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Aankh ke paani aankh mein rah

Posted on: December 1, 2013

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Asha Bhonsle needs no introduction, but how many of us know about Asha Posle ? Today only a few die hard old timer music lovers may be aware of her but her name has by and large been almost forgotten by now.

I was aware that Asha Posle was among those artists who migrated to Pakistan after partition. That was all I knew about her.

I am a keen follower of Rajkumar Keswani’s weekly sunday column called “Aapas Ki Baat” in the Hindi newspaper “Dainik Bhaskar” where he discusses matters regarding old Hindi movies and music. These days he is discussing O P Nayyar.

In today’s discussion, he brought out some interesting information. When O P Naiyyar, then a newcomer to film industry heard a song of Asha Bhonsle from “Raat Ki Raani” (1949), he was very impressed and was going around praising this song everywere. But he was under the impression that this song was sung by Asha Posle, then a well known artist (while Asha Bhonsle was a struggling artist). When Asha Bhonsle and O P Nayyar first met and then O P Nayyar realised that the singer of that song was Asha Bhonsle and not Asha Posle, he was quite pleased to know that. When Asha Bhonsle was told that O P Nayyar was a Punjabi, she could not believe it and once she asked him- “You look like an Iranian, you have a Madrasi name but you say that you are a Punjabi ?”. O P Nayyar had a hearty laugh at it and he explained that he was Naiyyar and not Naayar and that he was a dyed in the wool Punjabi (theth Punjabi). Later, the two would often tease each other by addressing each other as “Posle” and “Naayar” respectively.

Who was this Asha Posle, by the way ? Mr Rajkumar Keswani has provided some details about her in the article. Asha Posle was a well known artist and singer of 1940s. Her real name was Sabira Begam. She appeared in “Champa” (1945) alongwith Manorama and Hari Shivdasani. After partition, she went to Pakistan and she had the distinction of being the heroine of the first Pakistani movie called “Teri Yaad”(1948). Later on, Pakistan TV had a well known TV show based on her name called “Asha Tamasha”.

Very few songs sung by Asha Posle are available. Here is perhaps the only song available online which is sung by her. This song is from “Pagdandi” (1947). D N Madhok is the lyricist. Music is composed by Khursheed Anwar.

What a nice song it is. It is unfortunate that hardly any of her songs are available online. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw more light on her.

Song-Aankh ke paani aankh mein rah (Pagdandi)(1947) Singer-Asha Posle, Lyrics-D N Madhok, MD-Khursheed Anwar

Aankh ke paani aankh mein rah
ban ke kisi ki nishaani
aankh ke paani aankh mein rah
ban ke kisi ki nishaani

meethi meethi peeden
dil mein mere ghar banaayen
meethi methi peeden
dil mein mere ghar banaayen
saanjh sawere ho jab bhi
tu hi tu yaad aaye
saanjh savere ho jab bhi
tu hi tu yaad aaye
bachapan aise jaaye meraa
bachapan aise jaaye meraa
jaise jaaye jawaani
jaise jaaye jawaani
aankh ke paani aankh mein rah
ban ke kisi ki nishaani

sapanon mein mil lenaa
waadaa kiyaa ke
sapanon mein mil lenaa
waadaa kiyaa ke
Wahaan pe pahre na honge daraate
Wahaan pe pahre na honge daraate
jab jab aankh khuley palkon mein
jab jab aankh khuley palkon mein
aansoo miley nishaani
aansoo miley nishaani
aankh ke paani aankh mein rah
ban ke kisi ki nishaani

11 Responses to "Aankh ke paani aankh mein rah"

I was aware of Asha Posley as an actress but did not know that she had sung in the film/s made in undivided India.
A short profile of Asha Posley is available at


Thanks for the link. It is sad to know that her stint in Pakistan film industry was not successful.


