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Aaye banke chhabeele chhail ban gaye kolhu ke bail

Posted on: February 24, 2014

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“Lalkaar” (1956) was a Himachal Films production. It was directed by Nanubhai Vakil. The movie had Mahipal, Nirupa Roy, Krishna Kumari, Ram Singh, Kumkum, Hiralal, Radhakrishan, Kesari etc in it.

Two songs from this obscure movie have been discussed in the past.

Today (24 february 2014) is the death anniversary of Sanmukh Babu Upadhyay, the music director of this movie. On this occasion, here is a song from “Lalkaar” (1956).

This song is sung by Rafi and Shamshad Begam. It is a forgotten gem of a song. Only the audio of this song is available but it is known that the song was picturised on Kesari and Kumkum (thanks to Rafi excel sheet). The lyrics (penned by Bharat Vyas) are superb.

The song is about “Kolhu ka bail”. I do not know whether the song actually depicts two “kulhu ke bail”, but the lyrics does suggest it. Listening to the song also makes me realise that modern day concepts like “Animal rights” were conspicuous by their absence just a few decades back. Imagine a “kolhu ka bail” made to wear blinkers and made to go round and round the kolhu throughout his life. Today I worry about the well beings of my dogs all the time and those days it was considered alright to subject a domestic animal (that too one considered holy) to lives of constant drudgery. In addition to make them go round and round on a kolhu, these oxens were also made to go round and round the “Rahat” at the Well. And they of course pulled the bullock cart and the plough.

The song itself is a nice song to listen to. I heard this song for the first time only just now and loved it. Bharat Vyas has come up with superb lyrics that have been rendered wonderfully by Rafi and Shamshad Begam under the music direction of Sanmukh Babu Upadhyay.

Song-Aaye banke chhabeele chail ban gaye kolhu ke bail(Lalkaar)(1956) Singers-Rafi, Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Sanmukh Babu Upadhyay


aa aa
ungaliyaan ghee mein
aur sar kadhaahi mein pad hota hai
hey ae ae
wahi hota hai
jo janam patri mein likha aa aa hota hai


aaye banke chhabeele chail
haay raama
ban gaye kolhu ke bail
aaye banke chhabeele chhail
waah waah
ban gaye kolhu ke bail

gori gori ??
laage meethi meethi hamen teri naukri
teri sewa karenge
paani bharenge
choolha jalaayenge
roti pakaayenge
jeewan bitaayenge angna mein tere
ban jaaye tu chaahe dokri
laage meethi meethi hamen teri naukri
aaye banke chhabeele chhail
waah waah
ban gaye kolhu ke bail
mujhe samjho na aisi waisi chhokri
badi mehangi padegi meri naukri
mat baaten banaao
kadam badhaao
?? giraao
chakkar lagaao
sar pe utthha
hathhkadiyaan laakar
?? chhokri
badi mehangi padegi meri naukri
aaye banke chhabeele chhail
waah waah
ban gaye kolhu ke bail

kandhe se kandha mila ke chalo bhai
bhaag hamaare mande
sab ke bande
kiye kya dhandhe
ban gaye aakhir andhe
dholak baaje
chalo bhai aage aage

aankhen button si
chonch(?) bade se
naak hai jaise pakodi
raam milaayi jodi re logon
ik andha ik kodhi
chaacham chaabuk laage
chalo bhai aage aage
o re bajarbattu
o re nikhattu
o re bajarbattu(?)
o re nikhattu
dekho duniya ye chakkardaar hai

ye kolhu usi ki manjdhaar hai
naao apni phansi
dekh duniya hansi
munh ko lagaam do
mujhko mera naam do
jhatpat chalo
maaroongi khat khat
phhat jaayegi teri khopdi
badi mehangi padegi meri naukri
aaye banke chhabeele chhail
waah waah
ban gaye kolhu ke bail

aahaa haa waah
aaye banke chhabeele chhail
haaye raama
ban gaye kolhu ke bail

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