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Mohe aane lagi angdaayi

Posted on: February 4, 2014

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Almost every person has a Photo Album,with his photos of childhood,marriage,office,friends,relatives etc. Human nature is such that we wish to capture the ” FIRSTS ” in our life through memories and photographs. Your First close friend, first day of married life,first day of Job etc. In olden days, this was not a routine, so many senior citizen do not have their childhood or schooldays photos. This shortcoming is well compensated now, with photos of sons, grandsons etc. Son’s First Birthday or his First walk etc are carefully recorded and they serves as source of pleasure whenever browse through them.

The importance of “FIRST” in our lives cannot be overstressed. It is a milestone to remember. Even for Film Stars, their First Film, First Heroine or First Silver jubilee matter to them. Likewise the first song for a singer or the first composition for a music director are memories to cherish for them.

Film and Music enthusiasts remember the First film or the First song of their favourite Actor or Singer. But do Actors and Singers remember their FIRST performance ? Most people do, but some require help, especially if the output has been heavy or the career span is very long.

In majority of cases, the ‘First song’ of a singer is known or recorded somewhere in print, but for older generation singers, the exact First song is not known, albeit but the First film is known. It is naturally difficult to remember which of the 5-6 songs recorded 70-80 years ago was the First. So it is only possible to remember their first film as their Debut Film.

Today we are starting a New Series ” DEBUT OR FIRST FILM SONGS ” of Singers. It is obvious that the First songs of major singers like Saigal, Noorjahan, Rafi, Lata, Asha, Kishore, Manna Dey or Mukesh etc are already well known and are posted on this Blog. However, the Debut or First Film songs of many other singers are either not known to all or are not yet posted.

Our endeavour is to bring such First songs to you, along with some information on the singer, song, film, Music Director etc. When I first thought of this theme 6 months ago, I started collecting data for about 50 other singers. When all the Data was collected and processed, I found that I got the Debut or First film songs of hardly 20 singers. In case of older singers, like say, Zohrabai Ambalewali or Rajkumari, their First song records were probably not issued( I am presuming this based on HFGK, record numbers etc). The songs were either lost with the films or they are not available now.

My search for them was through You Tube and similar 4-5 sites, Dr.Surjit Singh ji’s collection and a few collectors of old songs. In few cases like, Phiroze Dastoor,for example, his Debut song is already posted, so I have selected another song from his First film in 1933, being of Historical value. When the First film songs or Debut songs are not available, the next available closest song is selected here-such information will be given in that write up accordingly.

When we hear these old Debut/First Film songs or singers, we can enjoy the freshness of their voices. Also in case of singers like Devika Rani or Arun kumar Mukherjee, one can get exposure to old time style of singing and the Music used in those days. Actually this series is of Historical importance, as one will find so many Debut/First film songs in ONE place. This is the least we can do for Music historians of posterity.

I thank our leader ATUL JI for enthusiastically and promptly asking me to go ahead, when I first proposed this series to him.

I do hope, our readers will enjoy this unique series and the songs.

The FIRST song in this series is from Film AIYE-1949. The singer on Debut is MUBARAK BEGUM- a singer, who,I feel, did not get enough recognition and opportunities in her times as befitting her talent. ( Regular readers will recollect that our own SUDHIR JI and AK JI of Songs of Yore Blog had met Mubarak Begum personally at a function at Islamic Centre ,New Delhi, on 7th october 2013 ).

My friend shri SHISHIR KRISHNA SHARMA JI has a A few years back he had interviewed Mubarak Begum and the interview is published on his Blog. I am reproducing here an edited/shortened portion of this interview for our readers. My thanks to Sharma ji.-

” Mubarak Begum’s forefathers belonged to Rajasthan’s Nawalgarh while her mother was from Jhunjhunu. Mubarak Begum recalls, “I was born in my maternal home. Though I don’t know the exact date, approximately 75-80 years must have passed. I couldn’t get educated since my conservative parents were afraid that an educated girl would run away from home. My Grandfather had a tea shop in Ahmedabad. So, my father with his family moved there and started operating a fruit cart. My first memories are of the same place. My father played the Tabla as a hobby so well that Ustad Thirakwa Khan Saheb accepted him as his disciple. Sometime in early 1940s my father took all of us to Mumbai”.