Atul ji,

Recently I had written about Asha Posley on Facebook. Here is that information-

Asha Posley (real name Sabira Begum)-1927 to 1998. Her first Hindi film in India was Champa-45 Then came Badnami-46,Kamli-46,Aayi Bahar-46,Paraye bas mein-46,Arsi-47,Ek Roz-47 Papiha re-48,Barsatki ek raat-48 and Roop Rekha-48. The last 3 films released after she had migrated to Pakistan. She became Pak’s First Heroine in its First film- Teri Yaad-48,opposite Nasir Khan. later she did many films there.

Asha Posley was the d/o MD Inayat Ali Nath (not Hussain). Inayat Hussain was a different person.
After Kamli-46 MD, Inayat Hussain left for Pakistan in 1946(before partition). he gave music there from 47 to 85 for 65 films,most of which became extremely popular. He died in 1993.
here is a brief Bio,from a pakistani site-Asha Poslay (1927-1998)
Supporting actor

Asha Poslay
Asha Poslay was heroine of the first Pakistani film Teri Yaad..

She was not successful in leading roles and appeared only in fours movies as first heroine. Ghalt Fehmi (1949), Shola (1952) and Sudhir’s first Punjabi film Bulbul (1955) were other movies in this list. She got fame in side roles, especially in comic roles with Nazar in Pattan (1955) and with Asif Jah in Dullah Bhatti (1956) and Sheikh Chilli (1958). She was vamp or side heroine in movies like Sassi (1954), Ishq-e-Laila and Intezar and Guddi Gudda (1956) etc.

After the 1950s, she was mostly seen in supporting roles. Maa kay Aansoo (1963), Mirza Jatt (1967), Mastana Mahi and Insaf aur Qanoon (1971) etc. were some of other famous movies.

Asha Poslay started her career as supporting actress before partition in Lahore made Punjabi film Gawandi (1942). She was in main role in film Champa (1945). Kamli (1946) was her first film as solo heroine. She appeared in 129 films, 76 Urdu and 53 Punjabi films. Her last film was Insaf (1986). She also appeared on Stage, TV and Radio and she was also a part-time singer.

Asha Poslay’s real name was Sabira Begum and she got the film name Asha Poslay from music director Master Ghulam Haidar. She was born in Patiala in 1927 and she was daughter of music director Nath (Inayat Ali) who was also the music director of first Pakistani film Teri Yaad. Famous singer Kousar Parveen, actress Rani Kiran and Tv actress Najma Begum were her sisters.

Asha Poslay died on March 26, 1998 at Lahore.

Real name Sabira Begum
Active career 1942-86
Date of Birth 1927
Born at Patiala, Indian Punjab
Language Punjabi
Profession Acting
Family Kousar Parveen, Rani Kiran, Najma Begum (sisters), Inayat Ali Nath (father)


Thanks a lot for these informations. Are any of her other songs in Hindi movies available ?


Possibly yes. It will have to be checked. If I find any,I will send them to you.


Very surprise to see the name asha POSLAY, copy of BHOSLE.Given information is GREAT.


Dubey ji,
When Asha posley started her career, Asha Bhosle was nowhere in the industry and no one knew her name even. She was hardly 8-9 year old in 1945,when Posley’s first film came. It must be a coincidence that the surname matched, I believe.


Please correct MD: Khurshid Anwar; not DNM under the audio clip
She also acted in Movies as follows:
Paraya Bas Me-1946
Aai Bahar-1946
Ek Roz;-1947
Asha Posley sang one NFS: tum jaavo tum jaavo re baalam


Nitin ji,
Except pagli-1943,all other films are already mentioned above by me. In pagli,since the name is mentioned as only,Asha and not as Asha posley,it was not included in the list.


The blog as well as comments made very interesting reading. Unbelievable to learn there was Asha Posle before our own legend Asha Bhonsle in the film industry though they were to some extent contemporary. Thanks to Mr. Kamath for the link provided where Posle looks stunningly beautiful.




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