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Khushiyaan yahin pe milengi hamen re

Posted on: January 25, 2014

This article is written by Satyajit Rajurkar, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a new contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Dev Anand directed something like 20 films. However, only two of these, Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971) and Des Pardes (1978) survived at the box office. In fact, “Des Pardes” (1978) was his last acknowledged hit.

According to his son, Suneil Anand, Dev Anand’s favourite pastime was writing. He finished writing his autobiography within a year. He had a great collection of pens. He also liked felt pens and collected souvenirs from the places he shot in. He was a great dresser. He had a penchant for jackets and shoes and owned around 200 pairs. Also, he had an elephantine memory. He could remember faces and people he had met 60 years ago!

This song is penned by Amit Khanna, sung by Kishore Kumar and composed in mixed Shankara rag (some call it the God of all Rags) by Rajesh Roshan. This is a title song which plays in the background while the titles roll on.

Kishore Kumar shows his versatility by singing this difficult composition set in low, regular and high notes.


Song-Khushiyaan yahin pe (Des Pardes)(1978) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Amit Khanna, MD-Rajesh Roshan



heyy khushiyan yahin pe,
milengi hame re,
apanaa hai apanaa,
ye des pardes
khushiyan yahin pe,
milengi hame re,
apna hai apna,
ye des pardes

wohi puraane hain saare fasaane,
naya hai lekin jahaan
arre raste naye hain,
ye manzil nayi hai
lekin wohi aasmaan,
sapna hai sapna,
sapna hai apna,
ye des pardes
u u u u u

akela nahin hoon main,
akela nahin hoon main tere bina,
sang mere teri yaad hai,
arre mil kar khile phool har rang ke,
bas yahi meri fariyaad hai,
tera na mera,
sapna hai apna
ye des pardes

8 Responses to "Khushiyaan yahin pe milengi hamen re"

Nice Post !
I like this song very much and one of my favorite songs !!(had also shared it, so one more to the other side of my score board:) )


Thanks, Avinash & Atul.


i was thinking as i was seeing this song (after ages) —- what was it about the PRAN that endeared him to all leading heroes!!!!! whether the triumvate of yesteryears or our own generation of AB, RK (Rishi Kapoor)— no one could do without Pran in their movie. and this song show how dear he was to Dev Anand— the camera shows Pran before Dev Anand the hero!!! Pransaab ki toh baat hi kuch aur thi!!!


I read somewhere, was it Mayapuri or Picture Post that Dev Anand took the shot of Queen Elixabeth’s chariot on the occasion of her silver jubileee of coronation jostling with the kerbside spectators.


And, btw, this was a movie I saw 1st day, 1st show on May 5, 1978! 🙂 A great movie!!!


I saw this movie in its first week. I do not remember the date though. 🙂 It was one of the first movies that I watched after my six year long dry spell of not watching any movies was broken.


I read your comment just today, Atul Ji. I am surprised. Why the six year long dry spell? That too from 1972 to 1978? There were so many great movies released during that period – Sholay, Bobby, Deewar, etc.

If it’s not a big secret. please share the reason with us.


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