka’ from Daag. but holds its distinct place. How great those lyricists were! Thanks for posting this rarely heard gem.


Heard this song in Radio Ceylon recently. Pity Krishna Goya died unwept and unsung.


A fantastic lyric so beautifully sung. Reminds me of 1954 when I heard in the movie


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