She recalls, “One day, Rafiq Ghaznavi, the famous composer heard me sing on the radio and he called me to sing for a film. The lyricist was Agha Jan Kashmiri, but I froze on seeing the crowd at the studio and could not sing. A similar incident repeated itself for Ram Daryani’s “Bhai Bahan” (1950) whose composer was Shaym Sundar. In view of these failings, for a time, I had made up my mind to not sing for films. But gradually I overcame my fears and made efforts to overcome those days of struggle. My efforts bore fruit and I gave my first playbck for Yakub’s “Aaiye” with the song “Mohe Aane Lagi Angdaai”. This Yakub and Sulochana Chatterjee Starrer was released in 1947 and its composer was Shaukat Hyderi Dehlvi who became famous as Nashad in the years to come. The song was penned by Nakhshab”.

In the 1950s, apart from singing all songs of Hansraj Behl’s Phoolon Ke Haar, she sang many solos and duets like Mera Bhola Balam (Kundan /composer: Ghulam Mohammad), Devta Tum Mera Sahara (Daaera/Jamal Sen), Mehlon Mein Rehne Waale (Shabaab/Naushad), Chala Chal Musafir (Maa Ke Aansoo/Sardar Malik), Aaj Gharwaale Ghar Nahin (Aulad/Sardar Malik), Jal Jal Ke Maroon (Sheesha/Ghulam Mohammad), Wo Na Ayenge Palatkar (Devdas/S.D.Burman), Hum Haal-e-dil Sunaayenge (Madhumati/Salil Chaudhary) and Kya Khabar Thi Yun Tamanna (Rishta/K Dutta). But it was the Snehal Bhatkar composed title song “Kabhi Tanhaaiyon Mein Yun Hamaari Yaad Aayegi” of Kedar Sharma’s film “Hamaari Yaad Aayegi” (1961), which brought her overnight glory.

According to Mubarak Begum, “after recording the song Kedar Sharma gave me a 25 paise coin. I didn’t understand why he was giving me that coin. Noticing my hesitation Snehal Bhatkar said, don’t refuse this, this is Sharma ji’s blessings. He gives this when he is very happy with someone’s work. And really Sharmaji’s blessing given in the form of the coin proved to be very holy for me. “Kabhi Tanhaaiyon Mein Yun Hamaari Yaad Aayegi” got such fame that the way to success became much easier for me.

In the 1960s she sang many popular songs like Mujhko Apne Gale Laga Lo (Humrahi/Shankar Jaikishan), Neend Ud Jaaye Teri Chain Se Sone Waale (Juaari/Kalyanji Anandji), Shama Gul Karke Na Ja (Arab Ka Sitara/Sadat), Nigahon Se Dil Mein Chale Aaiyega (Hamir Hath/Shanmukh Babu), Humen Dam Dai Ke Sautan Ghar Jaana (Yeh Dil Kisko Doon/Iqbal Qureshi), Bemuravvat Bewafa (Sushila/C Arjun), Mere Aansuon Pe Na Muskura (More Man Mitwa/Dattaram), Ankhon Ankhon Mein Har Raat Guzar Jaati Hai (Marvel Man/Robin Banerjee), Itne Kareeb Aake Bhi Kya (Shagun/Khaiyyam), Ae Dil bata Hum Kahaan Aa Gaye (Khooni Khazana/S Kishan) and Wada Humse Kiye (Saraswati Chandra/ Kalyanji Anandji).

According to Mubarak Begum, “As I became more popular, conspiracies against me also began to gain steam. As a result, songs like “Pardesiyon Se Na Ankhiyaan Milaana” (Jab Jab Phool Khile) and “Agar Mujhe Na Mile Tum” (Kajal) which had been originally recorded by me, entered the market without my voice. One day when an interview of mine was being broadcast on the radio, my phone rang. On the other side was a famous playback singer who said, ‘Remember us? If we didn’t love you, you would have been out of this industry long back.’ Perhaps, she had been listening to my interview at that time. I have still not understood, if that was love or a veiled threat because I had to go out of the industry by the beginning of the 1970s. Although I got the chance to sing few songs, now and then, not a single one of them reached the mark.

