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Amrit dharti par laaye

Posted on: December 3, 2013

This article is written by Bharat Upadhyay, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

This is the seventh song in my series ‘Songs from Album Varsha Ritu’. Amongst the male popular singers during that musical period, classical and semi-classical songs were the forte of Manna Dey and Mohammad Rafi. Mukesh and Talat sang very few songs in that category. This Talat non-film song in Miyaa-Malhar is penned and tuned by the HMV staffer Murli Manohar Swaroop. Lots is written about Talat Mahmood in other postings of his songs on this Blog. Not to repeat much, a brief report from Wikipedia should be more than enough.

“Talat Mahmood (February 24, 1924 – May 9, 1998) a recipient of the Padma Bhushan in 1992, was born in Lucknow, UP. Coming from a conservative Muslim background, singing was not encouraged. Talat had to choose between working in films and staying at home. Despite his parental objection he opted for the former, though his family accepted the fact only about a decade later when he gained respect in the industry.

Talat Mahmood began his singing career at the age of 15 in 1939 when he began singing the Ghazals of Daag, Mir, Jigar etc. on All India Radio, Lucknow. His voice had a quality distinct from all the other singers. HMV was quick to notice this and offered Talat his first disc in 1941 ‘Sab din ek samaan nahin tha.’ His reputation as a ghazal singer was not limited to his hometown of Lucknow, but it reached the city – Calcutta that proved to shape his destiny. In 1944 came the hit ‘Tasveer teri dil mera behela na sakegi’. Its popularity was so phenomenal and unrivaled that even today it remains one of the top selling non-film discs. This disc brought Talat the fame throughout India and soon he was beckoned by the film industry. Initially, in Calcutta, he recorded a lot of Bangla songs under the assumed name ‘Tapan Kumar’. In 1949 Talat moved to Mumbai, where his name and fame had already preceded him and soon he was flooded with offers. His big break came with the song ‘Ae dil mujhe aisi jagha le chal jahan koi na ho’, composed by music director Anil Biswas for the soundtrack of the movie Arzoo. The song proved to be extremely popular.

Talat was considered a handsome man and a good singer, which prompted movie producers to try him as an actor. Talat acted in over a dozen films with top actresses of the time like Nutan, Mala Sinha, Suraiya and others. Later he decided to give up acting to concentrate on singing.

Talat who was the first Indian singer to go on foreign concert tours in 1956 to East Africa. Jam packed audience in the United States, the UK, West Indies and other countries awaited his arrival enthusiastically. He performed in famous Royal Albert Hall in London, Madison Square Garden in the States and Jean Pierre Complex in the West Indies. He continued singing in the packed auditoriums until 1991. His songs and Gazals with his unique silken voice and a special tremor, are still popular among the music lovers as they were in the days those were released.”

Song-Amrit Dharati Par Laaye (Talat Mehmood NFS) (1969) Singer-Talat Mahmood, Lyrics-Murali Manohar Swaroop, MD-Murali Manohar Swaroop


oode oode kaare kaare kaare badra,
amrit dharti par laaye
amrit dharti par laaye
oode oode kaare kaare kaare badara,
amrit dharti par laaye
amrit dharti par laaye

saaqui ki abhilasha mein, saaqui ki abhilasha mein
seep nayan khole
chaatak ghan ki baat take,
chaatak ghan ki baat take
baawara sa dole,
baawara sa dole
dharti ki hariyaali
dharati ki hariyaali
agin lagi jaat jali,
agin lagi jaat jali
megh bina kaun dukh niwaare
oode oode kaare kaare kaare badara,
amrit dharti par laaye
amrit dharti par laaye

umade ghumde shyaam ghata,
umade ghumde shyaam ghata
daamini si damke
garaj garaj ke ghan chhaaye,
garaj garaj ke ghan chhaaye
sheetal pawan chale,
sheetal pawan chale
jiya mein ullas bhari,
jiya mein ullas bhari
dharti ki tapan bujhi,
dharti ki tapan bujhi
sudha kalash sheesh liye aaye
oode oode kaare kaare kaare badra,
amrit dharati par laaye
badra barsan ko aaye,

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Beautiful song Bharat bhai! Thanks a ton!


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