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Duniya ne chhedee kahaaniyaan

Posted on: April 1, 2014

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Badalte Huye Saathi (Epiosde No. 9) ( Shamshad Begum sings with Mukesh)
To be a multi-lingual person is good. Knowing more languages-not just knowing, but speaking many languages has its own advantages. I had the built in advantage of having been born in a Multi-lingual state of Hyderabad. Starting with Urdu, I soon learnt Marathi(Mother tongue), Hyderabadi and Pure Hindi, Telugu and Kannada. Because of my father, I learnt Sanskrit, but could not master it, though I am well conversant in it. After coming to Bombay,I learnt Gujarati so well that I can read Gujarati papers, books and E Mails etc.

Knowing the language means the ability to see and ynderstand the films in that language, so I saw hundreds of Telugu and Kannada films. I could never get an opportunity to learn Tamil or Malayalam, but I saw many films in those languages. In the olden days Tamil, Telugu and Kannada actors and actresses were common. There were many leading actors (actresses included, always) who were proficient in 2-3 southern languages. Malayalam films however had a late start compared to other south languages. In Cinema Telugu and Tamil were the pioneers. The first silent film in Tamil was ‘ Keechak Vadham’ in 1916 ( One may wonder as to how a ‘silent’ film can be Tamil, Telugu or Hindi. The answer is, in silent films, dialogue slides used to be shown in local languages). The first South Talkie film ‘Kalidas’ was a multilingual( Tamil and Telugu), which was released on 31-12-1931. Tamil and Telugu were sister languages because Madras was a Composite state which included Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam speaking districts,collectively called Madras presidency.

Tamil film Industry is a hugh business and at times surpasses even Hindi in collections. Films are an integral part of life in south. The Big stars of films are treated like Gods. It was a Tamil film Superstar M.G.Ramchandran, who became the first matinee Idol to become Chief Minister of a state when he became Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. (This feat was later replicated by N T Ram Rao in Andhra Pradesh.)
From 1977 to 1987-till his death, MGR or MARUDHAR GOPAL RAMCHANDRAN MENON ruled like a king. He was followed by Jaylalitha and Karunakaran by turns, both being filmy people. MGR was even awarded a Bharat Ratna award, albeit posthumously.

The song we are going to listen and enjoy today is from a film called ” Ek tha Raja “-1951, which was a dubbed movie from the original Tamil film “Marmayogi”-51. This was a landmark film in Tamil cinema. From this film onwards, MGR carefully cultivated his image as a dashing mass leader and a champion of the poor. The story of how this film was made is also interesting. The first time MGR became Hero was in ” Rajkumari”-47 made by A.S.A. Sami. However this and the subsequent films did not benefit MGR much. So he requested Sami to write such an unique story, which would catapult him to unseen heights. Sami started working on it. He took Marie Corelli’s novel ‘ Vendetta’ and combined it with Adventures of Robin Hood and wrote a story, screen play and Dialogues. The outcome was the film MARMAYOGI – a costume drama.

The story of the film Ek Tha Raja-51 is-

An evil courtesan in king Marmayogi’s kingdom, Urvashi (Anjali Devi) usurps the throne and throws the unconscious king in a river to die. King’s 2 sons escape to a jungle and grow up. The King survives and remains hidden. The younger prince is Karikalan (MGR), who grows up and becomes a Bandit who loots the rich and helps the poor in Robin Hood style. He also starts loving the Chief of Army’s daughter (Madhavi Devi). The king roams the capital in the night masquerading as a Ghost. Finally, Karikalan, the king and his associates defeat the courtesan and the kingdom is restored to the King again. Karikalan marries his lover.

This was the first film in Madras to get an ” A ” certificate, just because there was a Ghost in the film ! The original title was Karikalan, but it was changed to MARMAYOGI to sound better. The film did wonders to MGR and took him to CM’s chair ultimately.

An interesting thing about Tamil cinema is, the Theatres are controlled by Government legislations. The highest ticket in a single screen Theatre is only Rs. 50/- . In Multiplexes, the highest ticket is just Rs. 120/-. In Mumbai, there are some theatres that charge Rs. 450 per ticket and provide a Blanket for you to sleep on the reclining seats !

Film Marmayogi was dubbed in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Sinhala languages. It was produced by M somsunderam under the banner of Jupiter films. Directed by K.Ramnath, the music was by C.R.Subbaraman (he had given music to another Hindi dubbed film-Chandirani-53,with Vishwanatham). 8 songs were written by Pt.Sudershan and one was by J.S.Casshyap-which was finally removed from the film later. Shamshad had sung 1 solo and 1 duet with Mukesh.

By 1951, both Shamshad and Mukesh were popular singers. They have sung 22 duets together.