Mubarak Begum recorded her last song for the film “Ramu To Deewana hai” in the year 1980. Her last two songs sung under the music direction of Chandru were “Aao Tujhe Mai Pyar Karoon” and“Sanwariya Teri Yaad Me”. For more than the last 3 decades Mubarak Begum has been sitting at home living a haphazard life. Her family consists of a son – daughter-in-law, a daughter and 4 daughters of her son. Her son makes a little money doing small odd jobs. Her 46-47 year old daughter Shafaaq Bano is affected with Parkinson’s. Mubarak Begum has a lot of respect for (Late) Sunil Dutt because of whose efforts she got a small house in Jogeshwari through government quota. Mubarak Begum doesn’t want to make any comments on the subject of her husband. Almost 3 years back when she was shooting for a documentary being made on her, Mubarak Begum commented on camera “what do I say? I don’t even remember what his name was”.

(People who know Mubarak Begum closely say that her husband was one Jagannath Sharma who was a film producer. In 1950 Jagannath Sharma had made a film with Dev Anand and Nargis called“Biraha Ki Raat”)

Mubarak Begum says, “Even today I am sometimes called by people for stage shows but my fast deteriorating feet don’t allow me to go out of my home much. I can never forget when I sang for a program in Hyderabad in July 2008 because all through the program famous yesteryear actress Jamuna was sitting in the front row. When I started singing, Mujhko Apne Gale Laga Lo O Mere Humrahi, She became emotional and started lip syncing to it because it was her on which it had been picturised.”

Some years back, Films Division had made a documentary on her which was premiered in the Goa Film Festival. Her name is taken with deep respect among music lovers even today and they enjoy the songs sung by her till today. But many years back a line from a letter by a reader published in the magazine “Shama-Sushma” beautifully depicts the state of Mubarak Begum in the film industry – “Mubarak couldn’t even take flight that her wings were clipped.” ”

The film Aiye-49 was produced by ‘Indian Productions, Bombay’ and was directed by the versatile actor Yaqub. The music was by Shaukat Hydari ( who became famous as NASHAAD in later years and in Pakistan) and the lyricist was his close friend Nakshab Jarachavi. There were 10 songs in the film and Mubarak Begum had 1 solo and 1 duet with Lata (aao chale wahan). G M Durrani and Shaukat Hyderi were the male singers in other songs.( In the cast of the film there is a name ‘Mubarak begum’,but the actress was different than the singer).

So,let us now enjoy the DEBUT song of Mubarak Begum.

Song-Mohe aane lagi angdaayi(Aaiye)(1949) Singer-Mubarak Begam, Lyrics-Nakshab, MD-Nashaad


mohe aane lagi angdaayi
mohe aane lagi angdaayi
aaja aaja balam harjaayi
aaja aaja balam

bhool ke ek din
aake na poochha
mudke na dekha
jaa ke na poochha
aeji ??
aaji aaja balam harjaayi
aaja aaja balam
mohe aane lagi angdaayi
aaja aaja balam harjaayi
aaja aaja balam

baadal garje
megha barse
baadal garje
megha barse
barkha ki rut mein
bijli ke dar se
sooni sez pe neend na aayee
aaja aaja balam harjaayi
aaja aaja balam
mohe aane lagi angdaayi
aaja aaja balam harjaayi
aaja aaja balam

8 Responses to "Mohe aane lagi angdaayi"

Thanks, Arun sir for this excellent and informative write-up. And congratulation for a very unique and wonderful series being started by you.

Yes, the song “kabhi tanhaiyon me jab….” is a melodious and catchy song which no singer other than Mubarak Begum can sung such. One song which makes her Legend.


Thanks,Anekant ji,for your kind words.


Congratulations on starting with yet another new series and all the best wishes from all of us !

Sincerely looking forward for yet another informative and enriching musical journey on this blog.


Avinash ji,
Thanks a lot for your comments.


Most of the blogs are written on the dotted lines just to fill the space with an intention to cover a song. But there are certain people who dig out the material from various sources, give their very best efforts and produce articles after thorough research. And any thing which comes out after such churning speaks volume. Your write up comes in that category. i feel happy for the new series started by you as it will be worth reading.


Thanks a million for your appreciation.
Many people like the articles,but only few express their opinions and appreciation. Such comments give us a sense of satisfaction,which in turn encourages us to continue doing this exercise.
Thanks immensely.


Arun ji…your each post is like time machine…….taking all of us through a golden celluloid period……just wow! Thanks & regards,



Here is the video.


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