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Aansoo ki ek boond hoon main

Posted on: December 20, 2013

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Divas of hindi film music (18)
Now we return to Suman Kalyanpur. This is the last song by her in this series. This time looking for solos songs, I found a very good multiple version solo song by Suman Kalyanpur from the film ‘Ek Paheli ’(1971).

First version is a “Piano song “ where Tanuja is seen playing the piano in the dead of the night in Feroz Khan’s house. There is an element of horror in both versions. The second version shows Tanuja in a graveyard in a black dress, singing this song and seemingly luring Feroz Khan towards a cliff. Apart from Feroz Khan and Tanuja the film also has Sanjeev Kumar, Aruna Irani, Madan Puri and Rajendra Nath.

The suspense was too much so I looked for its story on imdb site. There I found the story alright, but one of the user review has provided with more food for thought. I have seen Talaash 2012. So the hint in the review is a little puzzling.

‘Talaash’ was one slick production, starting with a midnight accident on Nariman point and ending with exactly the same accident on the same location, which solves the case, mystery and raises a host of questions.

Just a few days ago the song ‘inhi longon ne le leena dupatta mera’ from ‘Pakeezah’ (1972) is posted. Seeing that song, I was remembering some moments from the film. That movie also begins at the same ‘Kotha’ scene with the song mentioned. There is the intro first with background commentary, and than the titles. Soon as the titles are over the mujra begins. And the film ends at the same scene, where ‘Saheb Jaan’ is performing this mujra, with those huge jharoka’s in the background overlooking the street and other kotha’s where mujra’s are in progress. The final ending scene shows ‘Veena’ standing at the entrance, looking at the ‘janaaza’ of Ashok Kumar and ‘Doli’ of Meena Kumar going from the same street. In the film it was poetic justice, vindication of the injustice done to Meena Kumar’s mother.

Now I have deviated enough, from Ek Paheli to Talaash to Pakeezah.

Coming back to the song, it is written by Asad Bhopali and composed by Usha Khanna. Two songs from this movie are posted in the blog. This is the third and final song of Suman Kalyanpur in this series after these two , viz. preet banaake toone jeena sikhaaya , and Kisne mujhe pukaara

It is just coincidence that two of Suman Kalyanpur’s songs featuring in the series are haunting songs, or bhootiya songs. I liked a couple of songs by Suman Kalyanpur a lot, which were shortlisted. But one of them, the one from ‘Miya Biwi Raazi’ I promised ‘Aparna Ji’ that I will not post as she is working on that post.

Which reminds me, when is that post going to materialize ? will it appear this year ? Aparna ji are you reading me. Hey, I have left out the wonderful song by S. D. Burman to dry in the sun :). Hope that one comes under the huge umbrella of this blog soon.

Meanwhile we have this melodious multiple version song to enjoy, and try to solve the riddle.

Video – Part I

Video – Part II (Not available on the internet at this time)

Song-Aansoo ki ek boond hoon main (Ek Paheli)(1971) Singer-Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Asad Bhopali, MD-Usha Khanna


Part I
Aansoo ki ik boond hoon main
jo aankhon se chhalak gayee
janam janam ka saathhi chhoota
pyaasi rooh bhatak gayee
aansoo ki ik boond hoon main

jalti huyi saanson mein jo
sulgey huye naghme paley
jab tu nazar aaya mujhe
aahon mein wo naghme dhaley
toofaan uthhaa palkon taley
aansoo ki ik boond hoon main

phir raat ki zulfen khuli
jalne lage zakhm-e-jigar
dil ko sukoon mil jaaye jo
rakhh doon tere qadmon pe sar
ae hamnasheen ae hamsafar
aansoo ki ek boond hoon main
jo aankhon se chhalak gayee
janam janam ka saathhi chhoota
pyaasi rooh bhatak gayee
aansoo ki ik boond hoon main

Part – II
Ye zindagi kuchh bhi nahin
ik khwaab hai uljhaa huaa
mushkil nahin raah-e-wafaa
apne qadam aagey badhaa
mit jaayegaa har faasla
aansoo ki ek boond hoon main
jo aankhon se chhalak gayee
janam janam ka saathhi chhoota
pyaasi rooh bhatak gayee
aansoo ki ek boond hoon main

10 Responses to "Aansoo ki ek boond hoon main"

If you are referring to ‘chhodo chhodo mori bainyyaa saawanre’ from ‘Miyaan Bibi Raazi’ (1960), the song has already been posted in the blog:

There is another Suman Kalyanpur solo ‘khuli hai aankh magar’ from the film which is yet to be posted in the blog :

This is a superb song but spoiled by Mehmood’s interruptions after every stanza.


I was referring to the same song. Actually i found the audio version on youtube and failed to check if it is posted. Thanks for pointing out.

You are right about ‘khuli hai aankh magar’, the interruptions are spoiling the effect. May be the audio version is devoid of them.


nahmji, sorry for making the promise but not delivering till now. I tend to get lazy at times 😦
Anyhow, the song is already posted as rightly pointed by Sadanandji. Let me check whether I can get hold of the song suggested by him. This time I will make sure that I deliver within time 😀


Sadanandji, thanks for pointing it out. I would have wasted time otherwise (but I cannot claim to have wasted time since I have hardly spent time on it :D) Dont know how this happened as I checked the song list very recently but the song is posted in 2010 itself.

Will check the other song as suggested by you.



This above video features character artistes Manohar Deepak(Dancer Madhumati`s real life husband) and MADHVI(not to be confused by South Indian actress(much younger)Madhavi, who also appeared in Hindi movies like Gerftaar(with Amitabh bachchan),Nafrat Ki aandhi(with Jeetendra),Satyameva Jayate(with Vinod Khanna),Pyar Ka Mandir(with Mithun chakraborthy),Khudai(with Rajesh Khanna),Ek duje ke liye with Kamal Hassan),Falak(with Jackie,Shekhar Kapoor),Lashkar(with Dev Anand)Haar Jeet(with Kabir Bedi)

The above MADHVI I think is the real life wife of Producer/director Bhappi Sonie(who directed movies like Tum haseen Main jawan,Preetam,Pyar Hi Pyar,Shammi Kapoor`s Janwar).

Mrs.Madhvi Bhappi sonie acted in Shammi Kapoor`s Janwar (1965)with Rajendra Nath,Baharein Phir bhi aayengi,Naunihal,Amrapali,Parivar(1968)Juaari(1968),Pagla Kahin ka,Jawan Mohabbat(Shammi Kapoor`s) etc displays(wrongly) both above Madhvis` as one Madhavi and clubs their filmography under one name…..which is wrong






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