In the previous writeup, it was discussed how Mr Rajnikumar Pandya’s located Shamshad Begam’s apartment. Here are the details of how he conducted his interview with Shamshad Begam.

When Shri Rajnikumar Pandya ji started his interview with Shamshad Begum, he took out his Tape Recorder, but Shamshad said,” No Recorder please. I will answer your all questions .” On her objection, recorder was not used. I will give a gist of this interview, in short. Pandya ji’s writing is so personal, emotional and flowing that it must be read in the original itself to enjoy from his book.

” when I was just 17 years old, I married a Hindu advocate Ganpat lal Batto, BA LLB. Though he was an advocate, he used to come to learn the cameraman’s work. I was a Muslim and he a Hindu, but the marriage took place without any resistance from my family. Next year my daughter was born. She too has married a Hindu Lt. Col. Yograj Ratra. After my husband died, I have been staying with them. Due to his postings, we stayed in Jallunder, Mhow, Holland, France, England etc. people thought I lived abroad after my retirement.”

Shamshad enquired about Talat Mehmood. She also remembered Rafi, Mukesh,Geeta Dutt and Zohrabai. She told in details how she entered the film singing line. She spoke with respect about Ghulam Hyder, her Mentor who was working as a music Director in Jenophone Recording company. When she was recording her first Punjabi film song for ‘Yamala Jaat’,she saw Mohd. Rafi for the first time. He had also come to record his first song.(Later they sang 131 duets together.)

After discussing several film songs, when she tried to sing few lines, she failed miserably as she could not remember the song lines. Obviously, old age had taken its toll. Rajnikumar Pandya ji and his friends felt very sad to see her condition while singing. Otherwise she was talking very enthusiastically, laughing and joking etc.

Shamshad begum has sung about 1700 songs. The break up is- Hindi film songs-1330, NFS-30, Punjabi film songs- 139, NFS-36, Religious-48, Rajasthani-5, Bhojpuri-3, Tamil-8.

Her maximum number of songs that she sang in a year was 154 in 1949, followed by 146 in 1950, 128 in 1948, 100 in 1946 and later just 19 songs in 1960. She sang her last song in 1981.

She sang maximum number of songs with Hansraj Behl-116, followed by Ghulam Hyder-98, Pt.Govindram-86, Ghulam Mohd-82, Naushad-61 and O P Nayyar-38. She considered Naushad and Nayyar as her lucky composers.

She sang 131 duets with Rafi, 33 with Durrani, 23 with Kishore and 22 each with Mukesh and Chitalkar. She sand 32 duets with Asha Bhonsle, 23 with Lata, 11 with Zohrabai and 10 with Geeta Dutt.

Shamshad Begm’s songs are immortal.My personal favourite is from Patanga-49- ” mere piya gaye Rangoon”, with Chitalkar.

In our next episode Mukesh will sing with…

Let us now enjoy this duet of Mukesh and Shamshad Begum from ‘Ek tha Raja’-51…..
(Thanks to shri Rajnikumar Pandya ji for using material from his book ‘ Aap ki Parchhaiyan’)

Song-Duniya ne chhedee kahaaniyaan (Ek Thha Raaja)(1951) Singers-Shamshad Begam, Mukesh, Lyrics-Pt Sudarshan, MD-C R Subbaraman


duniya ne chhedee kahaaniyaan aan
duniya ne chhedee kahaniyaan
duniya ne chhedee kahaniyaan aan
duniya ne chhedee kahaaniyaan

duniya ne chhedee raseelee kahaniya
sun sun ke jaagi jawaaniyaan aan
duniya ne chhedee kahaniyaan
duniya ne chhedee kahaaniyaan aan
duniya ne chhedee kahaaniyaan

naye teer chadhne lage abb kamaan par
nayee baaten aane lageen abb jabaan par
naye teer chadhne lage abb kamaan par
nayee baaten aane lagee abb jabaan par
naya rang ubhara
naya roop jaaga,
naya rang ubhra
naya roop jaaga
kayaamat kee
kayamaat kee hain yeh nishaniyaan aan

duniya ne chhedee kahaaniyaan
duniya ne chhedee kahaaniyaan aan
duniya ne chhedee kahaniyaan

naye phool khilne lage abb jahaan mein
naye chaand taare bane aasmaan mein
naye phool khilne lage abb jahaan mein
naye chaand taare bane aasmaan mein
naya josh man mein
nayee shaan tan par
naya josh man mein
nayee shaan tan par
nayee hai
nayee hai lahu mein ravaniyaan aan
duniya ne chhedee kahaniyaan
duniya ne chhedee kahaniyaan aaan
duniya ne chhedee kahaniyaan

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Nice write up on languages, Arun.




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